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Easter 2015

April 26, 2015

The kids enjoyed Easter this year.  It was a simple day. They went through their baskets to see what goodies the Easter bunny brought and saw a few small gifts from mom and dad on the foyer table in the homework room. They boys were very excited for their Sklylanders and Nerf Basketball hoops.  Jillian kept saying all she wanted from the Easter Bunny was chocolate, clothes and chapstick.  She was very happy to get all 3 and had to check out her new chapstick flavors right away. Jilly also has a new found love for the Ninja Turtles so the Easter Bunny brought her Ninja Turtle shirts, bows, a toothbrush and Raphael bubbles (he’s her favorite). She was all smiles.

Later in the afternoon, Mike and Owen went golfing with my Dad. O did great. He shot 61 at Dauphin Highlands.  I felt bad for the other two kiddos that we were just sitting around the house so we got ready and went to the park.  Benny was determined to get across the monkey bars.  He tried and tried several times when we were there and just as we were getting ready to go he finally made it across.  Ben and Jillian were very good at the park, so on the way home we stopped for slushies and snack and went home and watched Big Hero 6 (a present from the bunny in Ben’s basket).

Later that night we went to Grammy & PeePaws for dinner.  On the walk there the kids decided to hold hands all on their own. So sweet.

Oh and while at Grammy & PeePaw’s, Owen and Ben were wrestling around and Owen knocked Ben’s loose top tooth out. He’s now toothless on top!  A fun memory from Easter 2015.

March Recap

April 13, 2015

We had a busy March. We did a lot of painting – or I should say Mike did. My dad and I helped but he did the bulk of the work. Our bathroom, the ceiling in the kitchen and family room, and the kitchen walls and family room walls. When we moved in, we never really did anything with the space but toss in old furniture and decor from the old house. Now we we finally made it a new space that fit the feel of the house. We love it. But those projects kept me from blogging and taking more pictures with my phone than my camera!

So, here is the recap of March:

I took Owen on a date to Chinese.

We got some fresh air out on the deck.

We went to Dairy Queen for their “Free Cone Day”.

We colored and stamped in the homework room.

The boys started baseball practice. Benny is back in action.

We got our March Madness brackets ready. All of us picked Duke in at least one of our brackets. Go Blue Devils.

Jillian drew her first family portait. There are 7 smile faces because she wanted to inlcude the cat & dog.

Jillian had an Easter Egg hunt with her school daycare.

Jillian and her BFF Kyla.

We celebrated Mike’s 35th.

We had a Park Family Easter Egg Hunt with all the kids.
One of these things is not like the other! Ha ha! 9 boys. 1 Girl.

The kids going through all their loot!