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Big Black Bag

January 31, 2013

I got a new diaper bag and it was sitting in the living room. Mike goes, “Stace, come here. You gotta see this.” Jillian got the bag, put it over her shoulder and started walking around with it. I didn’t even know she knew that is what you do with a bag. She’s such a girl. She’s got good taste and knows what’s a good basic staple…a big black bag.

Skylanders Invasion

January 30, 2013

We had a small family party for the boy’s birthday this past weekend. We had to do it early b/c this coming weekend we are going somewhere special for their birthday. It’s a HUGE surprise from their Grammy & PeePaw Thomas that they do not know about. =) Stay tuned for more on that! =)

Anyway… the boys love their video games and are really into this game called Skylanders. Skylanders are figures you put on the “Portal of Power” and they come to life in the game. It’s pretty neat. When they asked for a Skylanders party, I didn’t think I was going to be able to pull it off b/c no one has anything Skylanders for parties, but Walmart came to the rescue with having the cake! The boys were thrilled.

Owen and Ben had fun with Roman and Alex and Jilly and Sal had fun playing… especially under the table.

Hard to believe my boys will be 5 & 7 in a few days. CRAZY!

O: Mom, today is Martin Luther King Jr Day.

Me: Do you know what that is?

O: Yes. A long time ago the white skinned people had places they could go and the brown skinned people had places they could go. Then Martin Luther King Jr. wrote a poem and then the white skinned people and the brown skinned people could share and take turns.

If only a poem could really make that much impact.


January 11, 2013

Mike was putting the boys to bed and Owen wanted to say his prayers. He did the sign of he cross and said:

“God, please let my dreams be good, keep my family safe during this flu season, and let nothing make me mad.”

Owen… oh sweet sweet Owen. I love the thoughts that cross your mind and I’m so happy I get to hear you vocalize them from time to time because they make me laugh and melt my heart. God bless YOU Owen for wanting to keep your family safe this flu season. =)

16 Months

January 10, 2013

Jillian is 16 months already. These past few months have been so fun and exciting to watch. She is changing so much.

Back in November she moved up to the Young Toddler classroom at daycare. Once she was out of the infant room, we really started to see her bloom. She’d come home and “sing” and do hand motions, but we weren’t sure exactly what it was. After some “song testing”, I figured out it was “Ba Ba Black Sheep”. Her face lit up when I got it right – that I knew what she was trying to sing. The next song we figured out, was “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. This song is probably her favorite. She does the little hand motions and everything. Mike recently started to do “Row Row Row Your Boat” with her and she loves it. She’ll grab your hands, rock herself back and forth, and actually sing the words “Row Row Row”. We’ve also recently discovered that they must do “Wheels on the Bus” at school. She got the book for Christmas and when I was reading it to her, she would push her hands forward for “Beep Beep Beep”. I love how much she is into music, how she loves to dance and bop, and how she loves the nursery rhymes and the hand motions that go along with them.

When she left the infant room, she could only sign “All Done” and “Milk”. She can now sign “Please”, “Thank You”, and “More”. Time to get out the Baby Einstein DVD on signing like we did with Benny. I’m sure she’ll start to pick it up really quick.

She’s also starting to say more words. A month or so ago she only said Mama, Dada, Wow, Hi, and Bye. Now she says baaah (bath), baby, go, row, please and the worst… MINE! At school when kids try to take toys from each other, the teacher taught the kid with the toy to say “Mine” so the other child knew they couldn’t have it. She will now pick up anything she wants around the house and say “MINE”. Grrrrrr…. we are trying to break that habit.

