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10 Year Anniversary Trip

September 24, 2013

Last Friday, Mike and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. We treated ourselves for this big occasion and we went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for 5 days and 4 nights. It was such a nice and relaxing trip. We so needed it for a recharge.

At our resort, they offed complementary photo shoots. Of course, you know I had to do it. You just booked a time and the photographer took you around the resort and snapped away. You just picked the ones you wanted for $15 a picture and they burned the high res files to a disk! These are the ten I picked. It’s so great to have nice pictures of us to mark this big milestone. I can’t wait to get these printed! What a great husband I have for getting in front of the camera for me as an anniversary gift. He knows the way to my heart.

Fall Photos – Take 1

September 15, 2013

I like to try and take the kids photos in the fall once or twice. I took them out today for round 1. Usually we go to a local park, but today I decided to do something different and take them to the Capital Complex. That way they could walk around and I could take pictures when they were willing. For the most part, it worked out well. They boys were super cooperative. It was wonderful. They even had ideas for picture poses. Jillian was not so easy. It’s the age. But I got a few of the three of them together that I love. The one wasn’t in the most ideal spot with door being in the back left, but they thought it was a neat place to sit so I snapped away while they were willing subjects. Hopefully in a year or two it will be a piece of cake since all the kids will be able to take direction.

It’s neat to think 10 years ago Mike and I were having our wedding photos taken there and now I’m taking pictures of our beautiful children.

The day she turned two

September 13, 2013

On Jillian’s actual birthday the boys had off school, so I decided to take the day off and keep her home with us. Me and the kiddos had a nice day. We ate donut holes for breakfast, watched some TV, got ready and met Mimi for lunch, went to the park, rested at home, then went to Chocolate World with Daddy when he got out of work.

Jillian was really fighting her nap. She slept for 10 minutes in the car on the way to lunch and when we got home from the park I thought for sure she would crash. Nope. She laid down on the ottoman, but that was short lived. She got up to play with her balloon, help me clean, and play with her brothers. Eventually I could tell she needed to just cuddle and rest. We laid on the couch with her on my chest and watched Brave and she fell asleep. That was secretly my favorite part of the day. She gets bigger and bigger with each passing day and soon we won’t be able to take cat naps like that. I have learned to cherish these little moments with my girl. Still can’t believe she is TWO!

Special treat for breakfast.

Dancing when Mickey comes on TV.

Visiting Mimi at work.

Coloring with her “yellows”.

Learning how to crunch numbers.

Mimi and the birthday girl.

Lunch at Issac’s. Coloring with “yellows” again.

So proud of her cup with a straw.

Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Mommy’s phone.

Park time. She’s so serious and means business at the park.

Looking for her brothers. She needed to know where they were at almost all times.

Trying to keep up with Ben.

Little Miss Serious again.

Climbing out of the tunnel.

Looking for her “O-wo”.

Such a big girl now.


Attempting to rest on the ottoman.

Nope – playing with the balloon Daddy got me is much better than sleep.

Now I want to help mommy vacuum.

Hershey on my 1st Birthday and now Hershey on my 2nd. This could be a nice trend.

Getting ready for the Great American Chocolate Tour to start.

Doing her hand push dance to the music.

The brothers!

Taking in a Thomas family favorite, the singing cows!

We told her to check out the Kisses and she would run to actually kiss them.

Excited about the interactive game.

Checking out the wishing fountain.

Ummmm… what should I wish?

Mommy and her TWO year old!

Off to K & 2nd

September 5, 2013

As promised, here are pics from the first day of school. I have my annual ritual of taking pics of backpacks, any folders/school items we got before hand, and of course their first day of school notes from mom and dad.

And we have the tradition that you must wear new sneakers the first day. The boys are all about their new shoes so I make sure I document their selection for the new year too.

The boys were great and let me snap away. I got so many good keepsakes in under 5 minutes – sorry, I had to share most of them. Thanks boys!

Ben’s book bag tag and K school bus tag.

Special card for our kindergartner.

He told us he read it all by himself without help from the teacher. =)

All his stuff ready to go!

Owen’s card and special lunch snack. He has the routine down pat now and he knows he’s going to get the note and treat. He so looks forward to it and asked us to make sure we didn’t forget. No way bud. You’ll get one until you’re a Senior in HS!

Special message for our super kid. So proud of how far he’s come.

As a parent you never waste an opportunity to remind them of a rule!

Owen’s bag…notice his prized Knoebels key chain!

All packed and ready to go. Ben needs two bags. One for his AM wrap around program and one for PM Kindergarten.


Ben’s snazzy light up shoes he picked out all by himself.

Back pack – CHECK!

What a sweetie.

“Mom – I can’t believe I’m finally in big kid school!”

“This is going to be so much fun.”
PS – his poor teeth. All gums, bite issues. Taking donations for the braces now. =(

Cutie Patutie, my Benny Boo!

Here’s hoping for a great year kiddo. You deserve it after your horrible summer.

Owen’s new kicks!

Getting so big.

Love Northface… his backpack from last year still is in great shape. Looks almost new after a year of wear & tear. $$ well spent.

Not nervous to start a new school.

Handsome as ever, my Owie Pies.

Love that smile.

2nd grade!!

No, not “peace”… SECOND GRADE!!

Funny face from Ben.

Funny face from O.

Double the silliness!

My attempt to take a pick of all three, then Jilly saw her juice in Mike’s pocket and we were done!

Good luck this year boys! Fingers crossed your new school is full of fun, lots of learning and GOOD BEHAVIOR! =)

Jillian sings her ABCs

September 5, 2013

I’ve been trying to get her to sing her ABCs on video for a while. Got it today. I still need to get Twinkle Twinkle, but maybe another day.

If the embedded video doesn’t work: Click here to watch the video of Jilly’s ABCs on YouTube.