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NYC Selfies

March 19, 2016

I had a great time with Owen in NYC. He’s always want to wrap his arm in mine or hold my hand while we were walking the streets and he’d say “I’m never letting go.” We like to be goofy and play with this neat feature on my phone that will take a selfie by putting your fingertip on the heart rate sensor on the back. Here are our fun NYC selfies from last week. Love this kid.

New York City

March 17, 2016

We have been meaning to get to New York City for probably over a year. We finally had a free weekend with basketball over so off we went. We went to Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Nintendo World, Rockefeller Center, American Girl, and Central Park. It was great. It was Ben and Jillian’s first time to the city. They thought it was really neat, although the boys first observation was there were soooo many banks. Like on every street corner. We are already talking about going back. The fam wants to see a Yankees Game and Jillian wants to go to the Zoo (we only peeked in from outside of the Central Park Zoo). I also want to go back and see a Broadway show. I’ve never been to one. It’s on my bucket list.

Oh – and so I don’t forget this Benny Funny from the trip.

I preface this by saying their were a lot of Asians on our tour of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Ben says “Wow… I’m surprised so many people came all the way from China to see the Statue of Liberty.” The way this kid’s brain works and how he observes the world is so unique. Only Benny!

The boys excited to be at the City…well, across from it.

Benny helping Jillian see if the Ninja Turtles are in the sewer.  HA HA!  He knows they are fake but he played along b/c he knows how much his sister LOVES them.

Ferry time to Ellis Island.

Ellis Island. Such a neat place.  Kind of surreal to think of how it was 120+ years ago when the immigrants passed through those same halls.

Jillian asked for this picture. She wanted one of just herself in front of the Statue of Liberty.

The nicest park ranger EVER!  She gave us great info, stamped these brochures for the kids, gave them Jr. Park Ranger stickers, took Benny in the back room for a drink of water, and gave Jillian her banana!

It was very windy!

Such an amazing view and perspective of the city. One I hadn’t had before. And it was a beautiful day!

Just after we crossed into the city, we saw an NYPD Precinct.  Police cars were just randomly parked out front.  Totally different life in the city.

Cool mural in the lobby of the hotel.

View from our room.

Whenever this girl finds a pen and paper, she scribbles and doodles.  She could do this all day.

First time in Times Square.

She loved the gift shop.

She got excited about every pink souvenir she saw.

Benny and Jilly’s desert from John’s Pizza of Times Square.  Great brick oven pizza!

We found the Yankee store in Times Square. Owen called this a Giant Booger Picker… such a boy!

Jillian found Hello Kitty!

The M&M Personality Scanner in M&M World.

Owen got pink… because he’s a sweet as sugar!

Benny got Mega Mix.  Perfect for this crazy boy!

She was praying for pink. When it came up pink she gasped with excitement and turned around.  It was so cute. Everyone around us was smiling and laughing along with us.

Nintendo World!

Every handheld Nintendo game ever made.

Each main game console from over the years.

Playing Mario Kart on a HUGE screen that filled the wall.

Rockefeller Center

The Met Life Building.  Owen and Mike said it was Blue & White for the Yankees!

Benny thought this little snack store in hotel was the neatest.

Jillian’s first time at American Girl!

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

We just missed the Today Show hosts on Saturday Morning.

Neat creations at the Lego Store.

Rockefeller Center made of Legos!  Pretty cool!

A quick stop back at Nintendo World.

The boys finally got their hot dogs from the street vendor they begged for!

Radio City Music Hall… aka where the NFL draft is.  At least that is all my boys cared to know.

Central Park!

The boys got a kick out of this. Protesters against Donald Trump…they were chanting “Dump Trump”!

Central Park Zoo…the seals (hard to see from this far away in the picture).

Riding the carousel in Central Park.

Selfie at the request of my husband!

The Little League baseball fields.  It would be so cool to play baseball there.

Not quite like Shaeffer Field.

Owen spotted a framed Jeter Jersey when walking the streets and had to have is picture taken by it.

Benny wanted in the action too.

Subway Selfie!

Cool tile design in the Subway.

Jilly wanted to sit by Ben. They are buddies.

Was looking for the Ninja Turtles in the Subway too, but no dice.  She was really hoping to see them since they live in NYC.