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This was Owen’s last year in the minors for Little League. Mike was the head coach of this team so they were able to be the Yankees. Owen was very happy about that. Owen had a decent season. He struggled batting. He would have good hits but it seemed like almost everyone would somehow make it into a defenders glove. Let’s just say some kids made some amazing (and lucky catches) to get him out. He did very well pitching and in the outfield. He’s performance in those two positions earned him a spot on the Clarence Boyd All Star Team. He got to play both the regular and all star season with some of his good baseball buddies which made it fun. Baseball if over for now, but in a few short weeks, Fall Ball will start again. I’m hoping he can improve in his weak areas and be ready to go for a killer season next Spring for majors.

Here are some of my favorite pics I took this season. I need to start bringing my camera more often.