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Miss Sass

September 30, 2014

Life has been so crazy the last few months. So far this year I have only used my good camera ONCE to take pictures of the kids. I was itching to get that black box back in my hands so I took Jilly out the other day for a quick 10 minutes. It’s hard to get the attention of a 3 year old by yourself with the camera in front of your face, but I got some cute keepers and it sure felt good to be clicking away.

My favorite is this first one. I told her to pose for me. Hands on hips, smiles on lips… this is what I got. So much sass. I love the big personality this little girl has.

1st Day of School

September 29, 2014

The boys have been in school now for a month. Better late than never that I post their first day of school pics. Owen’s in 3rd, Ben is in first. This is Benny’s first year of full day school. And now that my in-laws live around the corner, Grammy puts the boys on the bus in the morning. This is totally new for them. They use to go to before school care. Now they get to sleep in and catch the bus right at the corner by our house.

Oh course, Benny had to be decked out in orange for the first day and Owen picked out his shoes and I got an outfit to match. Gotta be all spiffy for the first day!

Pancakes and Pajamas

September 9, 2014

Jillian loves pancakes and loves being in her pajamas, so I found it to be the perfect theme for her 3rd birthday party. I started planning it months ago and two weeks to party time she told me she wanted a Frozen cake and an Anna and Elsa balloons. So at the last minute I had to add a Frozen flair into the pancakes and pajamas things I already had.

The kids had a great time. We kind of rushed through the eating, present opening and cake because the kids knew their were 150 water balloons outside waiting for a battle.

Jillian loved her party. She asked to have it again the next day. She even sang herself happy birthday. It was adorable.

This will be the last big party we have at home for while. Next year it will be My Gym. Mama needs a party planning break!! But I love doing this for my kids. I love creating special days to celebrate these munchkins.

My Birthday Present

September 6, 2014

I’ve always loved the Steelers, but was never to a game. Well, my dad had the opportunity to get pre-season tickets for the Aug 28th game against the Panthers so as my birthday present, he got me the tickets. I was finally going to see the Black and Gold in uniform at Heinz Field. 😉

Mike and I had a great date night. Not as exciting as a regular season game, but it was fun to see the stadium, get down up close along the field during warm ups, and not deal with a large sell out crowd. It’s on my bucket list to get to a regular season game though. One of these years.

Last sleep as a 2 year old

September 6, 2014

2 years ago on the eve of Jillian’s first birthday I took a picture of her sleeping. I loved how it turned out so it’s become her thing – a tradition. This year the crib and binkies are long gone. And her hair is in a messy falling out pony tail. To think she had almost no hair 2 years ago when the first last sleep picture was taken. So much has changed…bye bye baby. Hello big girl!

And just like that she’s 3!

September 2, 2014

My dear Jillian –

It’s hard to believe you’re 3. But what a wonderful three years it has been. You are my constant ray of sunshine. You make my bad days good, you are the source of so many of my smiles, and you make my world a more wonderful place.

Life with you is so easy and simple. You listen. You want to be a helper. You communicate so well with us. You have this energetic spunk that makes us laugh. Your facial expressions and the funny things you say never make for a dull moment. Your personality is overflowing. You love colors and know which one is everyone in the family’s favorite. And you always tell people you LOVE the color pink. You like to count, collect rocks, and watch Princess movies and almost everything Disney. I love how you call your favorite princess “Rella”. You are a singer, even though it drives your brothers nuts. Over the past year we’ve heard every nursery rhyme you learned at school, the theme songs to Sophia the First, Doc McStuffins and Little Einsteins, Let it Go from Frozen, and several songs you made up all on your own. And how could I forget how you love your Maxie girl. She’s not my dog, or dad’s dog or even your brother’s dog. She is YOUR Maxie girl and you make sure to tell everyone who comes to visit.

You’re growing to be such a big girl, but I have no idea how. Your taste for foods is limited to bread, pasta, cheese, pizza, fruit and some veggies. When you eat an occasional hot dog or chicken nugget we are in shock because you usually refuse meat. And you love yourself some cheese curls! They are your favorite snack. Peas are your favorite veggie and “graybis” (aka: grapes) are your favorite fruit.

You guard your hugs and kisses. We only get them when you are willing to give them out, and when you do I treasure the moment and soak it in. But you sure do love to cuddle and sit on laps. I love that about you and as you get older and bigger and can’t fit on my lap I think a piece of me will melt. You sit on my lap to read stories, watch movies and just to reconnect after a long day apart. And I love the comfort you find in holding my hand. I never really have to ask to hold your hand when walking in a parking lot, in a store, or just up the stairs for bed time. You instinctively reach up for my hand and look at me with a smile when your hand interlocks with mine.

I wish I could just bottle up your wonderful, carefree spirit to carry with me forever. That little quiet giggle/chuckle. Your big belly laugh. The way you pull your hands to your face with excitement just like I did as a little girl. The way you twirl in a dress and say you’re a princess. I wish you knew how many times this spirit of yours overflowed your daddy and I’s hearts with love and we just looked at each other with big smiles and said, “I can’t believe this amazing little girl is ours.”

I just adore the little person that you are Jilly. Life has not been the easiest the last several months, but you are one of only a few things that gives me peace. That gives me hope. That brings me comfort. God knew exactly what he was doing when he gave me you, my beautiful, Jillian. You are such a blessing and I count my lucky stars everyday for my sweet, sweet girl.

My love always –

…and yes – thanks to your brothers you already call me Mom at 3.