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The day she turned 4

September 28, 2015

We are trying to do more things with the kids individually, so Jilly’s birthday was the perfect time for a Mommy/Daddy/Jilly date. We took her to Hershey’s Chocolate World where we rode the tour ride twice and made our own candy bars. Afterwards we took her to lunch at her favorite place – Red Robin – for Mac and Cheese and oranges, then to the Hershey Outlets to go to the Disney Store where she got 2 Fairy Barbie Dolls. It was such a nice afternoon with her. She had Mike and I in stitches she said so my cute/funny things. A great way to wrap up her birthday weekend.

Off to the ride with the singing cows

Showing off her Kit Kat Candy they gave her after exiting the ride.

Playing a game – find the differences between the two pictures.

Ahhhhh…Look at this….

There is a PINK one!

A true girl. In awe over lip gloss/chap stick.

Time for a yummy cookie.

Waiting for our turn.

Create your own candy bar time!

All that sass telling me she is 4.

The bithday girl and her Daddy.

Here we go.

Time to pick out what her candy bar will be.

Checking out the chocolate mixing.

Mommy and her girl.

Silly face!

Time to activate her bar to be made.

Goodies are being added.

Here come’s Jillian’s bar!

Watching very closely.

Like mother like daughter when she gets excited!

Package design.

All done with her candy bar creation!

All our finished products.

PINK #4 Birthday

September 12, 2015

Shortly after Jillian turned 3 she kept telling us and pretty much everyone else that she was going to turn number 4 on her pink birthday. So, when it came time to put a party together, a PINK #4 birthday she got! She loves all things pink and I needed to make my girl happy and tickled pink on her PINK #4 Birthday. And her two main requests were pink balloons and a big pink cake. Check and Check. She also loves Ninja Turtles so I tossed a few of those into her decorations too. She was thrilled!

We had family over to the house for lunch, then opened presents and had cake. After the festivities, we all went to the Boiling Springs pool to swim and go down the water slides. Fun, fun, fun. Not just for the little kids – us “big kids” went down the slides too. Mike, myself, Uncle Phil, PeePaw Park and Grammy Park.

A fun day to celebrate our fun little girl. I still have her special birthday post to do. This mama just hasn’t had the time… or more so I’m in denial she’s 4 and I’m not quite ready to put all those emotions into words yet. Hopefully soon.

All the pink decorations.

Coloring on the Ninja Turtle Coloring sheets.

Time for lots of PINK presents.

A big girl bike!

The new shoes she wanted.

A PINK Ninja Turtle watch.

Pink headphones!

Time for her big, pretty, pink cake!

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday dear Jillian.

Happy birthday to you!

She couldn’t wait to rip that bow off and take a bite.

All the pink tired her out. She was fast asleep as soon as she hit the ride to the pool.

Water slides are a big thumbs up!

As soon as she got home she had to get on her bike. Even if she was still in her swimsuit.

So glad Uncle Danny was able to come up for a little to see the family.

Last sleep as a 3 year old

September 6, 2015

One of my favorite traditions with this little girl… her “Last Sleep Before Her Birthday” picture. The next day our Jilly Bean woke up as a 4 year old.

Check out years past:

August Wrap Up

September 5, 2015

Playing catch up during this busy fall. Here is what we did in August.

We busted out the good old blow up water slide.

At back to school night, Jillian got to sneak away in the library of the boy’s school for a quick story.

We ventured back to my hometown area for the Little League World Series.  A local team, Red Land, from our own LL district made it all the way to the final game!

Jillian doing her cheers!

Lewisberry is the town the Red Land team was from.  So close compared to the others!

Sliding down the infamous hill on cardboard.

We ran into one of Owen’s teammates from Spring ball.

The visit to Muncy was fun, but exhausting.

Playing cards with Dad.

I was so proud of Benny.  I took the boys to Target to get Pokemon cards. Instead of getting 2 packs, he decided to get one and use the rest of the money to buy Jillian a bow for her birthday. It was all his idea too.

I realized I can fit into my 9 year olds sneakers.  And I have big feet for a woman.  9 or 9 1/2.  These are men’s 7.

Jilly picked out an interesting book for us to read during my afternoon visit to see her at school.

She waited so patiently to see the Lobsters on our trip to the store. She kept saying “It’s OK lobsters. It’s going to be alright.”

Owen started fall ball.

We cheered on Red Land in the LLWS World Championship.

Jillian started PreSchool 2.  The last and final room in the daycare at work. Hard to believe she’s in last year already. Next year it’s off to K.

Her fancy new watch from her birthday.

Playing with friends.

First Day of 2nd & 4th

September 5, 2015

School is back in action and the boys actually weren’t sad. They welcomed the start of the school year because….get this…they get more sleep. They don’t have to leave the house as early for school as they do for summer camp. That means about 1 hour of extra sleep since Grammy puts them on the bus! Thanks, Grammy.

The boys had fun picking out shoes this year. Owen wanted something colorful (he said the kids at school LOVED his shoes) and Ben wanted bungee laces. DONE! And of course, to keep with their current favorite trend, we had to get the tall Under Armour socks too.

Jilly was all sad at first b/c she wanted her picture taken too. After the boys consoled her she calmed down to get her traditional picture with her brothers where she HAD to be in the middle.

Hard to believe this is Owen’s last year of elementary school and next year we will be sending Jillian off to K!!

Benny asked me to take this picture! HA!

And don’t let all those wonderful smiles fool you, this is how most of the morning went taking pictures.

Flag Football

September 1, 2015

With Mike coaching (which also meant refereeing) this flag football season, it was me, myself, and I lugging the then 3 year old daughter, chairs, toys, drinks, snacks, etc. to the field. Because of this I tended to leave my camera at home. I did get it out for the tournament at the end of the season to grab a few shots of the boys in action. Can’t wait to see how they do next year. We really like flag football summers!