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Mike and Owen had another great year with EPYAL Panter Hoops. Owen playing and Mike coaching. Mike was lucky enough to get some of his kids from last years team this year, plus he got some great new kids – especially Owen’s BFF, Joe, his flag football buddy, Matt, and one of his baseball buddies, Steel.

The difference from last year to this year is amazing. The kids played so much better. It was fun to watch and the season went way too fast. This Thomas family loves basketball and look forward to another season next year.

Great Wolf Lodge

February 15, 2015

The boys had tossed around the idea of having a birthday party at Skyzone. I looked into the cost and it was going to be a pretty penny for a 2 hour party for 20 kids. I asked them if they wanted to go to Great Wolf Lodge instead. When they found out what it was, they were totally on board. And I was happy to spend money on a fun family experience vs a party or buying them stuff they don’t need or the gifts they would get from having a party which again, they don’t need.

Great Wolf Lodge is great. As Owen said, “Mom, this is a paradise for kids. They have everything here a kid could want.” The indoor water park was amazing. So much to do and the one slide was out of this world. Mike said it was by far the best water slide he’s ever been on. The kids were all smiles. I love to see them happy like this and enjoying new places. It was also pretty cool to be inside in swim suits having a blast while it was snowy and freezing outside.

We took a break from the water park to eat dinner. We were going to go out to eat, but there was a pizza place near our room in the lodge that had a decent take out special so we decided to do that instead. It was really yummy. Good pizza, good chicken parm sub, wonderful green salad and garlic knots that Benny could have eaten a dozen of. After dinner we went back to the water park for a bit then went back to the room to get ready to hit up some of the fun attractions in the lodge. We did 9 holes of Glow In the Dark Mini Golf, then played a bunch of games in the arcade. We finished the night off with ice cream.

We woke up, ate breakfast, packed up, and got ready to go back to the water park. We found a good table, got all settled in for the day, and back to splish splashing fun. Owen spent most of his time both days on the big water slides. That is why there are little pictures of him. Not a camera friendly area. The boys and Jillian also loved playing basketball in the pool with their Daddy.

We ate lunch in the park and then decided to give one last go around before we’d head out. The weekend crowds were starting to pile in and it was too many people for my liking. When we go back I will go Tues to Wed or Wed to Thurs to avoid the weekend rush. We said good bye to the Lodge, got packed in the van, then hit up the outlets for some GREAT deals. We weren’t on the road 5 minutes on the way home and all 3 kids were out. I would say that was a sign of a good trip. They are already talking about going back again. Maybe this can be a winter tradition.

Picture by the big fireplace.

We had the “Kid Cabin” room.

It had a TV, single bed, and bunk beds.

The kids loved having their own little space in the room.

Time for water park fun – in February!

Owen giving it a go on the rope course.

Benny’s turn.


This one was in heaven!

Basketball with Dad.

Kiddie water slides!

My favorite picture from the day.  Totally not staged. Just her pure happiness.

Ben gives Great Wolf Lodge two thumbs up.

Power nap before dinner!

Silly Benny.

The boys planning out all they wanted to do by looking at the resort map.

Ready for the fun attractions.  And no, I didn’t make them wear their wolf ears.  All 3 put them on by themselves.

Glow in the Dark Mini Golf!

Posing for a picture by the froggies.

ARCADE.  The boys love arcades.

The game must have been a nail biter.

She was obsessed with feeding the tickets to the counting machine.

Day 2 at the water park.

Mom was suckered into the souvenir cups.

This is what I get when I ask for silly faces.

Look – I was there too!

Jilly’s turn at making some baskets.

Mom – I’m getting tired. I’m going to rest here.

BYE Great Wold Lodge!

The water slide Mike and Owen loved.  The double barrel.  And yes, several slides go outside the building and come back in.

Three tired Thomas kiddos.

Happy 9th Birthday Owen!

February 7, 2015

Happy 9th Birthday to our Owen! Everyday he makes me more proud of the boy he is becoming. I love how he views the world around him, the love he has for his family, and zest he has for life. He’s truly an amazing one of a kind kid that I’m so lucky to have as my son. We love ya – O!

And how are we 1/2 way to him being a legal adult? Now more than ever I need to soak up our time together because I know it’s going to fly like the last 9 years.

He had a basketball game today so we had birthday donuts before the game. Then he requested a steak dinner with cheese cake as his birthday meal so we ate a late lunch at Longhorn. The kid was loving his Rib-eye and New York style cheese cake. So grown up already!

Happy 7th Benny!

February 1, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday to our Big Ben! Benny – you keep us on our toes and give us a run for our money, but you have such a big heart and a silly soul. We love ya so much buddy! We hope you enjoy all your favorites today for your special day and the Super Bowl – wings, pizza and cookie cake!

PS – notice he lost his top front tooth?!? Love toothless smiles.