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Down on the Farm

October 22, 2013

We kept up our Columbus Day tradition by taking advantage of the day off from work and school to enjoy some time at a local pumpkin patch.  This year we went to Paulus Farms and they have grown their activities by leaps and bounds.  The big favorite this year… the Pumpkin Chuckin’ Cannon. 

I wish we could have stayed longer but everyone was getting hungry and he little one was in major need of a nap.  Hopefully in the next year or two we will be able to really enjoy a full day with no screaming and tantrums! =)  At least the day started with smiles and fun.  Oh, the terrible twos!! 

Getting help from her brother to go down the slide. 

My lord, this boy get more handsome every day.  Is he really this big already!!! 

Gotta try the other slide. 
That was fun! 
Silly Benny as usual. 
Looking at the animals.Love the little pointer finger. 
Baby cow. 
Checking out one BIG PIG! 
Saying “Hi” to the cow…at least that is what she called it. 

Time for the big hay slide. 
That looked like a lot of fun! 
Yup – it was! 
O climbed to the top of the big tire. 
Not so sure if this big guy likes O. 
This silly goat was trying to get out for more food. 
Little kid slide for Jillian. 
There she goes. 
I think she liked it. 
Corn sand box. 
Scooping and digging. 
Riding the horsey. 
She loved it. 
Thinking to herself … “No body better come make me get off this. I don’t want to share.” 
Owen taking Jilly for a spin. 
Time for the hay ride. 
Taking in the sights. 
Enjoying the ride. 
Picking out a pumpkin for the cannon. 
Benny’s pumpkin for the cannon. 
It’s just the right size. 
The Pumpkin Chuckin’ Cannon. 
Benny’s turn to launch. It was loud so Mike covered his ears. 
Jilly wants to pick a pumpkin too. 
Her face is so funny in this one. 
Yup – this one is good! 
Posing for a picture. 
Trying to get all 3. Miss Diva was getting tired at this point. 
Me and my Owie Pies. 
Benny giving me his “smile” by the corn maze. 
Little Bit likes to stand with O for pictures. =) 
The Thomas Family in the corn maze! 
My boys will lead the way. 
Jillian confused with the corn stalk she found. 
Wait Ben. WAIT! 
They found the exit! 
YEAH!  We made it! 
A tad to late for this picture, but Jillian was trying to join the celebration. 
Mommy and Jillian. 
Mommy and Benny Boo…again giving me his “best smile”! =) 

Minnie Mouse Party

October 15, 2013

I was looking at the pictures of my dad’s party on here and realized I forgot to post the pictures of Jillian’s 2nd birthday party. Labor Day weekend is now a permanent entry on the family’s calendar for Jilly’s party. It’s nice to have a 3 day weekend for the event. This year is was a Minnie Mouse theme and she loved it. It was a nice day with family celebrating our precious little girl.

The big hit was her American Girl Doll Bitty Baby, Stroller and Diaper bag. Once she opened them, I thought we were never going to get to the rest of the presents. It was love at first sight. She was very excited about all her gifts. She’s a lucky little girl to have so many wonderful people in her life that love and adore her.

I don’t have time for captions tonight, but here are the pictures from her day!

Several months ago my sister, brother and I started to plan my Dad’s 60th birthday party. We wanted to do a combined party with his twin brother, but our Uncle Harry had other plans. We still thought our Dad needed to be celebrated so we put our party planning hats on. We wanted to do something special with a theme he would love. My Dad has been a Pittsburgh Pirates fan his whole life and since they are FINALLY having a good year, it was going to be a baseball theme. But we took it one step past the Pirates. My brother made a logo so my Dad would have his own baseball team. Matching shirts for the whole family – Marty’s Mavericks.

It was a great time with a lot of laughs. My dad LOVED IT! It made us all happy to see him so happy and enjoying himself with family and friends. That was our main goal, so I’d say we hit a home run!


The old school house chalk board from Dad’s basement we refinished for the homework room.. Just in time for his party.

Cheers to Sixty Years!


Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks…

Coach Park’s Starting Line up

Cake table.

Jenny’s friend who lives about 35 minutes from me made us the cake as her contribution to the party. It was perfect!

She made the cookies too!

Concessions…we didn’t have all the food out, but after I took this picture, I read the sign and realized we forgot to pick up the order for the soft pretzels. Mike, the wonderful husband that he is, saved the day and went and got them!

Candy hats. These were a big hit!

Marty is the big 6-0!

Our attempt at a family picture. Hard with 8 little ones, but we managed!

The “official” Marty’s Mavericks Team Photo.

Dad and his kiddos – the party planners!

Adding in our step mom Deb, too!

The guys -Croce was on his way. Roman had a football game.

The little guys.

Alex is such a good big brother.

Roman is here!

Dan & Troy

Another photo op. You usually don’t get to many with Dad. He’s camera shy.

Owen says – “Take my picture like this and put it on Facebook!” HA HA HA!

Ladder toss.

Ball girl Jillian.

The awesome corn hole set made by Troy and painted by Dan.

Everyone loved this game.

The boys hanging out.



Dad and his basketball buddies. These guys were hysterical!

Dad and his girls.

Jillian checking out the action.

All 8 grandkids.

Oh – and check out the backs of our shirts!! 60!

Mike and Troy… settling a family feud!

Jen and Croce.

Mike and I… he worked SO SO SO hard to get the garage party ready. Love this man!

Time to sing happy birthday.

Make a wish!

One special and loved 60 year old! =)

Dad and all the guys.