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For several weeks, every time there was a flurry in the air, Jillian asked to build a snowman. Obviously that is not enough snow to build a snowman. Well, this past weekend we finally had enough accumulation to make one. Owen took the opportunity to spend all day out in the neighborhood with the neighborhood kids sledding. We have a lot of great hills! Benny and Jilly stayed home to play in the yard. We made our East Penn Panther snowman, did a little sledding in the backyard, made snow angels, and Ben built a snow pile fort in the front yard. Too bad it warmed up so fast that it melted. But it was snowy fun while it lasted.

Owen off sledding with friends.

Benny building his snow fort as he called it.

Jilly’s First Hair Cut

January 25, 2015

Unlike the boys, Jillian wasn’t at the salon by 10 months old to have her first hair cut. In fact, at her first birthday she didn’t have that much hair. I decided with my girl I was going to let it go for as long as possible. Her third birthday had come and still no hair cut. Her super long curly locks were beautiful. But once the cold weather set in, her hair got stringy and tangled easily. I knew it was time for a trim. So, the day after Christmas we went to my hairdresser to chop off a few inches.

Jillian is VERY shy around adults she does not know. We knew this could be a problem and it was. She was OK at first because Whitney gave her a lollipop, but she refused to put a cape on or sit in the chair. Mike had to sit with her clung to him for dear life. She cried and cried. Poor thing. But it had to be done. Whitney did a great job and was very patient. She was able to cut 2 to 3 inches off. It makes such a difference now when we wash and comb he hair. Although her ringlet curls at the bottom are gone. ūüôĀ Just a few waves is all that is left.

Our last major first is now in the books. Babyhood is well behind us. The next big first for Jilly will probably be her first lost tooth and I have some years before that happens.

Here is her hair two days before her haircut:

The big day – first hair cut. 3 years, 3 months and 27 days in the making.

11 Years Old

January 18, 2015

It’s hard to believe she is 11. Our best furry girl. Our bulldogge baby. It seems like yesterday I saw her cute little face at the pet store, got her out to play with, and she nuzzled her head right into my arm. I dreamed that night I had to have her, so the next day we did and she was ours. She was the first real living thing I had to put effort in to care for (Chandler’s litter box and filling his food bowls is not hard). It was a rough few weeks. Like having a baby. I cried. I laughed. I cried and cried some more. I didn’t think I was cut out for a dog. I was going to get rid of her. Then my dad asked me why did I get a dog? I said I wanted a dog to cuddle with, take on walks, to be a companion. Puppy bites and not sleeping were not for me. He said to just give it time. She will get there and it will be what you wanted. Boy oh boy was he right. She turned into that and so so so so much more. She taught me hard days can pay off to have amazing endings. All the puppy training classes, biter apple spray, putting her in puppy time out in a box (then the powder room when she got big) were all worth it. The nipping at my feet while I got dressed, the dog bed torn to shreds in her crate… all so worth it. That turned into a puppy bullet who’d run at you fast only to snuggle up right into your arm pit, endless puppy kisses, the dog who’d plop between my legs to sleep, the best 80 pound lap dog, the most patient dog with kids, my heater in bed at night, my shadow following me around the house, and the sweet face staring out the window waiting for us to come home.

She gave us some health scares this past year. We know we are on the downhill side of her life. She’s a little slower, almost all white in her face, has arthritis in her back and a hard time getting up and off the couches (we even took our bed off the frame for her). It breaks my heart. I’m so attached. I just pray for one or two more years. I can’t imagine life without her. So until then, I will continue to love her up and pet that soft big ol’ head of hers as much as I can.

Mike made her a PB Sandwich cake tonight. Two candles b/c they look like the number 11 side by side. We all sang to her. Maxie wasn’t sure about that. She was more like “What is this for?” But she gobbled up her cake, licked her chops, wagged her tail and was a happy pooch.

Happy Birthday, Maxie Girl! WE LOVE YOU!!

