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Jilly is 5

August 31, 2016

All About Jillian – Age 5

Mommy and Daddy’s special names for me: Jilly, Jill, Jilly Bean, Bean, Boo Boo Chicken

Biggest accomplishments in the last 6 months: Taking a shower, learning more of her letters, writing her name very well, and coloring inside the lines.

Favorite foods are: Fruit snacks, mac-n-cheese with broccoli, sweets, cheese curls, fruit – especially mandarin oranges, pancakes, waffles.

Don’t like to eat: Meat. She is still not a big meat eater. She’ll eat chicken nuggets, hot dogs and Lunchables on occasion, but she is pretty much a vegetarian.

Favorite toys: Anything she can color or draw with, her iPad, her little princesses, and her newest obsession is Shopkins and blind bags.

Favorite books: She still loves all books, but her favorite book we have is Ten Little Puppies because the first dog in the book looks like Maxie.

Favorite things to do outside: Ride her scooter and play ball with her dad and brothers.

Favorite things to do inside: Play her iPad, watch Netflix, color, and cuddle with mommy and daddy.

Vocabulary includes: The things that come out of her mouth are hysterical, but some of her funniest sayings are when she uses big words. Like, “That is hideous.” Or when she sees something that will be exciting to her or her family she says “My brothers would freak out if they got that game.”

Likes to “help” Mommy & Daddy around the house by: Helping with the laundry, helping to cook dinner, basically anything we ask her to do, she will. She’s a big help when I need something and I ask her to go get it. She’ll bring it right back. No detailed directions like her brothers would need. Ha!

Loves to travel to: Mexico and New York City

Favorite movies are: Ninja Turtles, Zootopia, Inside Out, Frozen

Favorite TV shows: Odd Squad, Fuller House, Goosebumps, My Little Ponies…basically a lot of what is on Netflix.

Couldn’t live without: Her iPad, having her back patted at bedtime, juice and fruit snacks in the car, hugs from mom and dad.

Doesn’t like: Having her hair pulled up in a pony tail, having her hair brushed, getting up early in the morning for school, and boys stuff.

Favorite characters: Ninja Turtles (mainly Raphael), Disney Characters (Princesses, Dory, Judy Hops, Anger), Cookie Cookie (Shopkins), Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony)

Right now she’s learning: The last of my ABCs, letter sounds, counting to 20, and my sight words.

She gets very happy and excited when: She gets to go grocery shopping with Dad, it’s the weekend and she has stay at home days, new coloring books, opening blind bags, she gets to go somewhere new.

She gets mad when: I have to wake her up for school, she has to stop what she’s doing to take a bath.

She is scared of: Monsters, zoombies, skeletons, and spiders.

The best part about being 5 years old is: She gets to go back to Disney. She always asked when she turned the number 5 if she could go back to Rella’s Castle. And she is…Disney is book for Halloween time!

During the next year she hopes to: Learn to read, count to 30, write and spell some words, basically master Kindergarten.

Comments from Mommy & Daddy:
Our Favorite “Jilly-isms”:

  • How she loves to sing in the car.
  • Her imagination, especially when she is playing in the bath tub or pretend talking on the phone.
  • How she still reaches up for my hand when were in a parking lot or in a store. I never have to ask her.
  • How when I pat her back at night she always like me to scratch her bare back under her shirt, never through it.
  • How she will ask me if we can do something together, just her and I for “quality girl time”.
  • How she always wears her rain boots to play outside, even if it’s not raining, or snowing, or if it’s 90 degrees outside.
  • Her love for bows. When we went to NYC the main thing she was concerned about was that I packed her bows.
  • How she says she’ll protect us with her Ninja moves! 😉

And just like that, my baby girl is a whole handful – 5! Jillian, you have no idea how much you are loved. You have stolen my heart since the say you were born and fill my soul with unmeasurable happiness. Because of you I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a whole lot more. I thank my lucky stars every day for the gift of you in our lives.

These pictures from your birthday night sum up your personality perfectly. You are silly, sassy, a princess, our comedian, and you continue to be our breath of fresh air. Happiest of birthdays to you our dear Jillian!

Last Sleep as a 4 Year Old

August 29, 2016

One of my favorite traditions with this little girl… her “Last Sleep Before Her Birthday” picture. The next day our Jilly Bean woke up as a 5 year old.

Check out last year:

First Day of School

August 23, 2016

It seemed like I had a long time to wait until all three of my kiddos would be in school. But man, did those 5 years fly. Jillian was born on Owen’s very first day of Kindergarten and as I laid in the hospital looking at my newborn baby girl, time was on my side. I had months and years before I had to send her off to school like I did that day with her big brother. Well, this week that day finally came. I wasn’t emotional when I sent the boys off to school. I was with her. Weeks leading up to the first day of K I’d find myself shedding tears. For almost 5 years she went with me daily to work. I got to carry her or hold her hand into and out of work every day. I got to listen to her stories and her songs on our commute. Once I sent her off to school, it was the first time in 7 years that I had a future ahead of me of a daily journey to work solo. Before Jillian there was the boys and even then, I use to commute to work with Mike. The car is very lonely now.

And not only did I have to send my baby girl to Kindergarten, I had to send my big guy to Middle School. A whole new world of lockers, changing classes, organization, waking up earlier to catch the bus, etc. I was just as nervous for Owen as I was for Jillian. I knew Benny would be fine. He’s got EPE down pat. This was the first year the first day of school had me filled with more nerves and mixed emotions than the kids.

They all did fine. Benny held Jillian’s hand as they walked onto the bus and as the bus pulled away she had a smile on her face awaiting the adventures of the bus ride.

The only big positive of all kids being in school is no more daycare payments. But that money now just gets funneled to pad the savings account back up after paying for braces, etc.

So, here are my 3 little loves on their first day of school. No pic of the boys together this year. Since they are no longer at the same school, that picture is now of the two EPE kids.

Jillian now gets her own daily communication folder!

Her spiffy new backpack and lunch box.  Unicorns and rainbows of course.

On the boys first day of school I bought them cards.  Well, they can read and Jilly can’t so I had to come up with something different.

I made a note like was in one of the “First Day of Kindergarten” books we read.

And this was the first year I had to buy Owen school supplies.  The elementary teachers always supplied them at EPE.

3 Back packs. CHECK. 3 Lunchboxes. CHECK. 1 Chromebook for Middle School. CHECK.

This years new kicks… a Men’s size 8!

And he wanted a new backpack for Middle School. First day of school outfit matches too!

Time to quickly get some pics of all 3 together before the Middle School bus comes.

Benny – off to 3rd Grade!

He loves neon and he wanted high tops really bad for back to school, so mom granted his wish!

And if the other two got new backpacks, so did this guy.

And here she is… our Kindergartner!

Excited and nervous all at the same time.

And of course, our Croc lovin girl got new PINK crocs for the first day of school.

Ready or not. Here she comes.

The two Thomas kids of EPE.

Silly picture is a must!

Flag Football

August 4, 2016

We just finished our third summer of NFL Play 60 Flag Football. Mike coached Benny’s team, the Steelers. He was also the Pony Commissioner. Owen was in his last year of Midgets playing on the Cowboys. The difference in their play was so much better than last year. Both boys started to grasp the game better. Lots of flag pulls, good defense, great job in the pocket as QB, and Owen had a few really nice touchdowns at the end of the season. Good job, boys!

When Benny plays QB, he gets really passionate and loud when yelling “Set. Hut”. I thought it was funny I caught it in a picture.

The boys and their biggest fan. She was a trooper going to all those games.