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Christmas Afternoon

December 31, 2012

Christmas day is a lazy day in the Thomas household. We stay home, in our jammies, play with new toys, take naps, and munch on our favorite appetizer foods…no big fancy meal. It’s so us and I love it.

My parents come every afternoon. Last year my mom’s husband dressed up as Santa. He did this year too, but Owen saw right through it and knew it was Pop Pop.

I slept a lot this Christmas day from being sick and missed seeing my Dad because he got sick too. =( But the kids had fun and enjoyed the second round of presents from Mimi.

Jillian loves to have light saber battles with her brothers.

Benny testing out Jillian’s shopping cart.

Time to have a pretend picnic with Daddy.

Boys hanging out with (and on) Maxie.

Santa… you don’t fool the boys. They knew it was you Pop Pop.

Opening their big gift from Mimi.

3DS XLs – Owen said he was so happy for this gift that he got the “tears” again.

Jillian opening her gift from Mimi & Pop Pop.

Getting help from Daddy.

One of my favorite pics of the day… Jilly’s chessey smile when putting on her new hat from Mimi.

Jedi Owen.

It was nice to have a white Christmas.

The end of Christmas day… the three kiddos playing DS. Don’t know why they picked the kitchen floor, but I love that they love each other.

Christmas Morning

December 30, 2012

The kids were up before the sun and all the presents were opened before 7am. I woke up not feeling to hot. My cold was getting worse. Shortly after all the excitement was over, I went back to bed for 3 hours. I ended up taking another nap in the afternoon. This cold just got me good. =(

Jillian felt better and really enjoyed opening presents. I put most of her stuff in bags to make it easier for her, but once she understood the tearing paper thing, that is all she wanted to do. She would just grab gifts from under the tree and want to start opening them, even if they weren’t hers. She was not happy when we’d take them away.

The best part of Christmas was Owen opening his “big” gift from Santa, which was a Kindle Fire HD. He was so happy he cried!

And the one thing I always love about Christmas morning is how Maxie is right in the thick of things. She loves watching the kids open their gifts. She sniffs the packages and gets curious as to what is inside. She is just the greatest dog.

Here are a TON of pictures. I couldn’t pick just a few. And I have more coming in a post from Christmas afternoon!!!

Your brothers are up. Time to wake up to open presents!

Yeah! Rise and shine, Jillian.

Jumping on Ben’s bed anxiously awaiting for me to give the go ahead to go downstairs.

Look – Santa came!

Owen couldn’t find his light saber, so he asked that we ask Santa that if he could find it to leave it by the tree. Santa found the light saber so first thing Ben & Owen did was have battle.

Owen reading the note from Santa. He looks so old in this picture.

Our three loves on Christmas morning.

Ohhh… is this for me!!

Owen starting to open his Kindle.

Reading the package for the cover.

Telling us he doesn’t have a tablet so why does he need a tablet cover. While this is going on, Ben is screaming at Owen b/c he was so excited to get his Mario Galaxy Wii game from Santa.

Realizing the box UNDER the tablet cover is his own Kindle Fire HD and starting to cry he was so excited and happy! It was awesome!

And Benny is the proud owner of Mario Galaxy courtesy of Santa.

Jillian opening her first gift of the morning.


Little Bit sure loves her books.

Benny got his Skylanders!

And Skylander’s GIANTS!

Jillian was very curious about these Skylanders.

Koosh Alien Archery Bows.

Jillian’s big brothers helping her open a gift.

Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga!

A Scooter from Grammy & PeePaw.

Owen very excited for Ben to open the gift he got him.

It was an Angry Birds Star Wars calendar.

Everyone is curious to see what Jillian got.

She’s thinking… “Finally my own Magna Doodle so I don’t have to play with my brother’s CARS one.”

Testing out her shopping cart.

The boys and Maxie are super curious again as to what Jillian’s gift is.

An Angry Bird’s Hot Wheels Slingshot!

Jedi Robes!

A Leap Frog Kiddie MP3 Player!

Mary Had a Little Lamb Puzzle.

Yeah – more Skylanders!

Jillian was mad she couldn’t open Owen’s gift.

It’s Darth Vader!

Maxie realzing it makes sound.

She’s not sure what to think… silly dog!

Jillian got the Little People Wonder Woman from her brothers!

The boys got Daddy Vader jammies!

And a surprise for the boys…they get Vader jammies too!

Jillian loved her kitchen.

Talking on the phone saying “Hi”.

It’s just the right size for her and she can easily open and close the doors.

I was surprised she knew what to do. She “gets” the cooking concept.

Maxie gets gifts too.

Happy with her new toy.

Daddy and Jillian opening her stocking. More books = one happy baby girl!

Out of all the goodies in Ben’s stocking he made the biggest fuss over the mini bites of candy.

Taking her brother’s scooter for a spin!

We got snow!

