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Disney World Day 6

November 23, 2016

Day 6 was our last full day at Disney and the day one of the events Jillian was most looking forward to… Breakfast at Cinderella’s Castle. It did not disappoint. This is the best character meal by far because the food is excellent and it’s not a buffet. Jillian LOVED meeting the princesses and was over the moon ecstatic to meet her favorite princess in pink, Aurora (Sleep Beauty). We also got to meet Merida before leaving Magic Kingdom. Mommy and Jilly were both big fans. Merida and Jilly talked about how their brothers pestered them. Ha!

We finished our last day back at Hollywood Studios. Owen got to make a light saber and the kids got fun light up drinks at the 50’s Prime Time. Great restaurant.

Oh – and as you can see in the one picture, Jilly is crying. She was sad it was her last full day at Disney. She said she wanted to stay for 100 days. Bless her heart!

Disney World Day 3

November 20, 2016

Day 3 at Disney was a full day at Hollywood Studios followed by a nightcap at Epcot. Our first Fast Pass that morning was Star Tours. Jilly was very apprehensive, but her brothers, Dad, and I assured her she would love it. Once the ride started her face lite up like the sun. She was hooked. I think we rode it 7 more times that day. We got to see all kinds of Star Wars stuff and meet Chewy and Kilo Ren. Jillian was very excited to meet all the Disney Jr characters and all the kids (and PeePaw) thought Pluto was pretty cool.

It’s no secret that one of Jilly’s top favorite Disney movies is Frozen. The Frozen Sing along was great and very very funny. Elsa even sprinkled us with snow, in Florida! Jilly and I also got to meet Olaf. What a pal.

Owen participated in a side show with the green army men. They liked his red hair and called him “Copper Top”. He was a very good cadate and showed he does indeed know how to follow directions so he has no more excuse not to listen at home! Ha!

The kids enjoyed our Halloween themed dinner at Hollywood and Vine and really soaked up getting to meet Minnie and her pals in their Halloween costumes. The dinner even came with special seating for Fantasmic!

The best part of the evening was riding the newer version of Soarin’. IT.WAS.WONDERFUL! I was totally amazed. It’s beautiful, fun, and relaxing. And the aromatics during the ride are the best. I kept saying they should turn them into candles. I wish I could ride it weekly!

Disney World Day 2

November 19, 2016

Day two, which was Halloween, started out at Animal Kingdom and ended past midnight at Magic Kingdom at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. I mean, what better way to spend Halloween night than at the happiest place on earth at the funnest Halloween party ever dressed as a family of super heroes! The party was so great. Very very crowded at first, and a little dicey, but after the fireworks it started to clear out and it felt like we had the park to ourselves. We walked right on rides, got TONS of candy, and had a special character meet with Belle at Gaston’s Tavern. It was the very end of the night and we saw the line was short to get pictures so we hopped in line. We were told we were the last for the night. Whoo… well Jilly was afraid to go up to Belle b/c Gaston was there too and he’s a villain. Jilly doesn’t like villains. Well, Belle walked over to her, knelt down to her sitting in the stroller, and coaxed Jilly over. She took her hand and it was so sweet. Belle took her time and they had a nice, special moment. Definitely a memory I won’t forget.

Disney World Day 1

November 17, 2016

At the end of October went headed to Disney for a fun filled week. Jilly was always promised she’d get to go back to “Rella’s Castle” when she was the “number 5”, so off we went.

We flew out pretty early in the AM and were up at 4:00, so it was a long day, but we enjoyed ourselves at Magic Kingdom. Benny didn’t say much about the trip leading up to it, but he was up first and so exited to leave. His exact works were “I’m as excited as heck to go to Disney!”. We road the Mad Hatter Tea Cups, Buzz LightYear, Tomorrowland Speedway, the carousel, the People Mover, the Ariel ride, and got to meet 3 princesses… Rapunzel, Tiana, and Ariel. Jillian was shy at first, but as the week went one she loved meeting as many characters as she could. We ended the say with a yummy dinner at the Liberty Tree Tavern. Jilly was at her limit by that point and fell asleep at the table. Our little sleeping beauty.

Flag Football

August 4, 2016

We just finished our third summer of NFL Play 60 Flag Football. Mike coached Benny’s team, the Steelers. He was also the Pony Commissioner. Owen was in his last year of Midgets playing on the Cowboys. The difference in their play was so much better than last year. Both boys started to grasp the game better. Lots of flag pulls, good defense, great job in the pocket as QB, and Owen had a few really nice touchdowns at the end of the season. Good job, boys!

When Benny plays QB, he gets really passionate and loud when yelling “Set. Hut”. I thought it was funny I caught it in a picture.

The boys and their biggest fan. She was a trooper going to all those games.

