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The Fourth – Family Style

August 23, 2015

We were suppose to go to Pittsburgh for the 4th, but our busy schedules and the forecast for rainy weather had us make a change of plans. We cancelled our hotel reservation, built a fire pit in the back yard, and had the whole family over to celebrate.

The Littles. All decked out in red, white, blue.

Jenny made all the kids 4th tie dyed shirts. Jilly had one too, but she wanted to keep on her dress.

Corn hole.

Benny’s 360 razor bike was a hit.

We even brought up the basketball game from the basement.

Croce brought some fireworks for the kids to enjoy.

Benny was scared of the noise and Roman was there to let him know it will be OK.

Maxie wanted to know what the commotion was about out front

Moving the festivities out back for a “cook out” – aka: camp fire. For some odd reason our kids call it a cook out.


The big boys with Mimi.

Owen learning a lesson to make sure you pay attention to who you are texting or you will accidentally text “poop head” to your grandmother instead of your cousin.

Me and my love.

PeePaw and Grammy Park making Maxie a comfortable spot by the fire pit. Gotta make sure the furry princess is comfortable.

Best buds.


Mimi and her girls.

Me and my girl.

Roasting marshmallows.



Photo attempt of our family of 5.

Thomas Cousins

August 4, 2015

Mike’s brother and his girls came in for a visit a few weeks ago. We only see them once, maybe twice a year so we always take advantage of all the kids being in one place for a photo. Here are the Thomas Five 2015 – Ben (7), Owen (9), Carlie (4), Jillian (3), Abby (7).

July Wrap Up

August 2, 2015

Here’s what else happened in July.

Finally took Owen to get the Cowboy Crunch at Neato Burrito he had been begging for.

Had fun shopping with my boys.

Relaxed on the deck.

Jilly wanted to show Aunt Jenny how she wore her 4th of July Tie Dye to school.

The boys went with me to take their furry sister to the Vet.

Had a nice afternoon break with Jillian at work which included a special snack of a Tasty Cake with pink icing.

Owen went to NC with Alex, Mimi and Pop Pop.

Benny relaxing at Uncle Phil’s pool.

Jilly climbing the trees at flag football games.

Jilly got her hair chopped off to cute shoulder length bob.

Benny and PeePaw Thomas spent the day together at the Army Heritage Center.

We welcomed the big boys home from the beach and my sister and I braved Red Robin with 6 crazy kids!

Despite me saying No, Owen came home with Hermit Crabs. Meet Jeter. (Jay didn’t last long).

Jillian was so excited that we found her a PINK Ninja Turtle backpack for school. She *LOVES* pink and TMNT.

And the backpack came with a lunch box, perfect for packing her goodies to have lunch with Mom and Dad.

I love that we can visit her now at school with out a melt down when we leave. It finally lets us take advantage of seeing her during the day. This day I tucked her in for her nap after my lunch.