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Happy 7th Benny!

February 1, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday to our Big Ben! Benny – you keep us on our toes and give us a run for our money, but you have such a big heart and a silly soul. We love ya so much buddy! We hope you enjoy all your favorites today for your special day and the Super Bowl – wings, pizza and cookie cake!

PS – notice he lost his top front tooth?!? Love toothless smiles.

2014 was not a great year for our family. Then again, it was hard to top an amazing 2013 – probably the best year of my life to date. We had a lot of things that demanded a lot of our attention in 2014 – mainly Ben. This caused me to slack when it came to blogging. I took lots of pictures, just never had a chance to sit down and blog them. (I may back date some things if I have time).

One of my resolutions for 2015 is to blog at least twice a month. To help me meet this goal, we even started to redo my office space in our master bedroom sitting area to make it a more usable space. The main addition was a 2 person desk so I can work on the computer and a kid can work next to me.

If you like to keep up with our family and want more regular updates, check me out on Instagram. It’s a very easy tool for me to quickly share pictures and short thoughts.

So – hopefully next time you come to this blog and see a new post it will be our Christmas recap, or even Jillian’s first hair cut. I have A LOT to catch everyone up on!

  1. Even though it’s VERY hot this summer, I love summer time.
  2. Sitting on the deck, grilling, taking walks with the boys, playing in the back yard… yeah…it’s grand.
  3. This summer has been much hotter than last summer, with most days in the high 80’s or low to mid 90’s. Because of the heat, the boys have been thoroughly enjoying their water activities for the back yard.

  4. Hey neighbors with in ground pools…who needs one when you have a hose, sprinkler and the best Buzz Lightyear slip and slide $5 can buy! =)

  5. Yes, I’m bitter. The one thing I dislike about summer is hearing my neighbors (all 3 sets of them) enjoying their pools while I sit on my deck and stare at grass. Oh well… maybe some day.
  6. The one thing we look forward to each summer is the local Emergency Service’s Carnival. It’s super nice, good games, yummy food and fun rides. We took the boys on Friday. Owen was looking forward to it all week. Everyday he’d tell his teachers he was going to the carnival on Friday.

  7. The highlight of the carnival was Owen playing the squirt gun game. Daddy helped him out and he beat all the others and came in first place. The look on his face when he realized he won was priceless. Total shock mixed with giddy excitement. His eyes got so big.

  8. Since he won, Owen was able to pick from all kinds of prizes, but he chose a big stuffed BANANNA! Whatever makes him happy.

  9. The other night after our “photo shoot” we went to our favorite park to let the boys play. I took my camera in (of course…it’s me you’re talking about) and I was able to get this picture of Benny climbing, or at least trying to, the rope ladder. Look at his sparkling eyes! Love them.

  10. And to end this week’s Ten on Tuesday, here is a funny out take from the photo shoot. Brotherly love, right?!?!

One fish, two fish

May 31, 2010

Our family of four joined Uncle Phil today for a Memorial Day cook out at his place, then we all went swimming at the pool in his apartment complex. Our boys just love water, especially Benny. He had no fear. With his life jacket on he wanted to swim by himself and you had to watch him like a hawk b/c he didn’t realize that the pool wasn’t the same depth all the way around and he’d just step off into the deep water and you’d have to catch him.

Owen liked to swim along the rope in the middle of the pool and Benny liked to swim to the numbers along the side and tell you what they were. He’s really into counting right now.

I think we’re going to be spending a lot of time at Uncle Phil’s pool this summer. With our two little fish who love the water, this will be a new favorite spot. Makes me wish we had our own pool… but I better keep on dreaming.

  1. Mike and I went to Las Vegas last week for a mini trip to celebrate his entrance into his thirties. We had a great time. We saw almost everything we missed on our last trip out there, had some good eats, walked our butts off, ate some more good food, saw an awesome Criq show, met up with some old friend’s of Mike’s from high school and of course ate lots and lots of good food.

  2. I didn’t take my good camera with me. Mike asked me to keep it home and just take the P&S. It was hard, but I managed. This was his trip, not mine, so I obliged.
  3. Just our luck, the weather was 20 degrees colder than normal in Vegas when we were out there. At first I was bummed, but when I got out there, I loved it. The chiller weather is much more fashion friendly for those of us girls who like to eat on vacation. =) See a theme with our trip forming?
  4. Our favorite restaurant on this trip was an eatery that Mike saw on the Food Network. It was this fabulous place tucked in the middle of the Imperial Palace called “Hash House a Go Go”. YUMMO! The food was outstanding and the portions sizes…well they were HUGE. Check out our fabulous breakfast… Sage Fried Chicken & Waffles for Mike (there is bacon cooked into the waffles) and one big ol’ Apple Cinnamon Pancake for me.

