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Christmas 2015

December 27, 2015

We had another nice traditional Thomas Christmas Day relaxing in our PJs. Lots of fun had playing with new toys. Big hits this year were the Wii U, new 49′ TV for the Wii Room, Play Dough, Benny’s Flat Brim Hat (mom finally caved into the trend), and the Frozen Microphone.

A funny from this Christmas was we wrapped Owen’s Steph Curry jersey in a gag box that was a fake advertisement for a video game in which you did chores…like rake leaves, clean the cat litter, etc. We weighted the box down with 2 bags of M&Ms. The kid really thought it was the video game and when he opened the box he thought the bags of M&Ms wrapped up in tissue paper was cat litter and he threw it across the room! HA HA! Once he saw this jersey he got it, but was it ever funny.

Oh and so in years to come I don’t forget… this was an odd Christmas weather wise. It was 70 degrees on Christmas eve. Sleeveless dress for Jillian and polos for the boys. No jacket required. We were a far cry from a white Christmas.

We hope you all had a wonderful day too. Happy Holidays!

SU Homecoming

December 5, 2015

September 19th was my 15th Homecoming Reunion at Susquehanna! Say what?!? I clearly just graduated didn’t I? Oh wait…I may look pretty much the same, have the same handsome man by my side, but then I remember after my few second daydream that it is 2015 and I have job, mortgage, a 9 year old, a 7 year old, and a 4 year old. Yup… definitely out of college 15 years. I hadn’t been back to campus for quite some time and neither had Mike, so we decided to make it a family affair and take the kiddos back to where it all started and give them a proper tour of SU…or at least what still remains the same as a lot has changed over the past decade and a half.

The boys loved it. They thought it was so cool. Owen wanted to spend the night but I told him it’s not a hotel. As much as I love the school, I miss what it was and am sad at what is becoming. It would be neat for the kids to follow in our footsteps, but the community culture, administration, and hefty price tag are going to steer them elsewhere. But it was fun to dream for a day. Dream of what the place meant to us and reminiscing on all the good times we had there, and dreaming of what the experience would be like for the kids to go to SU. But reality set in once we hit 11/15…back to Enola and thankful not only for our SU memories, but for how far we’ve come since our days there.

The kids checking out the new chairs. They are now scattered all over campus.

Owen by our freshman year dorm.

Mike going back to his tour guide days and showing the kids around.

Encore is now Benny’s Bistro.

Jillian liking the computers in the lab. I use to be a monitor in that lab 1 night a week for a work study job.

The whole fam.

Owen sitting in our favorite classroom in the BCO.

Benny liked this room too.

The kiddos at the entrance.

Our anniversary weekend back where we met.

Playing games at the kids tent by the football game.

Testing out the upgrades in the remodeled library. Study areas with white board walls and lots of pillows on the table benches.

The Turkey Hill Experience

December 4, 2015

This fall, Mike and I decided we wanted to try and do more things together as a family. Our family just seems to work better as a whole the more time we spend together. And the more THINGS we do, the more MEMORIES we are creating. It’s amazing how those little minds of theirs remember little details of our outings.

In September, we took a drive to the Turkey Hill Experience. Owen had been their with his summer camp, but the rest of us had never been. It was a nice afternoon. We tasted all kinds of ice tea, ice cream, played games, and even made our own ice cream flavor in the Taste Lab. It was a great family afternoon.

November Recap

December 1, 2015

Here is are some other moments from our months of November:

Jillian was Maxie’s lap person.

Then Maxie was my lap dog…at her old age she still thinks she weighs 20 pounds and is a small dog!

It doesn’t happen often, but I love when I get to be home and get the boys off the bus.

I wish I got to welcome these goonies home everyday.

All ready for football Sunday. Go Steelers!

Night out with the boys for wings. Benny’s favorite.

And a night out with the boys means a trip to Dick’s. Tossing football in the aisle.

Jilly’s turn for a day out with Mom and Dad. She asked me to take her picture with Daddy on the big red ball at Target.

At the mall she saw a cross body bag just her size and had to have it to be like Mommy.

Being a kid today is so different than when we were younger. No talking on the phone with friends. They Facetime!

I’d had been wanting to do this forever… I almost forgot but I pulled my old cheerleading uniform out from when I was 2 years old. I tried it on Jilly when she was 2 but it was way too big. Got it out again and this time it fit…a tad too short, but it’s neat to see her in something I wore when I was little.

And this people is why I always look so tired. This furball won’t leave me alone at night!

To get into the holiday spirit we took a trip to Koziar’s Christmas Village. We haven’t been there since Benny was 2. Needless to say, Lights and decorations don’t impress the boys like they use to, but Jillian liked it!