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Our furry girl is a teenager

January 18, 2017

Our first “kid” is a teenager today. We never thought we could love a dog as much as we love our Maxie…. to the moon and back! Happy 13th Birthday to our Bully Baby Girl!

January Recap

February 3, 2016

Here is what we were up to in January….

Basketball was in full swing for both boys. Saturday mornings were game day for Benny.

Jilly did not find basketball exciting.

Sunday’s were game day for Owen and the 4th grade travel team.

Cheering on the EP Panthers in our Spirit Wear at the Dickinson College Tournament.

Family dinner at my favorite local Greek place.

The girls cuddling in Jilly’s bed.

We finally got her closet system in and everything organized. Now for the rest of the house.

Benny started teaching Jilly how to play video games. Bless his heart. He’d even lose on purpose to let her win.

Benny brought home a writing assignment from Christmas time about why he would make a good elf for Santa. His response in a nut shell… he wouldn’t. He wouldn’t want to leave home and his family. Sweet family loving boy.

We went to NJ to a retirement party for my Father-In-Law

We took out try at the 800+ million Powerball. We were the big winners of $4.

After well over a decade, I had to have my bridge replaced (post accident tooth repairs). Still amazes me when I see all the metal and what not in my face. Missing from this shot is the metal plate in my chin.

Jilly won the drawing for the Cavity Free Kid of the Month Prize from the dentist.

I had a nice holiday afternoon with some of my college girlfriends.

We relaxed and watched Steeler Football.

After work snuggles with my girl.

Skyzone Birthday Party for Owen’t best buddy on the basketball team, Joe.

How many 4th grade basketball players can you fit in the Hurricane Simulator?

Owen was thrilled the cat cuddled with him.

Benny got cuddle time in with Maxie too.

We celebrated our furry girl’s 12th birthday.

We celebrated Benny’s birthday a day early. He spent the weekend at Mimi’s and when he came home, he got his surprise of a new bed and room decorations. Good bye Star Wars, Hello Mario.


January 18, 2016

Christmas 2015

December 27, 2015

We had another nice traditional Thomas Christmas Day relaxing in our PJs. Lots of fun had playing with new toys. Big hits this year were the Wii U, new 49′ TV for the Wii Room, Play Dough, Benny’s Flat Brim Hat (mom finally caved into the trend), and the Frozen Microphone.

A funny from this Christmas was we wrapped Owen’s Steph Curry jersey in a gag box that was a fake advertisement for a video game in which you did chores…like rake leaves, clean the cat litter, etc. We weighted the box down with 2 bags of M&Ms. The kid really thought it was the video game and when he opened the box he thought the bags of M&Ms wrapped up in tissue paper was cat litter and he threw it across the room! HA HA! Once he saw this jersey he got it, but was it ever funny.

Oh and so in years to come I don’t forget… this was an odd Christmas weather wise. It was 70 degrees on Christmas eve. Sleeveless dress for Jillian and polos for the boys. No jacket required. We were a far cry from a white Christmas.

We hope you all had a wonderful day too. Happy Holidays!

November Recap

December 1, 2015

Here is are some other moments from our months of November:

Jillian was Maxie’s lap person.

Then Maxie was my lap dog…at her old age she still thinks she weighs 20 pounds and is a small dog!

It doesn’t happen often, but I love when I get to be home and get the boys off the bus.

I wish I got to welcome these goonies home everyday.

All ready for football Sunday. Go Steelers!

Night out with the boys for wings. Benny’s favorite.

And a night out with the boys means a trip to Dick’s. Tossing football in the aisle.

Jilly’s turn for a day out with Mom and Dad. She asked me to take her picture with Daddy on the big red ball at Target.

At the mall she saw a cross body bag just her size and had to have it to be like Mommy.

Being a kid today is so different than when we were younger. No talking on the phone with friends. They Facetime!

I’d had been wanting to do this forever… I almost forgot but I pulled my old cheerleading uniform out from when I was 2 years old. I tried it on Jilly when she was 2 but it was way too big. Got it out again and this time it fit…a tad too short, but it’s neat to see her in something I wore when I was little.