  5. Apparently the slogan “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” isn’t true because all that food I ate came back with me as four added pounds on the scale. YUCK. Bring on the salads.
  6. Last time we were in Vegas we didn’t get a chance to go to Fremont St. This time we did and I’m so glad! It was worth the expensive taxi cab ride. Old Vegas is so much different than the modern strip. Much more relaxed and vibrant. People dancing in the street, bands playing, just much more chill and less “stuffy” than parts of the strip can be. And the Golden Nugget has the best pool with a huge slide that goes right through the shark tank.

  7. My favorite hotel in Vegas is Paris. It’s just beautiful. We took the ride to the top of the Eifel Tower and it was neat to see the city from that high up, but stupid me didn’t realize that it was as high as it is and I’m terrified of heights. I could only stay up there for a little bit then I told Mike we had to go back down. The sarcastic husband that he is jumped so the floor shook and I thought I was going to break out in hives. It was actually really funny and made for a great memory from the trip.

  8. The NFL draft took place when we out there and what better place for football fans to watch the draft than “Lagasse’s Stadium”. It was an awesome sports bar at the Palazzo. They even had some NFL players and others associated with the game there. It was neat.

  9. We were happy to get home to see our boys. (Mama can’t be away from them for too long.) One thing we weren’t happy to see when we got back home was our tiny Queen size bed. We loved the King bed in our hotel. Just loved it. Sleeping in our own bed just wasn’t the same. We had been talking about getting a new bigger bed for a while (keep in mind our 80lb baby girl, Maxie sleeps with us at night), and coming back from our trip sealed the deal that now was the time. So, after work on Monday, we bought ourselves a new fabulously comfy KING SIZE BED! It comes on Friday. I can’t wait.
  10. And lastly b/c I keep forgetting to blog this… On Mike’s actual 30th birthday we spent most of the day together as a family. 2 days before his 30th, the Biggest Loser competition we were in at work ended. He came in 2nd place (YEAH!) but had been w/o pizza for ten weeks. Those who know Mike know pizza is a food group in his world so his one request on his birthday was to go to his favorite pizza joint. After stuffing ourselves with pizza, cheese steaks and Benny’s favorite BBQ chips, we went to the arcade to play games with the boys and he spent the evening watching UFC with his buddies.

    Now, all Mike’s birthday festivities are officially over. =( But, as Tim McGraw says “My next 30 years will be the best years of my life. I’ll raise a little family and hang out with my wife“. See Mikey… nothing but good things will be coming your way.

PS – and speaking of Tim McGraw, did you know he can marry you in Vegas? =) !!

Faith – Thank You, God

April 11, 2010

I’ve always been a person of faith and my parents raised me to be gracious and thankful for all of God’s gifts. The one thing I didn’t have growing up though was a strong relationship with my church, but Michael did.

It’s important to me, and Michael, that we give this to our children. They need to know there is more to life than “things” and they need to know where all the things they love came from. To give thanks for all they have and to learn to lead a good life.

Now that Owen’s old enough to understand things deeper than surface level, we felt it was time to start taking him to church. As I type this now, Mike and Owen are off to church. Benny is too young and would be too much of distraction to Owen and those around him so we’re going to take turns taking Owen each week.

I also got Owen a book this weekend called ”Thank You, God.” It puts why we give thanks to a higher being in a very simple way that kids can relate too. Perfect for this stage in his life.

Miss me?

April 5, 2010

I’m sorry dear blog readers. I have totally abandoned you over the last…. ummm.. month! =( I’ve been so busy with work, home life, you name it. But we’ve been having lots of fun that I need to blog about. I’m going to try and catch up this week. I have lots on tap:

* My roommate from college’s wedding
* Benny’s 1st day at Owen’s daycare at our work!!!!!! =)
* Mike’s 30th Birthday
* Alex’s wrestling match
* Owen’s first movie
* Easter

I’m sure there is more, and I promise I’ll try my best to give you all some blog love this week.


February 27, 2010

Meet Lucas…

Lucas is the class “pet” (a fox) of the Preschool Two classroom at Owen’s school. Every weekend, someone from the class gets to take Lucas home for the weekend. Last weekend was Owen’s turn.

Whomever has Lucas keeps a journal of what they did with Lucas that weekend and they can even put some photos in an album so their friends can look through Lucas’s adventures with previous families.

Owen and Lucas had fun. They played board games, watched movies, played ipod, trains… you name it. Lucas loved the playroom. He had fun playing in there with the boys and all the toys. He and Benny played drums, he got the playroom gossip from Woody & Buzz, he cooked a mean snack in the kitchen, and made some Potato Head friends with Benny.

