January 25, 2016

They weren’t joking when they foretasted over a foot of snow in 24 hours. I have no idea how much we ended up with, but it was a lot. Like, stuck inside your house and can’t leave until it stops kind of snow. We took it easy. Watched TV and movies, baked brownies, played video games, and napped. It was kind of nice having no where to go and just be able to be home.

Once the storm calmed we went out to play in the snow. I didn’t last long. I slipped on the driveway and went flat on my bum. Oh my the pain. The Blizzard of 2016 ended with me bruising my tail bone really bad, but I survived. I just wish the storm would have happened on a weekday and not a weekend. I’m all about days when work has to close and I get to stay home with my family w/o taking a vacation day!

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