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Ben’s 6th Birthday Party

February 21, 2014

February 1st was a busy day. Owen had a basketball game, both boys had birthday parties to attend for friends in the afternoon, then Benny had his party. This was the first year I did not do a combined party for the boys. We were going to take them to the Great Wolf Lodge, but Benny wanted to have something he could “invite” friends too. So, I contacted the mom’s of 3 of his buddies and they came over for play date birthday party – Angry Birds Space style.

The boys had fun. Ben’s one buddy got him a card that played a silly song when you opened it. That was a big hit. They ran in circles, played basketball in the basement, played Xbox and of course, Minecraft. Jillian’s cash register and Klip Klop horses were also favorites with the 6 year old boy crowd! =)

It was nice for my boy to have a special day just for himself. It was just how he wanted it to be!

Six Smiles

February 18, 2014

I downloaded the pics from the boy’s birthday parties and when I saw this my heart overflowed with joy. My 6 most favorite little people in the world. All in one photo. All smiling. I LOVE these goonies so so much. This one is getting printed and going up in the house. FOR SURE!

Reading to her “friends”

February 18, 2014

So this happened the other night… I was folding laundry and heard Jilly in her room. I walked in and she was setting her “friends” up to read them a story. She only asked me for help with Woody. Then she gets a book, hops up in her chair, and starts to “read” to them. She makes things up from what she sees on the pages. She even turns the book around to show her friends the pictures. Do I foretell a future teacher?

Backyard Sledding

February 15, 2014

Our new house has a great hill in the backyard for sledding. The boys have been out a few times this winter, but this was the first time it wasn’t too cold so Jillian could go as well. She loved it. Her daddy took her down the hill a bunch of different ways and she wanted to keep doing it again and again.

Note: She does have snow boots, but I could only get one on. For some reason her right foot did not want to fit in the boot with her footie jammies on too. So, I just layered her feet up with my slipper socks. She didn’t care. She still had a ton of fun.

It’s Great to be Eight!

February 7, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday, Owen! You are such a great kid with a kind heart. You are growing up so fast. You come up to my shoulders now you are so tall! The world around you is starting to click at a different level. I love to hear your commentary on how you see things – it’s so refreshing to see your perspective. You are doing awesome at basketball, becoming a great reader, and as always, your a wonderful son who never lacks lots of hugs and kisses to show me how much you love me! I love you just as much! Right back at ya buddy!

Happy 6th Benny!

February 1, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday to my orange obsessed, video gaming, tomato soup and grilled cheese lovin’, board game junkie, star wars fanatic, spunky, adorable little man, Benny! And thank you for warming my heart daily for the past six years with all the ways that make you special and unique. Love you!