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Golf Reward

June 29, 2014

Owen’s behavior has been excellent. As a reward, he earned a trip to the golf course. My dad and Mike took him this morning. Owen was so excited. I’m sure my dad was too. We always talked about the day he would be able to take Owen to a real golf course. Hard to believe that time is here and now.

Flag Football

June 28, 2014

Flag football kicked off today. For the next 5 weeks we’ll be at the park either cheering on the Pee Wee Redskins or the Pony Bears or both at the same time! They have a few games that overlap. Let’s just be thankful they didn’t get on the Ravens! It would pain my family to see them in purple.

Happy Father Day

June 15, 2014

We are so lucky for this man on so many levels. He’s an amazing father and husband. He’s involved in the day to day, helpful with things most guys leave to their wives, supportive and hard working. He’s also deeply loved. More than I think he’ll ever know by the four of us. We’d be lost without him.

Pool’s Open

June 11, 2014

We got out our semi real small pool up this past weekend. Better than a kiddie pool, smaller than the real thing. It was great last year. Perfect for the kids. To say they were excited for the “Pooh” to go up (that is what Jillian says when she says POOL) is an understatement. Mike worked hard to get it set up (leveled the spot better), but then we had found a leak so we had to drain it, fix it and back up it went. The kids got in for the first time last night. Pure joy. Jillian said it was “So awesome” and “So much fun”.

But now I can see how big my kids got from last season. They grew so much it looks like a glorified foot bath. Next year we need to get a bigger pool – FOR SURE!

Last Days of School

June 10, 2014

Wow – I think those were the fastest 180 days of school ever. I feel like I was just blogging the boys first day of school and here I am posting the last.

It was a really wonderful year – our first at the new Elementary school since we moved out of the old school’s lines. The teachers and staff were wonderful. I was hesitant because I had a soft spot in my heart for West Creek Hills, but East Penn Elementary won me over.

I was nervous for Ben at the start of school. Owen’s K year was full of lots of obstacles. Many behavior reports, hard time adjusting to the demands, and he was even the only kindergartner to get in school suspension. Ben’s track record leading up to K was much more tarnished than Owen’s. He got removed from two different schools. But the support specialist at EPE did such a great job with him and picked the perfect match for his teacher. No issues. NONE. Well, one on the bus, but nothing in school. I’m still a little in shock. It gives me hope. I pray that they instilled in him a good foundation on how to be in a school setting so next year in full day school he will continue to thrive. I am so super proud of him. He had an amazing year. He listened, behaved, grew a love for learning, excelled as an advanced reader – HUGE strides for our little man. It was perfect. I’ll miss his teacher. She was wonderful (she got him the last day of K book). What a great year he had.

Owen had a great year too. He had some obstacles to over come – getting use to a new school, new sensory room, new support specialist, etc. Plus he had to deal with one personality in his class that rubbed him the wrong way. Oil and vinegar. But each year we see him push past old road blocks so we’re making progress. Kudos to Owen too.

Now it’s time for some summer fun. Now that the kids are getting older and there are so many more fun things we can do I get really bummed I can’t spend it with them. 🙁 But they started a new summer camp yesterday and are finally back together. They should have a lot of fun.

So time to do some summer reading and writing to keep their little minds fresh and ready for 1st & 3rd grades.

Oh – and please ignore O’s allergy eyes. Poor kid is getting hit hard this year!