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Last Day of School

June 7, 2015

This school year was so good for the boys. A few bumps in the road, but overall wonderful. It was just so smooth compared to years past. There was no fights over homework, no “I hate school. I don’t want to go.” I think having Grammy put them on the bus and Mike get home to get them off the bus was key. It took almost all the rush out of our day which in turn, reduced the stress in the family tremendously. No rushing to get out the door in the morning. No late pick up at after school care. No rushing to eat dinner while doing homework in the 15 minutes we had between getting home and sports practice. These changes made for a MUCH happier family this school year.

The boys did excellent academically. Owen was picked as a top speller and math student in his class. He participated in the spelling bee and took 7th and in the Math 24 competition and took 5th. And he went from multiple behavior referrals last year to 0 this year. MAJOR progress.

Benny had the equivalent of straight A’s all year academically. Our school does 1, 2, 3 system and he has straight 3’s all year long. He’s one smart cookie.

We are super proud of them. Couldn’t really ask for more. We just need to make sure they keep up on math and reading over the summer. We want them very prepared for 2nd and 4th grades so they can excel just as much as this past year.

May Recap

June 2, 2015

Better late than never. May was a busy month. Lots of time at the ball field. Mothers Day. Golf trips. I think we went 3 weeks with not one day that didn’t have something going on. It was a chaotic but fun month.

I celebrated mother’s day with these cuties.

Mother’s Day celebration at Jilly’s Daycare.

She made be the cutest jar of bath salts, personalized with her picture in a shower cap and towel!

Benny made me the best card ever at school. I cried I laughed so hard. LOVED IT!

Jillian played Doctor with her best and most cooperative patient, Maxie.

Then she got sick and had to go to the Dr. While at the office she looks at me while in this pose and says, “I’m doing my yoga like at school.” Hilarious. She loves yoga.

Maxie returned the favor of playing nurse by snuggling with her to make her feel better. Jilly wanted to sleep on the floor of our room. I woke up and heard the dog but she wasn’t in our bed. This is where I found her.

Benny went shopping with mom. He was so good I got him new sunglasses. He picked the Ninja Turtle ones because they had the “old school” turtles on them. He said he loves stuff from the olden times when Mike and I were kids. Love it!

The boys and Mike played lots of ball in the back yard. Maxie even wanted to join.

Jilly and I would swing on the deck and cheer them on.

And of course, we spent the majority of our time at the baseball fields. I love watching them play. Especially O. He’s come so far and is really turning into a good ball player.

Ben wanted me to take the next few pictures. Not often this kids ASKS to have his picture taken.

And the Thomas kids consumed many freeze pops from the concession stand.