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Memorial Day 2015

May 29, 2015

Last year for Memorial Day we went to Knoebels for Sal’s 3rd birthday and we did it was so much fun we did it again this year for his 4th. Jillian was under the weather so she said home with Mike and I took the two boys. I think it was the first time in 9 years that I went to an amusement park without a diaper bag, kid in diapers, and a stroller. It was freeing. I didn’t even take a good camera. I just used my phone.

We let the big boys off the leash this year and let them roam the park sans parents. We gave them check in times and places and they were there each time. I was proud of Alex and Owen. They had a lot of fun together, just the two of them. I took Benny and Roman around the park. Taking Benny to amusement parks is tricky. He’s not a thrill seeker by any means and still likes the kiddie rides but he’s too tall for almost all of them. He didn’t want to ride the Merry Mixer, but Roman was too short to ride on is own so he sucked it up. I thought he loved it but he said it was too fast for him! Ha! I really enjoyed my time with the Middles. I don’t get to spend much time with them, especially Benny, so it was nice to have a carefree afternoon with them.

It was a great way to kick off summer. I’m sure we’ll be back again soon.

Hard to believe Sal is 4!

The 5 boys.

Best buddies.

The Middles.

He was so excited for… Ninja Turtle bubbles and his Ninja Turtle coloring kit. ¬†The cheapest things in the bag I got him. ūüėČ

Time for fun, food and fantasy!

Roman wasn’t tall enough to ride alone. ¬†He told Benny – “We are both 7, but we are not the same size!”

Conversations on the train.

I have a picture of the two of them in this same spot in 2009 in strollers.  Boy have they grown.

See 2009 post here.

Me and my baby boy.

Don’t have many pics of the two of us so this is special.

April Recap

May 24, 2015

Better late than never. Here is what we were up to in April that I didn’t have a chance to put on the blog already.

Spring baseball officially kicked off.  Owen got a new batting helmet and bat.

Opening day.

My 3 boys! ¬†Mike is the Assistant Coach for Benny’s team.

Owen practiced for the PSSA’s. ¬†He was stumpped on this question. No wonder why. The right answer isn’t there!

Jillian sporting her baseball bows for her brother’s games.

Drawing her family on the Aqua Doodle.

Spring Open House at EPE.  The 3rd and 4th Graders put on a great chorus concert for us.

Jillian checking out Benny’s desk.

Benny showing me his favorite book series.

He was very excited to check things off the list for the room tour.

Very proud of his penguin from his penguin project.

Owen chilling in his classroom.

Jillian FINALLY let me paint her toe nails!

She also loves to use the Selfie camera. This is one she wanted of her, Chandler and I.

Showing me her school picture smile.

Night out on City Island for the EP vs Trinity High School baseball game.

Benny with some buddies.

Me and my boy.

We actually got to go out on a date with friends sans kids. ¬†This doesn’t happen often!

Cleaning out the garage with the old couch.  It made a great place for friends to play on Kindles.

And for a dog to have her old comfy spot back.

Jillian finally got her hair cut.  This is on our way.  Just out of bath.

She’s such a girl. ¬†Loving the pink nail polish in the magazine.




The last two times Jillian’s daycare had pictures taken, it was a different photography studio that I did not care for. They went back to classic LifeTouch this Spring and the results are adorable. She loves Maxie, so many days she takes her “Maxie Girl” stuffed animal to school with her. She is shy with strange adults, so when she asked if she could have “Maxie Girl” in the picture I figured why not. It will probably help her not hide from the photographer. She’s such a little ham. So much sass and character in her 3 year old self. As cheesy as school pictures are, I love them!