And this people is why I always look so tired. This furball won’t leave me alone at night!

To get into the holiday spirit we took a trip to Koziar’s Christmas Village. We haven’t been there since Benny was 2. Needless to say, Lights and decorations don’t impress the boys like they use to, but Jillian liked it!

October Recap

November 5, 2015

Here is what else we were up to in October.

My little chap stick addict.

We spent weekends watching Owen play fall ball. He had the opportunity to pitch a lot at the end of the season and did fairly well. We were very proud of him.

An impromptu Tuesday night dinner at Applebees and Ben wanted to make the most of his time so he brought his homework with him to finish while we waited for our food.

Mike and I headed up to the Wilkes Barre area for his cousin’s wedding. He was a groomsman.  It was nice to see him all dressed up in a tux.

My furry girl likes to be where I am. While working on the computer, she was snoozing right behind me on the chair.

Jilly was the PATHS kid of the week at school for making good choices and following directions everyday.

To make a long story short… our vehicles had some minor body damage. Some our fault, some not.  We had a claim about 2 years ago and didn’t want to file a new one for fear our rates would go up or we’d get dropped.  I also didn’t want to pay out of pocket for vehicles with 7-8 months left on the lease that I knew I wasn’t going to keep.  So, before we dropped the cash to get them fixed, we thought we’d go see what we’d get to trade them in on brand new vehicles.

See our good little car shopping buddy…

And because the vehicles had little mileage and for the most part were in good shape, they gave us more than the pay off for the trade in so we got 2 new cars…. SOLD!

Good-bye CRV & Odyssey.

Hello to my Salsa Red RAV 4 XLE (can you believe it’s not white!)

And Mike’s new Sienna XLE.

Don’t they look great in the driveway!

And Jillian had her first dentist appointment. She did great!

No cavities!

She even wrote her name on the star for the monthly prize.

Her Halloween parade at school. Her friend, Emmie, was Glinda the Good Witch. Perfect combo.

Some fun projects the kids brought home from school.

The real Maxie Girl cuddling with Jillian’s stuffed Maxie girl.  <3

We went to Jenny and Croce’s for a day and had a a good time spending family QT together.

The kids even played “Beandoozled”… a jelly bean game where you spin a color and it will either taste like something yummy or gross. For example Brown could be chocolate pudding or dog food.

Benny taking his bite to see if he got the bad luck of the draw. I think it ended up being rotten eggs!

The Fourth – Family Style

August 23, 2015

We were suppose to go to Pittsburgh for the 4th, but our busy schedules and the forecast for rainy weather had us make a change of plans. We cancelled our hotel reservation, built a fire pit in the back yard, and had the whole family over to celebrate.

The Littles. All decked out in red, white, blue.

Jenny made all the kids 4th tie dyed shirts. Jilly had one too, but she wanted to keep on her dress.

Corn hole.

Benny’s 360 razor bike was a hit.

We even brought up the basketball game from the basement.

Croce brought some fireworks for the kids to enjoy.

Benny was scared of the noise and Roman was there to let him know it will be OK.

Maxie wanted to know what the commotion was about out front

Moving the festivities out back for a “cook out” – aka: camp fire. For some odd reason our kids call it a cook out.


The big boys with Mimi.

Owen learning a lesson to make sure you pay attention to who you are texting or you will accidentally text “poop head” to your grandmother instead of your cousin.

Me and my love.

PeePaw and Grammy Park making Maxie a comfortable spot by the fire pit. Gotta make sure the furry princess is comfortable.

Best buds.


Mimi and her girls.

Me and my girl.

Roasting marshmallows.



Photo attempt of our family of 5.

July Wrap Up

August 2, 2015

Here’s what else happened in July.

Finally took Owen to get the Cowboy Crunch at Neato Burrito he had been begging for.

Had fun shopping with my boys.

Relaxed on the deck.

Jilly wanted to show Aunt Jenny how she wore her 4th of July Tie Dye to school.

The boys went with me to take their furry sister to the Vet.