Our boys don’t want for anything. And they really have never been into toys. Just video games. But they love spending time with family. When thinking of ideas for Christmas presents Mike and I could get the boys, we wanted to give them some experiences, not just material things. So, one of their gifts was a night out with us to the Hershey Bears game.

The boys loved it. Owen had been to two games before, but this was Ben’s first time. Owen got a foam bear claw at one of this first games, so we were going to get Ben one too, but he picked out this super cool foam bear hat instead. And our wallet thanked us for picking a night that was Dollar Dog Night. Last time Owen at 7!! This time he toned it down to 3, although he probably would have eaten more if they didn’t run out!

It was an action packed game. 5 fights, 2 ejections, and lots of penalties. I thought the boys may get bored but they were the exact opposite. They watched intently. They cheered and were really loud when the screen said to “Make some noise”. Benny was hoping the blimp would come drop money on our seats but no such luck. However, they did get free t-shirts for having seats in the Reeses section.

It was such a nice time. As many know, the boys have issues so many times we end up dealing with the ramifications of the disorders when we go out and about. Not Sunday. It was one of those rare instances where we can just be a family having fun. No flapping, no yelling, no disrespect, no screams, no tears. It was like 2 normal kids having fun with their parents at a hockey game. I cherish these moments as they are too far and in between. The game was a wonderful gift… not just for the boys, but for Mike and I as parents. I’m so glad we decided to take them.


January 11, 2015

Someone likes the “Rella” jammies she got from Uncle Phil for Christmas. She sure is a princess. I mean look how she holds her dress going down the stairs.

Christmas 2014

January 7, 2015

We had another nice Christmas. ¬†I’m still getting adjusted to the day’s festivities in this house and taking pictures and what not. ¬†The kids had a wonderful day. ¬†They got lots of good gifts. ¬†So it’s not a whirlwind and we can actually see the kids open their presents, they ech have to take turns opening gifts (opening the same gift at the same time for the boys). ¬†I love how they watch each other and the anticipation in their faces too see what each other got. ¬†This was also the first Christmas where all 3 kids opened up all their on gifts. ¬†They didn’t need help from Mike or I. ¬†We went from being active participants in the gift opening for the past 8 years to being spectators. ¬†The kids are growing up. So so bitter sweet.

Benny had a bad stomach ache on Christmas Eve so we didn’t do much. He started feeling better just before bed and was able to put Santa’s cookies out. The trio was up early. Before 7am. Owen was the first up. We didn’t want him to have to wait to see what Santa brought, so we woke the others up.

Santa’s gifts this year were:

Jillian – Pink indoor trampoline, Cinderella shirt and Princess and the Frog DVD and a Barbie Mermaid Bath Castle.
Ben – Skylanders Trap Team, Nerf Gun (Demolisher), Q-Ba-Maze
Owen РSnap Circuits, Nerf Gun (Demolisher), Indoor Baseball pitching game

They also got lots of goodies from us and their grandparents. The snap circuits and trampoline were a big hit and Jillian was thrilled to get The Wizard of Oz on DVD. She watches it on VHS at my in-laws house and kept asking for a small one for her house (VHS = BIG | DVD = Small).¬†These 3 are blessed and lucky…very lucky!

2014 was not a great year for our family. Then again, it was hard to top an amazing 2013 – probably the best year of my life to date. We had a lot of things that demanded a lot of our attention in 2014 – mainly Ben. This caused me to slack when it came to blogging. I took lots of pictures, just never had a chance to sit down and blog them. (I may back date some things if I have time).

One of my resolutions for 2015 is to blog at least twice a month. To help me meet this goal, we even started to redo my office space in our master bedroom sitting area to make it a more usable space. The main addition was a 2 person desk so I can work on the computer and a kid can work next to me.

If you like to keep up with our family and want more regular updates, check me out on Instagram. It’s a very easy tool for me to quickly share pictures and short thoughts.

So – hopefully next time you come to this blog and see a new post it will be our Christmas recap, or even Jillian’s first hair cut. I have A LOT to catch everyone up on!