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Halloween 2013

November 3, 2013

We had a fun Halloween week. We carved a pumpkin, went to the East Penn Halloween parade, Trick or Treated in the new neighborhood, and we went to the River of God Harvest party. The kids had so much fun. Jillian loved trick or treating. She would say “Halloween” instead of Trick or Treat. And she’d say “Come on guys, this way.” after leaving a house. But she did not like houses where the owners dressed up to give candy. She’d run. The boys proudly introduced everyone to their “baby sister Jillian” and Ben was so kind to tell everyone with carved pumpkins they had “beautiful carvings”. It was a great time!

My attempt to get a picture of all 3 of our crazies before Trick or Treat. Jillian wasn’t having anything to do with posed pictures. And so it begins.

Harry Potter

Our Silly Orange Crayon

Precious Little Red Riding Hood

Mimi stopped by to visit us! She dressed up as a Dr. Seuss character for work.

Owen, I mean Harry, is going to cast a spell on you!

Our boys.

YEAH! Time to go get candy.

And Jillian is off for her first ever Trick or Treat.

The first house she ever got candy from on Trick or Treat night.

No big bad wolf, but she had her big bad Daddy to walk her around the neighborhood.

Checking out their loot before heading over to the River of God Harvest Party.

The kids and the best baby sitter ever – Miss Allison.

O playing a game.

Owen and his favorite ROG teacher – Miss Haven.

Benny and his Miss Allison. These two are best buds.

Jillian coloring of course.

Benny playing the fishing game too.

Monster Dash

November 2, 2013

Last year, my sister and Alex ran the Monster Dash 5k Run/Walk that benefits my nephews’ elementary school. She invited us up for it this year and we made it a family affair. Jenny, Croce, Alex, Mike and Owen all ran the 5k and Ben, Roman, Alex & Owen ran the 1 mile Kid’s Fun Run too. This was Mike and Owen’s first race so it was neat they got to run it together. I was SO SO SO proud of Owen though. He’s never ran farther than around the diamond in baseball so I thought for sure he’s want to quit before the race was over. Nope. He ran the whole thing and never complained. At 7 years old he ran his first 5k! I hope that he and Mike can find more races like this to run.

After the race we had lunch at the pizza shop then took the kids to Eder’s for some of the best old fashion hard ice cream there is. Later that evening we got to see Roman play his last flag football game. He’s team won and went undefeated for the season. It was a really fun day!

The whole race gang.  Ready to run in the chilly weather!

Alex & Owen  excited for the race.

Owen was super excited!

His first race bib.  Making sure I keep this one for sure.  Hopefully it will be the first of many.

Here comes Croce & Alex.

The little ones were excited to cheer on their family as they ran by.

Here comes Jenny!

Mike & Owen rounding the corner.

Dropping off gloves and hats that are no longer needed.

Jilly was insistent on giving her “O-wo” a hug.

And they are off again!

Not much longer till they cross the finish line.

Benny and Roman ready for the kids run.

The kids that ran the 5K got to go first.

We need to teach Owen not to go until after the count down is over!

Owen and Alex hitting the obstacles.

Keep on going boys.

Here comes Ben!

Leaping like a pro.

Roman almost at the finish line.

Alex is going strong.

A very determined Roman.

YEAH! Uncle Croce’s Pizza!

YUM YUM – it’s her favorite.

Let’s go Muncy White!

Jilly was cheering him on, despite the very cold wind.

Our little tough guy nephew!

Sal warming up with some hot chocolate.

Jillian didn’t want to be stuck in her stroller anymore.  She knew her PeePaw would come rescue her.

Aden had fun with his cousins.

Good job, Roman!  You were cold, but you did great!