She is learning good habits at school though too. She does well with the routine, putting her toys away and following the rules. She loves to wash her hands at the little sink, knows which is her seat at the snack/lunch table, sits down for circle time, and is the first to go to sleep and the last to wake up! I noticed recently that whenever I pick her up at the end of the day, she backs her butt/back up against the cabinets. I asked the teacher if that was part of their routine and she said yes. The cabinets are their “Sticky Back” spots. The kids need to “stick their backs” against the cabinets and wait to get their coats on to go outside. So, when I go to get her ready to leave and put her coat on, she does her “Sticky Back”. Adorable! We are going to try and find a “Sticky Back” place at home b/c when we try to put her coat on at home, she runs. Little stinker.

Jilly washing her hands at school. She thinks it’s great!

With this age though comes the start of some unwanted behaviors. She has started to test the waters this little Diva of ours. If she can’t her way, she’s a crying mess. We are trying to show her who is boss though and not give in. Sometimes it’s obvious what she wants and why she is in pre-tantrum mode. Other times I think it is a communication thing and she is frustrated she can’t tell us what she needs to. We do our best to decipher her cues. She’s quite good though at non-verbal communication. If she’s hungry, she goes to her food cabinet (she’s OBSESSED with squeeze baby food packs), when she is tried, she’ll pull on the side of her pack and play to get in, or way “Bye Bye” for night night and crawl up the stairs.

Jilly has her own cute little mannerisms too. Like Owen use to rub his rose with his blankie while sucking on his binkie, Jillian will rub another binkie on her nose. She sleeps with one in each hand too. Her crib is full of binkies. I love watching her in her crib through the baby monitor after I put her to bed. She’ll feel her hands around the crib until she finds the binkies, then she’ll snuggle up with her multiple silky blankies. If she can’t fall asleep right away, she’ll play with her binkies by banging them together or playing with the music button on her frog in the crib. And she loves to sit in laps. If you are on the floor, she’ll grab a book or a toy, walk over to you turn around, and walk backwards until she reaches your lap, then plop down. What a sweetie.

One binkie in her mouth. One binkie being sniffed/rubbed against her nose.

She had a check up at the doctor Tuesday night. She’s doing great, perfectly healthy.. weighing in at 25 pounds (86th %) and 32.5 inches (90th %). BUT, I learned she is TERRIFIED of the doctor. I held her hand and let her walk in to the exam room and as soon as she got two feet in the door she tried to bolt back out. She FLIPPED out crying and clung to me like never before. I’ve never seen her in that much distress. She must have remembered getting shots last time or something. She made it through though and at the end waived bye to the nurse. I felt so bad for her.

Right before her shots (hence why her arms aren’t in her shirt) clinging to me for dear life.
I hate that she hates the Dr. The boys never had a problem so this is new to me.

Jillian is much different than the boys were at this age. I think it’s a combination of her having two older siblings to learn from and the fact that she is a girl. She is very girly… Little Bit loves clothes and shoes, having tea parties, and playing with her kitchen, but she is a tom boy too. She likes her brothers toys as much as her own. She’s like a magnet to their Skylander figures and if they leave their DS or Kindle sit, she makes a bee line for them, picks them up, and tries to run away before they can get her.

Everyday is a new adventure with Jillian. She’s so animated and silly. So loving and funny. We love having our little princess in our lives, we’re just sad it’s going so fast. I wish I could freeze time.

Sporting her purple Adidas track suit from Benny and her purple Adidas sneaks from Aunt Jenny.
They were birthday gifts she is finally starting to fit into. Still a little big, but she rocks it!

She wanted to color. She did great scribbling, then she decided the pink crayon looked too good to not to eat so we had to put a stop to the creative fun.

Tooth Fairy Letter

January 3, 2013

The other day Owen FINALLY lost his second top front tooth that was hanging by a thread for weeks. Hooray! No more snaggle tooth. We were a few days late leaving it out for the tooth fairy due to the excitement of New Years, but when we finally got around to it, Owen wanted to leave the Tooth Fairy a note. I gave him a pen and paper and this is what he wrote, all on this own:

This is why I love having kids… these funny, innocent, genuine moments. And the Tooth Fairy let him keep his tooth! =)