Had a nice afternoon break with Jillian at work which included a special snack of a Tasty Cake with pink icing.

Owen went to NC with Alex, Mimi and Pop Pop.

Benny relaxing at Uncle Phil’s pool.

Jilly climbing the trees at flag football games.

Jilly got her hair chopped off to cute shoulder length bob.

Benny and PeePaw Thomas spent the day together at the Army Heritage Center.

We welcomed the big boys home from the beach and my sister and I braved Red Robin with 6 crazy kids!

Despite me saying No, Owen came home with Hermit Crabs. Meet Jeter. (Jay didn’t last long).

Jillian was so excited that we found her a PINK Ninja Turtle backpack for school. She *LOVES* pink and TMNT.

And the backpack came with a lunch box, perfect for packing her goodies to have lunch with Mom and Dad.

I love that we can visit her now at school with out a melt down when we leave. It finally lets us take advantage of seeing her during the day. This day I tucked her in for her nap after my lunch.

June Wrap Up

July 10, 2015

June was spent mostly at two places. The baseball field or flag football practice. I didn’t take many pictures, but here are some extras other than the last day of school and Ben’s Pony Championship.

Note: I don’t have many pics of Ben because of our opposite schedules. Ben and Mike would be together at his sports, while I was with Jillian and Owen at O’s sports. I still love him dearly… so Ben, if you are reading this in 20 years, don’t be mad at me!

Snuggling with my Maxie Girl. She like to lay under the covers between my legs.

National Donut Day!

Extra practice for the playoffs.

Pitch after pitch after pitch. O is lucky to have such a great dad to help him.

Dinner with just me and my girl.

My biggest love and littlest love caught napping.

Little Bit got in trouble and sent to her room for one of the first times. It was too quiet. I thought she was sleeping. Nope. Playing princesses.

Mr. Snowie came to school for snow cones!

East Penn Carnival Time. We couldn’t go as a family due to opposite flag football practice schedules. I took Owen & Jilly. The funny thing is even though the boys went on different nights, the FUN SLIDE was the first ride each of them picked!

Such a good big brother! Every prize he won he got for his sister.

He rode rides with her too.

Jilly’s first time on bumper cars.

Love her face when she looks concerned they just hit another car.

Ben and Daddy’s turn at the carnival while I was with O at practice. One selfie is all ya get folks. Mike isn’t a picture person. I’m shocked I got this!

Flag football practice.

Taking pictures to kill time.

Dad’s Day at Daycare

Mike and his kiddos on Father’s Day.

Let Flag Football begin!

May Recap

June 2, 2015

Better late than never. May was a busy month. Lots of time at the ball field. Mothers Day. Golf trips. I think we went 3 weeks with not one day that didn’t have something going on. It was a chaotic but fun month.

I celebrated mother’s day with these cuties.

Mother’s Day celebration at Jilly’s Daycare.

She made be the cutest jar of bath salts, personalized with her picture in a shower cap and towel!

Benny made me the best card ever at school. I cried I laughed so hard. LOVED IT!

Jillian played Doctor with her best and most cooperative patient, Maxie.

Then she got sick and had to go to the Dr. While at the office she looks at me while in this pose and says, “I’m doing my yoga like at school.” Hilarious. She loves yoga.

Maxie returned the favor of playing nurse by snuggling with her to make her feel better. Jilly wanted to sleep on the floor of our room. I woke up and heard the dog but she wasn’t in our bed. This is where I found her.

Benny went shopping with mom. He was so good I got him new sunglasses. He picked the Ninja Turtle ones because they had the “old school” turtles on them. He said he loves stuff from the olden times when Mike and I were kids. Love it!

The boys and Mike played lots of ball in the back yard. Maxie even wanted to join.

Jilly and I would swing on the deck and cheer them on.

And of course, we spent the majority of our time at the baseball fields. I love watching them play. Especially O. He’s come so far and is really turning into a good ball player.

Ben wanted me to take the next few pictures. Not often this kids ASKS to have his picture taken.

And the Thomas kids consumed many freeze pops from the concession stand.