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Impromptu Family Day

March 29, 2013

A few weeks ago my sister and her family decided to come down to visit. My Mom and Dad hadn’t seen the kids in a while so they came over too. It was so nice to have all of us together having fun with the kids and laughing. Warms my hearts ten fold.

Hard to believe she can now play with the big kids in the back yard. Getting so big.

Dear Roman.

Best Buddies – Alex & Owen

O swinging Jilly around.

Ha ha ha… can’t catch me running around the shed.

Sweet Salvatore.

Vrooom Vrooom

The kids dressed up Maxie.

Sal trying out Jillian’s Minnie purse.

Grandpa/PeePaw with the big boys.

Let’s get him!!

Hello? Are there any girl’s out there to play with? I’m surrounded by boys!

She loves her PeePaw Park.

We have a huge sectional and they all sit together like sardines.

Aunt Jenny & the babies.

I’m trying to get back to the Disney pics. I’m going to try and tackle it little by little when I have time in between work, packing, and baseball.

On our 3rd day at Disney, we started off with breakfast with Chef Mickey’s. These character dining experiences are nice b/c you get to see a handful of characters at once, get their autograph, and not have to wait in long lines. The only down side is you have no idea when they will stop by your table so you could be getting food and miss it! It was a little rushed, but I got back to the table just as the characters started to arrive.

Benny was scared of them. Jilly liked some and not others. Owen loved them all and was so excited to get their autographs.

Mickey Waffles!

Jillian excited for breakfast.

Not sure how this spoon thing works, but she’s trying.

Time to meet Donald.

Grammie likes Donald too!

YEAH! It’s Mickey!

Can you spy Ben? He’s in the picture, I swear.

Someone was a little afraid of the characters, but he got a daring enough to peek up a little at Mickey.

Minnie Mouse!

Jillian’s most favorite Disney Character!

But Minnie, come back! We could be best friends.

Goofy’s turn.

Jillian – not a fan at all.

Still not a fan of Goofy.

OK – well maybe he’s not that bad.


He has an interesting way of signing his name.

Owen & Daddy with Pluto.

More birthday treats!

BEN – “Forget smiling mom. I’m getting chocolate at breakfast.”


Yup – this is awesome.

Jillian had a great time. Can’t you tell.

Sale Pending x2

March 24, 2013

Well, 9 days on the market and the bidding wars began. On day 10 not one, not two, but THREE offers came in on the house. We accepted one and the house is now sale pending. The inspection process is done and the appraisal is Tuesday. That is the last thing we are really waiting for to pretty much seal the deal.

The week after we accepted an offer on our house, a new house that met almost all our criteria came up on the market. We checked it out, and last week decided to put in an offer. It was accepted on Friday! YEAH! We’re not going to be homeless. After seeing close to 30 houses since August, this was the best we’ve seen. It is over 2800 square feet above grade, has a nice big master with a sitting room I can use as an office, 3 good size bedrooms, laundry on the second floor (HUGE plus for my ankle), a very large family room, 9 foot ceilings on the first floor, in our same school district, etc. The only thing we are sacrificing is the backyard is a little smaller than what we have now and Mike wishes the kitchen island was a little bigger. Not big issues at all. The house is in great shape – only 7 years old. We all are so excited for more space.

When we saw the house, the owner had jelly beans on the island. Benny called it the Jelly Bean house. When we drove the kids past the house on Friday and told them it’s going to be ours they shouted “YEAH! We got the jelly bean house!” So – here is our new home sweet home… The Jelly Bean House!

Now, time to pack and getting ready for closing in MAY!!

For Sale

March 4, 2013

I’m super behind on posting Disney pics because when we came home from vacation, we finally decided to put our house on the market. We’ve been looking at houses since August and missed out on a few opportunities because we have to sell our house first before we can buy. So, to get a bigger home, we have to have our home SOLD. Our house is only a 3 bedroom and with two rapidly growing boys who share a room, we need to get a 4 bedroom and the sooner the better. Our family of 5 desperately needs more space.

Our house is getting a lot of interest. We’ve been on the market for a week and have had 5 showings, with another tomorrow. Keeping the house clean to make it look like we don’t have 3 kids and a dog when we do is a lot of work. But, hopefully it pays off. (HINT HINT: our trick is to hide our clean clothes I didn’t get a chance to put away and the dirty clothes I didn’t get a chance to wash in the trunk of the car. We have a laundry problem in this family!)

If you are the praying or crossing your fingers type, we could use all the prayers, finger crossing and good vibes you have to spare. We’re hoping for a fast sale and a smooth appraisal and inspection process. Our family is ready to start the journey of finding our forever home that we can make many long lasting memories in.

I was a little teary eyed when the “for sale” sign went in the yard… this is the house I have lived in longer than any other place in my life time. This house has been really good to us. It’s the house we brought all 3 of our babies home to… but we are all ready. We are ready for the move. We are ready for a little more elbow room. We are ready for the change.

Let’s do this!