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Pony Champs

July 20, 2015

At the end of the Little League season, both boy’s teams were doing well in the playoffs. Owen’s team made it to the semi finals, but lost by 1 run. He was bummed (according to Owen going to the championship game was on his baseball bucket list), but he was ready for flag football the next day.

Ben’s team actually made it to the their division championship and WON!! It was very exciting for Benny and Coach Mike. But Benny will go out on top. He said he’s baseball career is over. In fact after flag he said he wants to be done with sports all together. He likes playing, but doesn’t like the formality of organized sports. Plus, competition is a big trigger for his one disorder. He’s much better off with pick up games for fun and cheering on his brother from the stands.

At least this will be his last childhood baseball memory – being the champs with a “solid gold” trophy. His first one.

June Wrap Up

July 10, 2015

June was spent mostly at two places. The baseball field or flag football practice. I didn’t take many pictures, but here are some extras other than the last day of school and Ben’s Pony Championship.

Note: I don’t have many pics of Ben because of our opposite schedules. Ben and Mike would be together at his sports, while I was with Jillian and Owen at O’s sports. I still love him dearly… so Ben, if you are reading this in 20 years, don’t be mad at me!

Snuggling with my Maxie Girl. She like to lay under the covers between my legs.

National Donut Day!

Extra practice for the playoffs.

Pitch after pitch after pitch. O is lucky to have such a great dad to help him.

Dinner with just me and my girl.

My biggest love and littlest love caught napping.

Little Bit got in trouble and sent to her room for one of the first times. It was too quiet. I thought she was sleeping. Nope. Playing princesses.

Mr. Snowie came to school for snow cones!

East Penn Carnival Time. We couldn’t go as a family due to opposite flag football practice schedules. I took Owen & Jilly. The funny thing is even though the boys went on different nights, the FUN SLIDE was the first ride each of them picked!

Such a good big brother! Every prize he won he got for his sister.

He rode rides with her too.

Jilly’s first time on bumper cars.

Love her face when she looks concerned they just hit another car.

Ben and Daddy’s turn at the carnival while I was with O at practice. One selfie is all ya get folks. Mike isn’t a picture person. I’m shocked I got this!

Flag football practice.

Taking pictures to kill time.

Dad’s Day at Daycare

Mike and his kiddos on Father’s Day.

Let Flag Football begin!

The boys had such a good school year we wanted to reward them. They earned it. Ben accidentally broke his 3DS. We told him he was going to have to save money for a new one. He even asked me how he could earn money around the house. HA! So, deciding what to get for him was easy. We didn’t know what to get Owen until my Mom spent a weekend with us and he was on her iPad ALOT Face Timing Alex. It was awesome. It was like they were in the same room but were miles away. The original iPad mini just went on sale so that is what we got him. To say he was excited was an understatement. Watch the video for yourself!



And that iPad has been worth every penny. It a P.I.T.A to hook up. Kindles are so much easier, but seeing Alex and Owen text and Face Time is priceless. It’s a much more personal way to keep in touch and keep them close across the miles. Gotta love technology.