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Let’s Go Steelers

December 30, 2013

Around Thanksgiving time my Dad was offered the chance to buy 2 tickets to the Steelers vs. Browns game on 12/29. He decided to get them and take Alex as the boys are now getting old enough to go and Alex gets to go first since he is the oldest. Owen was bummed, but understood. Then last week, my Aunts nephew won 2 tickets to the same game on the radio and didn’t want them so my Dad snatched them up too so now Mike and Owen could go to. My Dad was so excited to take his grandsons to their first NFL game and even more excited it was in the ‘Burgh at Heinz field.

Up until a few days before the game, the forecast was partly cloudy and 41. Perfect. Well, then the forecast changed to rain, rain and more rain. Exactly what we didn’t want. But, they made the best of it, stocked up on rain gear and off they went.

The boys didn’t let the wet weather dampen their Steeler spirit. They got to see the Steeler Walk of Fame, take in the feeling that is Steeler Nation, and see some of their favorite players. Owen was excited to see Heath Miller – his favorite Steeler.

Their seats were on opposite sides of the stadium. My dad and Alex happened to be under cover out of the rain. Mike and Owen were just a few rows out. It was just too wet so with about 5 minutes left to go in the 1st quarter, Owen & Mike moved over to some empty seats by my Dad and Alex so they all got to be together and enjoy the game – OUT of the rain!

This was Mike’s first time at Heinz field too and he liked it a lot. They all had a great time and made lots of memories. Now I just need to get out there. My 7 year old made it to a Steeler game before me! =)

Cloudy, wet and foggy day in Pittsburgh.

The Super Bowl Trophy from a few days before Owen was born.

Under the stadium.

History of the logo.

The boys checking out memorabilia.

Look – the Steeler have a Pope too!

Warm ups on the field.

When the Steelers are in the red zone, the score board looks like ketchup is coming out of the bottles.

It’s raining but they are still smiling.

Fear the Beard!

More warm ups.

The boys and their terrible towels my Dad got them as a keepsake from the game.

The view from Mike and Owen’s original seats.

YEAH – under cover!

Their new view… all nice and dry.

Here we go Steelers!

Thanks PeePaw/Grandpa for a great day!

PS – Thanks to Mike for offering to take my camera so I could blog the trip w/o me even having to ask him! =) What a great husband to knows my love for blogging and recording our family life.

Basketball Kick Off

December 28, 2013

Owen has been wanting to play basketball for a while now, but all the leagues in the area started at 3rd grade. This year, the local youth sports league started a 2nd & 3rd grade rec league so this meant O could play. He was so excited. This also allowed Mike to put his coaching hat back on. Owen finally can play basketball and Mike is his coach.

The season kicked off on the 21st and I loved it. Basketball is so much better than baseball. The games are inside, faster pace, smaller group of kids, all games are on Saturdays, and they only take 30 minutes!

Mike got to pick the name for his team so he picked the Blue Devils after our favorite college team, Duke. Our East Penn Blue Devils did great. They were ahead by one shot when a kid from the other team got the ball in the final seconds and chucked it from the 3 point line. It went in! So, it ended in a tie.

I’m really looking forward to this season. Gives us something to look forward to during these first few months on the new year.

Christmas with Aunt Susan

December 27, 2013

Due to Aunt Sue’s work schedule, we had to plan to celebrate Christmas with her two weeks early in New Jersey. It was cold and very snowy, but we all made it in safe and sound.

Tea Time!

Relaxing waiting for Aunt Sue to arrive from Boston.

Owen playing his Kindle.

Jilly & Daddy playing on phones…we Thomas’ love our electronics.

A Thomas tradition. It’s like a big communion waffer. You walk it around the circle and the person breaks a piece off and you say “Merry Christmas.”

PeePaw opening his gift. Owen told him what it was before he even opened it all the way.

Everyone was very interested in what Grammy got.

Time for gifts for the kids.

Doc McStuffin’s for Jillian.

Benny’s turn.

Owen knew by the shape it was a video game.

He was right! A DS game.

Disney Jr. books for Jilly.

Little Bit needed some help from Daddy for this gift.

Whoo Hoo… new Wii-motes!

Doc McStuffins was a BIG hit. Jilly kept checking her eyes (as well as everyone else, including Maxie).

Jilly even slept with her.

This girl and her dog. She loves her Maxie.

Beating up her brother.

Owen & Aunt Sue.

Owen lost a tooth! Aunt Sue helped him get it out.

Jillian and Aunt Sue.

Oh no… dancing on tables. We’re in trouble.

The boys & Grammy.

Park Family Christmas

December 26, 2013

We kicked off the holiday season in the beginning of December with our second annual Park Family Christmas. Lots of good food, laughs, and fun with family. We had such a good time – especially during the White Elephant exchange. The kids had a blast and Jilly and Uncle Troy became new BFFs. I didn’t take many pictures, but we got some good group family shots. One of my Dad and all his kids and one of my mom and all her kids.

This gathering has now become one of my top three things I look forward to at Christmas. I loving getting together with my family.

The Park Clan

Mimi’s Gang

Sibling shot. We’ve grown closer as we’ve gotten older. I’m lucky to call them my brother/sister and my friend.

And I love this picture of Alex and Jillian. The oldest and the youngest.

Turkey Day 2013

December 16, 2013

I’m playing catch up. Things have been busy busy with work, Owen playing basketball and getting ready for the holidays. I’ve been horrible about taking pictures. In fact, the only pictures I took in November are these ones from Thanksgiving!

We spent Thanksgiving in New Jersey with Mike’s parents. We relaxed, ate WAY to much good food, did some shopping, and took in a movie. We had a lot to be thankful for this year. Owen was thankful for the world he lives in, his family, and video games. Benny was thankful for cooking with his dad, God and his monster trucks. And I guess Jillian told her teachers at school she was thankful for the stars. =)

Jillian went right to playing with the toys at Grammy & PeePaws.

Checking out the new doll crib.

Owen and Jillian looking at Daddy’s Disney autograph book with pictures from when he went to Disney as a kid.

Our family! =)

Me and my girl.

Benny playing a game with PeePaw.

Her OCD… she had to clean up the mess left behind. She cleans up better than her brothers.

Owen relaxing watching the parade.

Benny playing McDonalds.

Owen showing Jillian how to toss the ball.

Daddy & Benny.

Happy Owen.

Jillian blowing raspberries.

Love her!