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Big day for us. This house is now ours!! =)

And our Benny Boo graduated from Pre-K! The ceremony was so full of love and so personable. I had happy tears streaming down my face the whole time. Thank you River of God for such an adorable program and for creating this special memory for our family!

And we learned something new about Ben today. He wants to be a boat driver when he grows up!!

1st Grade Open House

May 4, 2013

This week was Owen’s 1st grade open house. We got to see all the projects he’s worked on this year, spend some time in his classroom, talk to his teacher, and hang out in the sensory room with our favorite teacher who’s helped Owen so much over the past two years, Mrs. Ritter.

Owen has done fantastic this year. His academics are stellar. They don’t have a letter or number grading system (it’s a series of -, check, and +), but he had what is the equivalent of straight A’s all year. He’s gotten his behavior much more under control this year too. A few episodes, which is to be expected with an Aspergers/ADD child, but he’s come a long way. In fact, he may only have one or two years left with an IEP if he continues on this same track. We are very proud of him!

Sitting at his desk.

His Star Wars book he wrote. He was so excited and proud of this project.
I also crack up at his self portrait on the letter to us. I think he’s watched Wreck It Ralph too many times.

The greenie in me was happy he wants to help the Earth.

His chick craft.

With his Lorax project.

Owen was Star of the Week a few weeks ago.

Showing off in the Sensory Room.

Telling is how the Mystery Box works to pick activities.