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February 7, 2016

Ten. Double digits. How is this possible. This amazing boy who made me a mom and gave me the best job I never knew I wanted is 10! My Owen is a rare gem. This boy is his own unique person and the older he gets, the more I appreciate he doesn’t fit into a mold. He’s compassionate, he loves hard, he’s not afraid to let his emotions show, he has intentions of gold, his family are his favorite people, and if you are willing to be his friend, he’ll be a friend for life. He loves his golf, baseball and basketball. He could toss and kick a football around for days. His idol is Derek Jeter and he is crazy for New York and the Yankees. Times surly have changed from our Baby Einstein and Thomas the Train days. I have so loved watching him grow over the past 10 years (but it went way too fast). I couldn’t be more proud of the boy he is becoming and so look forward to what’s to come. Happy 10th Birthday, Owen. Love you to the moon and back.

And as an added extra, here is a link to the slide show I made for O of his first 10 years. 😉

January Recap

February 3, 2016

Here is what we were up to in January….

Basketball was in full swing for both boys. Saturday mornings were game day for Benny.

Jilly did not find basketball exciting.

Sunday’s were game day for Owen and the 4th grade travel team.

Cheering on the EP Panthers in our Spirit Wear at the Dickinson College Tournament.

Family dinner at my favorite local Greek place.

The girls cuddling in Jilly’s bed.

We finally got her closet system in and everything organized. Now for the rest of the house.

Benny started teaching Jilly how to play video games. Bless his heart. He’d even lose on purpose to let her win.

Benny brought home a writing assignment from Christmas time about why he would make a good elf for Santa. His response in a nut shell… he wouldn’t. He wouldn’t want to leave home and his family. Sweet family loving boy.

We went to NJ to a retirement party for my Father-In-Law

We took out try at the 800+ million Powerball. We were the big winners of $4.

After well over a decade, I had to have my bridge replaced (post accident tooth repairs). Still amazes me when I see all the metal and what not in my face. Missing from this shot is the metal plate in my chin.

Jilly won the drawing for the Cavity Free Kid of the Month Prize from the dentist.

I had a nice holiday afternoon with some of my college girlfriends.

We relaxed and watched Steeler Football.

After work snuggles with my girl.

Skyzone Birthday Party for Owen’t best buddy on the basketball team, Joe.

How many 4th grade basketball players can you fit in the Hurricane Simulator?

Owen was thrilled the cat cuddled with him.

Benny got cuddle time in with Maxie too.

We celebrated our furry girl’s 12th birthday.

We celebrated Benny’s birthday a day early. He spent the weekend at Mimi’s and when he came home, he got his surprise of a new bed and room decorations. Good bye Star Wars, Hello Mario.

Benjamin is 8

February 1, 2016

Happy 8th birthday to my baby boy. The one who always has an endless supply of hugs for his mama. The one who has taught me that a mother’s love has no boundaries. The one who is my big helper with a big heart. The one who always has a way to make me smile with his whit. The one who loves his family so much he wants to be a YouTuber when he grows up and live at home with mom and dad forever – Ha! Wishing you the happiest of birthdays my Benjamin. I love you bunches!