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Halloween Trick or Treat

October 31, 2014

And here we have our Death Trooper, Doc McStuffins, and Luigi. Mike missed out of Trick or Treat this year. He was in Boston helping his sister move, but we had a fun time going door to door in the neighborhood. The boys buddies even came over to go Trick or Treat with us. Jillian was loving it, but she HAD to hold a hand walking house to house. They got SO.MUCH.CANDY! I’m going to have to hide it. They could each eat 3 pieces a day and probably make it to Christmas!

Happy Halloween!

Frozen on Ice

October 19, 2014

Back in May, as soon as we heard Disney Frozen on Ice show was coming to Hershey, we got tickets. Well, the day had finally come and the show was yesterday. It was great. Jillian loved it, but her favorite part was in the beginning when non Frozen Disney characters came on the ice. She squealed with delight when she saw her “Rella”.

I left my camera in the van, so I don’t have pictures of the show, but here are a few we took before we left. We also got a GREAT picture of the two littles with the Olaf display from the Disney photographers on site. My mom has it now, but if I get a chance I’ll take a picture of the picture to post on here.

Finally made it to DC

October 6, 2014

Last year we were suppose to take my Dad to Washington DC for his 60th birthday present. Well, the government shut down killed those plans, but this year we were able to go to celebrate his 61st.

Mike, Dad, the boys and I had a very nice day. The weather was nice, we saw things for the first time, like the monument and memorials, saw old favorites at the American History Museum, Benny was in heaven at the Natural History Museum, and Air and Space never disappoints as usual. We walked A LOT, 9.5 miles to be exact, and the boys didn’t complain once. We ended the day with a yummy dinner at an Irish Pub in Chinatown and a trip to It’s Sugar for a sweet treat.

It was a great day. Lots of laughs and good time spent with the special guys in my life.