This was Owen’s last year in the minors for Little League. Mike was the head coach of this team so they were able to be the Yankees. Owen was very happy about that. Owen had a decent season. He struggled batting. He would have good hits but it seemed like almost everyone would somehow make it into a defenders glove. Let’s just say some kids made some amazing (and lucky catches) to get him out. He did very well pitching and in the outfield. He’s performance in those two positions earned him a spot on the Clarence Boyd All Star Team. He got to play both the regular and all star season with some of his good baseball buddies which made it fun. Baseball if over for now, but in a few short weeks, Fall Ball will start again. I’m hoping he can improve in his weak areas and be ready to go for a killer season next Spring for majors.

Here are some of my favorite pics I took this season. I need to start bringing my camera more often.


June 26, 2016

For an end of school year celebration, we booked a 2 day trip to the new Kalahari resort in the Poconos. So much fun. Our room was amazing. We stayed in the Royal Hospitality Suite which was HUGE. Double doors, kitchen area with island and 8 person table, a living room area with a fireplace, 2 pull down Murphy beds, a separate bedroom and bathroom for Mike and I, and a bathroom for the kids. So worth the extra $65 for the bigger room.

My kids LOVE pools, water parks, and water slides. Indoor water parks are great because it’s not too hot and no sunscreen. Jilly was a champ. She had no fear and rode all the big slides. Ben not so much, but we got him to at least ride one. He’s making progress on expanding his horizons to more than kiddie slides. We’ll definitely go back. The water park was big, but they aren’t done yet. It will be 2/3 bigger by 2017!

Easter 2016

April 1, 2016

Sunday, March 27th was a double duty holiday for us this year. It was Easter and Mike’s birthday. The kids got goodies from the Easter Bunny and a few special things from Mom and Dad. Mike bought/downloaded a fighter pack to the Wii U for Super Smash Bros. We told the boys they had one more gift to find. They looked for something hidden and gave up. When they finally decided to play the game, they noticed the upgrade and were VERY happy boys. Jillian was thrilled to finally get a PINK booster seat for the van.

My Dad and Deb came over for dinner, then my mom, Steve, and my sister and her family came over for an egg hunt. The kids love this. Each kid has their own color so we can make it harder for the big kids and not so tough for the littles. Owen got the golden egg and was over the moon happy.

We got to sing Happy Birthday to Mike and we had to light the candles several times for Sal & Jillian. They wanted to take turns blowing them out. Finally the big guy got his turn.

All in all it was a nice day. Wish we had more of an Easter Break, but any holiday with all 6 of my favorite kids is a good one.

January Recap

February 3, 2016

Here is what we were up to in January….

Basketball was in full swing for both boys. Saturday mornings were game day for Benny.

Jilly did not find basketball exciting.

Sunday’s were game day for Owen and the 4th grade travel team.

Cheering on the EP Panthers in our Spirit Wear at the Dickinson College Tournament.

Family dinner at my favorite local Greek place.

The girls cuddling in Jilly’s bed.

We finally got her closet system in and everything organized. Now for the rest of the house.

Benny started teaching Jilly how to play video games. Bless his heart. He’d even lose on purpose to let her win.

Benny brought home a writing assignment from Christmas time about why he would make a good elf for Santa. His response in a nut shell… he wouldn’t. He wouldn’t want to leave home and his family. Sweet family loving boy.

We went to NJ to a retirement party for my Father-In-Law

We took out try at the 800+ million Powerball. We were the big winners of $4.

After well over a decade, I had to have my bridge replaced (post accident tooth repairs). Still amazes me when I see all the metal and what not in my face. Missing from this shot is the metal plate in my chin.

Jilly won the drawing for the Cavity Free Kid of the Month Prize from the dentist.

I had a nice holiday afternoon with some of my college girlfriends.

We relaxed and watched Steeler Football.

After work snuggles with my girl.

Skyzone Birthday Party for Owen’t best buddy on the basketball team, Joe.

How many 4th grade basketball players can you fit in the Hurricane Simulator?

Owen was thrilled the cat cuddled with him.

Benny got cuddle time in with Maxie too.

We celebrated our furry girl’s 12th birthday.

We celebrated Benny’s birthday a day early. He spent the weekend at Mimi’s and when he came home, he got his surprise of a new bed and room decorations. Good bye Star Wars, Hello Mario.


January 25, 2016

They weren’t joking when they foretasted over a foot of snow in 24 hours. I have no idea how much we ended up with, but it was a lot. Like, stuck inside your house and can’t leave until it stops kind of snow. We took it easy. Watched TV and movies, baked brownies, played video games, and napped. It was kind of nice having no where to go and just be able to be home.

Once the storm calmed we went out to play in the snow. I didn’t last long. I slipped on the driveway and went flat on my bum. Oh my the pain. The Blizzard of 2016 ended with me bruising my tail bone really bad, but I survived. I just wish the storm would have happened on a weekday and not a weekend. I’m all about days when work has to close and I get to stay home with my family w/o taking a vacation day!