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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2015

This year we had Owen as Derek Jeter, Jilly as Dorothy, and my Benjamin was all about the Benjamins as the $100 bill. Owen ran to catch up with some friends so he didn’t trick or treat with us this year. Sad moment for this mom. A big sign that he is growing up. He had a blast though. We lost him in our maze of a neighborhood, but he was safe with parents of a friend. Scared me for a moment, but I’m glad he enjoyed himself and had a great time.

Jilly and Ben’s costumes were big hits. Everyone loved how Jilly’s dress and shoes sparkled and that her dress swung from side to side as she walked. Ben’s costume got big thumbs up for originality. He got comments if they could deposit him into their checking account, if he could make change for a $100, etc. It was great!

September Recap

October 16, 2015

Here is what we were up to back in September.

The boys played Scrabble at Grammy’s house with her friend, Ann Marie, who was visiting from New Jersey.
And of course, boys will be boys when making words with tiles.

See, these two do like each other.

The kids had their passport pictures taken for our trip to Mexico.

Jillian was loving her new HUGE Ninja Turtle blanket from Grammy & PeePaw Park.

Mike and I tired out a new Greek place on date night and had the best desert ever – Baklava Cheesecake!

Boys were hard at work getting back into the routine of after school homework.

We have to use Google – A LOT – because Common Core stumps us!

Grammy & Jilly

Grammy & PeePaw Thomas came to Jilly’s school to celebrate Grandparents day.

Putting together their fall picture frame.

A trip to TRU to check out some new video games.

Jilly of course wanted to sit and test out all the Power Wheels.

A Darth Vader almost as tall as Ben!

Jilly rocking her new shades and rain boots.

And her new TMNT umbrella.

No clue why, but she likes to sit upside down in her chair to watch movies in her room.

Owen fell asleep reading a book.

A family trip to the park to get fresh air and away from screen time.

Skipping rocks.

Family selfie.

Jillian had her 4 year Well Check Up.

37 pounds (64th %) 41.25 inches (78th %). Perfectly perfect.

See – she wrote her name for the Dr. but proceeded to scribble all around it. I was impressed. ¬†She just needs help with her “a”.

Mike and I had some photobooth fun at my friend’s wedding.

Benny doing one of this favorite things… playing a board game.