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January 16, 2014

The day before Thanksgiving the boys had off school so we made it a “Mommy and Sons” day and went to the movies to see Frozen. It was great. Jillian LOVES movies, especially Disney movies. I wanted her to see it too, so the weekend after Christmas my mom and I put on our “What are we thinking but let’s take a 2 year old to the movies” hats on. She loved it. She did great for her first ever movie theater experience. Her and Mimi shared popcorn and she intently watched the movie. She got a little restless the last 10 minutes, but for 2 years old did wonderful. It was cute because she even wanted to take her Frozen book with her. She talks about the snowman and Elsa and Anna. I already pre-ordered the DVD! =)

Christmas Eve & Day

January 16, 2014

This was our first Christmas in the new house. It was a good one, but a different one. All I know is Christmas at Kent Drive for the past 8 years and I kind of missed it. We had our routine and traditions there…like getting a picture of them walking down the stairs to see what Santa left. In this house, the staircase doesn’t lead to the family room. So, we started a new tradition… taking a picture on the steps before they turn the corner to see all the presents. That is just one of many things that I missed, but now that I have one Christmas under my belt here hopefully next year it feels more normal. I know… I’m a little odd in my thinking. You can say it. =)

Anyway…the kids had a great day and got lots of goodies. Jillian got lots of girly stuff, Ben was thrilled to get his own Kindle, and Owen was surprised by his basketball game. Although, once Grammy & PeePaw got their gift from us (a photo album of our Disney trip) Jilly called it her book and her favorite. Guess it’s time to make one for my kids to look at!

Here is a glimpse into our 2013 Christmas.

Breakfast with Santa

January 5, 2014

The Sunday before Christmas we did our annual breakfast with Santa at Hershey’s Chocolate World. They updated somethings this year. The food was better, but the emcee was this Elf guy who talked a mile a minute. It wasn’t as festive as it was in years past. My favorite year was when they had the guy playing Christmas songs on the guitar as he walked around. The boys did enjoy candy bingo and the 4D show. Jillian was all about giving the characters high fives. She didn’t want to get near them for more than a second, she wouldn’t stand by them, but she loved to walk up slowly, slap their hand, and run. It was sweet.