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June 26, 2016

For an end of school year celebration, we booked a 2 day trip to the new Kalahari resort in the Poconos. So much fun. Our room was amazing. We stayed in the Royal Hospitality Suite which was HUGE. Double doors, kitchen area with island and 8 person table, a living room area with a fireplace, 2 pull down Murphy beds, a separate bedroom and bathroom for Mike and I, and a bathroom for the kids. So worth the extra $65 for the bigger room.

My kids LOVE pools, water parks, and water slides. Indoor water parks are great because it’s not too hot and no sunscreen. Jilly was a champ. She had no fear and rode all the big slides. Ben not so much, but we got him to at least ride one. He’s making progress on expanding his horizons to more than kiddie slides. We’ll definitely go back. The water park was big, but they aren’t done yet. It will be 2/3 bigger by 2017!

Last Day of School

June 16, 2016

Disbelief. I’m in a state of disbelief for many reasons, but it all circles back to one key element… TIME GOES TOO FAST. I’m in disbelief that the school year is over already. I’m in disbelief that my first born just finished his last year of elementary school. I’m in disbelief that my baby girl will be off to school in the fall and these will be her pictures too…she won’t just be the little sister proud to get her picture taken with her big brothers. I’m in disbelief that Benny will be the BMOC Thomas kid at EPE next year. Time goes so fast. Faster each school year. This past school year was a good one. Good grades all around and way more positive behavior notes than bad (only a few really). Progress keeps on being made. Still room for improvement, but each step forward is wonderful. I’m curious to see how it will be with three in school come August, but for now, I’m going to relish the summer months and just maybe time will slow down just a little for me to enjoy these three kiddos even more before we are thrown back to the school year routine.

And look at the differnce in this kid from this first day of elementary school to this last. Much taller, braces, even smarter, but still with the heart of my Owie Pies.