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The Rest of Easter Sunday

April 21, 2014

We got to my sister’s mother-in-law’s a little before one for a big family gathering and Maria put together an amazing Italian feast. After eating it was time to hide the eggs, including the infamous golden egg. It wouldn’t be easy to find, but the kid who found it would get something special.

Each kid was told they could get 20 eggs. When all the big kids got to 19 they stopped b/c they then were on the hunt for the golden egg. We had to tell them the golden egg didn’t count as part of their 20. So, each kid found one more then the mad search began. It was taking a while so the clue was given that they’d have to dig for it. All the kids made a crazy dash for the raised garden. Each of them dug in the golden spot, but only one dug far enough – Roman. He was the winner! Some kids were upset at first, sweet little Aden was such a good sport and went over to Roman to congratulate him, but Ben lost it. He was so upset. Mike had to take him around front. After that he was a sour puss the rest of the day. We tried to get a family picture two different times but he did the “sad” or “I’m holding my breath” smile. We couldn’t even get a big family picture because he was so bent out of shape. He was not only a non-gracious loser, he was getting disrespectful. So, Mike pulled him away once again and cooled him off. Uggghhhh… this poor boy needs to learn how to lose and to shake it off. This parenting thing is no easy task and their are no mulligans on holidays. Kids can pull dandies on those special days too.

Everyone slept a little on the way home. I never got a picture of the three of them so I got the picture and then we took their new wheels for a spin. Owen still doesn’t know how to ride a bike. He did pretty well for his first lesson. He was a little scared of the sidewalk so Mike tried in the grass and he did much better. He was able to ride from one side of the house to the other with no help. And sweet Jillian. She concentrated so hard riding her scooter. Then she was all concerned she didn’t have a “hat” like Owen (aka – his helmet). She said she wanted a pink one. I know what I’m doing this weekend.

So, Easter 2014 is in the “basket”. It had it’s ups and downs but still lots of good memories were made.

Easter Morning

April 20, 2014

The Easter Bunny came and left the kids lots of goodies in their baskets.

Jillian got a lot of princess things, 3 Frozen t-shirts, 3 Princess Golden Books, Training Panties, a girl Nerf Water Gun, Glittler Sidewalk Chalk and some treats.

Benny & Owen got new swim trunks, goggles, water bottles, books, a card game, Star War Legos, bubbles, practice foam golf balls, and some candy and snacks.

And from Mom & Dad the boys got bikes and and Jillian got the pink scooter she’s been asking for! They were a big hit. Especially Benny’s. It spins 360 degrees.

I was shocked that the first things the boys grabbed from their baskets were… BOOKS! They were really excited about them. Jillian loved it all and but it was the chocolate mini bunnies that were her favorite. She is a chocoholic! I had to hide them from her. She probably ate 5 in less than 5 minutes!

Now we are going to get ready and head to my sisters. Big extended Mariorana/Park luncheon with a HUGE egg hunt for the kids. We have over 200 eggs stuffed and ready for the 10 kids. We’re also going to celebrate Roman’s birthday. The little dude turns 6 tomorrow!

Happy Easter Everyone!

The Littles

April 17, 2014

Alex got Owen (I call them the Bigs). Benny got Roman (I call them the Middles). Sal got… Jillian… the only girl (I call them the Littles). But they are buds. He likes her dolls and strollers. She will play with his boy toys. The 4 older boys are great friends. I hope these two can grow a bond like that even though they are a boy/girl duo. Here they are the other weekend. I caught them having a tea party. Oh and they had lots of fun playing in the bubbles.


April 16, 2014

The boys love the water so this spring instead of baseball I signed them up for the East Pennsboro Aquatic Club Mini Team. Tonight was their first practice and each boy gets an individual instructor. Owen and Ben could have stayed in that pool all night. Especially Benny. He was jumping out of his skin with excitement to get in the pool and almost burst into tears when we left. His instructor even told me he was very “eager” to learn. I’m glad we are trying this out. I think this is going to be great for them.

First Communion Pictures

April 13, 2014

Owen will receive his First Communion in a few weeks. In preparation for the big day I wanted to take pictures of him in his suit. The church is having someone take photos, but I didn’t want “studio” pics so I decided to do them myself. I’m still a little rusty with my better camera since I haven’t used it much and after tonight I can tell my favorite lens is in dire need of a tune up. I’m no professional but I got some keepers.

Owen was such a trooper. It was 87 degrees out and he willing put on a suit, jacket and all, for his mom to take pictures. There isn’t much greenery in these neck of the woods yet so I took most of these by the church we attend. He’s so handsome… although I should have gotten his hair cut. I may take him out for another round of pictures in May once we have more trees and flowers in bloom.

Members 1st Egg Hunt

April 13, 2014

Jenny and the boys came down for a visit so the whole gang could go to the Easter Egg Hunt at Mimi’s work. They were troopers. We were told the wrong time and got their early so they had to anxiously wait to go on the egg hunt. Then they were told they could only get 5 eggs. In the words of the older boys – “This stinks”. But it gave us time to spend together.

Jillian was all excited to see the Easter Bunny and wanted to give it a kiss, but freaked when she got up close. She likes people in costume from a far. And she’s such a girl… only wanted to get pink eggs but when she saw an orange one she picked it up and got it so she could give it to Benny. Be still my heart this munchkin is thoughtful.