What a great idea for preschool kids. Owen loved his weekend with Lucas and was excited to show his friends the two pictures he put in Lucas’s album. Owen will be in Preschool Two until he goes to kindergarten, so I’m sure we’ll get Lucas again over the next year and a half. Stay tuned for his next adventure with the Thomas Family.

Fantastic Four

February 7, 2010

My Owen…

This year has been one of change for you. Changes in you as a child and changes in your world around you.

You’ve changed in ways that have blown my mind. You’re one smart cookie, Owen. Over the past year you’ve gone from asking us to tell you the letters in words, to spelling and READING them to us. You grasp things so easily and have a memory that will prove to be a great asset to you as you get older. Keep up the good work buddy. Mama and Dada are so proud of you!

This past year was also the year you said good-bye to being home and entered the world of preschool. It was a big adjustment for you and you’re still working out the kinks, but you’re doing OK and this is something you’re enjoying… well most of the time. I know Mama and Dada love the fact your school is in our building and we can see you on breaks. We love how excited you get when we walk in your class to see you. We can’t help but grin from ear to ear. It’s a pleasure to be known as “Owen’s Mom/Dad” to all your new friends.

We’ve also seen your personality change. With each passing day and week I see more and more of your heritage come shining through. You are so much like me Owen. It’s almost scary. You’re bright, friendly, persistent, smart and curious. You also have your Mimi’s sensitivity and your Aunt Jenny’s loyality. You have your PeePaw’s love for reading, your Grammy’s love for sweets and breads, your Daddy’s love of video games, your PeePaw Park’s love for golf, and your Uncle Dan and Aunt Susan’s fashion sense – you have to match! =) This is the part of you growing older that I love. I love seeing all the people I love blended into the person you’re becoming.

I still can’t believe you’re FOUR and that next year you will go to kindergarten. I close my eyes and remember like it was yesterday that I was holding you for the first time. In awe of the miracle your daddy and I just created. Our first born. I look back on pictures of you as a baby and toddler and miss it, but I love the little boy you are and the adventure you bring to our daily lives. We love the good, the bad and especially the laughs, giggles and quirks that are YOU…even if that comes with the crying & the whining. You’re definitely good at sending us on the roller coaster of parenthood, but it’s been a great ride so far.

So happy birthday to our sensitive, strong willed, Thomas the train & Toy Story fan, Wii addict, baseball loving, book reading, energy filled Four Year Old. We Love You VERY MUCH!!!

Hugs and Kisses,

Mommy (& Daddy too!)

  1. Happy new year a little late. This year the Thomas family decided that we are GOING GREEN for 2010. We realize that not enough people do their part to help our earth and environment and we want to instill in our boys to be respectful to mother nature. To help save our planet and natural resources for their future, we’re going to start stepping up to the plate. Look for lots of tips to come. I have A LOT of them.
  2. It’s been a slight mad house around here lately. The boys always get testy around this time of year, especially Owen, because they are cooped up inside all the time. They have no way to release all their energy. Needless to say behavior has been less than stellar. Owen’s getting a behavior/responsibility chart this week. Hope it helps.
  3. Mike and I are doing the “Biggest Loser” at work. It ends March 25th. We’ll keep you posted.
  4. Our baby girl turned 6 yesterday! Maxie girl… our furry sweet heart. She got a nice treat for her special day too. Daddy grilled her a steak.
  5. I’m still in disbelief that in a few weeks I’ll be the mom to a 2 and 4 year old. WOW. Really? Already?
  6. We have 3 new favorite DVD’s in our house. CARS (again… Owen was into it at 2yrs old and now Benny is as well) and Toy Story 1 & 2. Between those movies and the Thomas the Train DVD’s I constantly feel like I’m living in either the Island of Sodor, Radiator Springs, or Andy’s Room. They’re playing non-stop. It’s cute to hear Benny say the characters names though.

  7. Back around Thanksgiving we moved the boys both into Benny’s room and turned Owen’s room into the playroom. What a great idea. It’s nice that all the toys have a home now and are neatly put away. It’s been wonderful and the boys love having a playroom. They are actually doing well sharing a room. It’s sweet b/c if I happen to put Benny to bed before Owen he says, “Owen comin’?” “Owen comin’?”. He likes having O with him. Here are some pictures of the new set up. I have a few more things to add/tweak to each room, but I’m happy with how it turned out, epsecially since they are such small rooms.

    Notice the bulletin board with their art work from school… the one in the upper left is Owen trying to write his name. So neat!

  8. Owen is doing so well in preschool they moved him to the next room a little early. They were amazed at his reading ability and his letter recognition. Go Owen… our little smarty pants!
  9. I finally decided on a point and shoot camera. I got the Canon SD780. It’s not too bad. I took the pictures above of the boys rooms with it.
  10. And because it’s too cute not to share, here is a video of Owen singing for me the other week.

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