December 30, 2012

It snowed on Christmas Eve, then we got about 4 to 5 more inches yesterday. Owen was itching to get outside and play in the snow so I got him all bundled up and he and Maxie went in the backyard to play. Well, once I got him in this snow gear, the other two were chomping at the bit to get out there too. So, I pulled more snow gear out and got the little ones ready for some snowy fun.

It was Jillian’s first time in the snow and she LOVED it. She was laughing, falling in the snow, crawling in the snow, eating the snow, and flicking the snow. That snow suit deal at Costco came in handy!

Christmas Eve

December 30, 2012

The days leading up to Christmas, Mike had a cold, Jillian got a cold, and then I felt mine coming. I plowed through the sickness as much a I could to get all the shopping done, gifts wrapped,and house clean, but on Christmas Eve it started to get the best of Jillian and I. We got dressed up for our annual picture before church, but Jillian and I never made it to church. We got right in our jammies after the picture and she was asleep in my arms 10 minutes later.

When the family got home from Church we put the cookie and milk out for Santa and the reindeer food Ben made at school. We added a little bit more of our own Christmas magic (ie: silver sprinkles). We played a Wii, watched some TV, and attempted a game of Trouble, but Jillian just kept wanting to move all the pieces herself and pop the popper so it ended short.

We tucked all the kids into bed, gave the boys there warning they were not to come out of their room w/o asking permission first through the video monitor, then Santa and his elves delivered all the presents to the living room.

Poor Benny though. He woke up in the middle of the night crying b/c he had to go to the bathroom and was afraid to leave his room. I got him and took him and he was OK. =) At least he followed the rules!

Our annual Christmas Family picture

Poor baby girl sleeping off her cold.

Reindeer Food!

Adding Christmas Magic!

Running around in the newly fallen snow in bear feet when putting out the reindeer food on the deck.

Picking out cookies for Santa.

It *HAD* to be Hershey’s Chocolate Milk because that is what Santa told us he liked at Chocolate World.

Santa came and left a nice note this year! Much better than the 2011 nasty gram for two boys who were almost on the naughty list.

Presents from Santa.

Stockings filled by Santa.

Presents from Mommy & Daddy, Grammy & PeePaw Thomas and the siblings.

Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2012

It’s Christmas Eve and the whole fam has been pushing through a cold for the past few days, especially Mike, Jillian and I. I’m hoping it’s gone by tomorrow. It’s not fun being under the weather at Christmas.

And because I know tomorrow will be a busy day, here is our 2012 Holiday Card. I designed our card this year and went with the ever popular chalkboard theme in a 5×5 square on linen cardstock. I love how they turned out and that all of us, even Maxie, are on the card this year.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and really enjoys their time with family.



Breakfast with Santa

December 16, 2012

With having a new baby last fall, time got away from me and I missed our window of opportunity to get our Chocolate World Breakfast with Santa tickets. So, this year I made sure I got them early!

Grammy & Pee Paw Thomas joined us this year. We walked through the door of Chocolate World at 7:45am (yawn!) ready for our sweet breakfast treats. The kids had fun. They played at the Kinnect Kisses game, played Candy Bingo (and won), decorated cookies, ate yummy pancakes with Hershey’s candy toppings, and the boys even got Hershey’s hot chocolate. We ended the breakfast with seeing the 3D show and going on the tour ride. We all loved the 3D show except Benny. He did not like it b/c when bubbles fell from the ceiling at the end of the show, one got in his eye. Owen, Mr. Smarty Pants said,”Well if you wouldn’t have taken your glasses off, one wouldn’t have gotten in your eye!”.

Only O liked the characters. Ben & Jilly just liked to admire from a distance.

Good morning Mrs. Claus!

Our table was ready and waiting.

Candy Bingo!

Lots of yummy candy toppings at the pancake station.

The kids standing by the cottage made all out of Hershey’s Candy.

The Kisses Kinnect game. Love J’s face here.

Baby girl loves herself some pancakes.

Owen was one hungry little boy.

Decorating cookies.

Ummm…is there any cookie under that icing??

O is a cookie decorating master now!

Still eating pancakes.

Even PeePaw made a cookie.

What? Were going to sit on Santa’s lap?

Ummm…what should I ask him for?

I just don’t know. Maybe more shoes and hairbows?

The boys asked Santa what his favorite cookie was and if he wanted milk or beer. Santa likes Chocolate Chip Cookies and Chocolate Milk. Now they know what to leave out for him on Christmas Eve. I don’t think they even told him what they want for Christmas. They just wanted to get the cookies and milk thing under control.

Benny Boo & Mommy!

Grammy and O playing bingo!

Even big kids like Hershey’s Chocolate.

Benny got Bingo!

High Five Dad!

His prize! O got one to when he won Bingo.

This candy house is something else. So neat and creative. It’s different every year.

3D show time!

Jillian cracked me up in those glasses.

Our family with Santa & Mrs. Claus. Poor Jillian. She was so confused and didn’t know where to look.

Tiger Cub Caroling

December 11, 2012

Tonight was Owen’s first time wearing his Tiger Cub Scout uniform. His pack was going Christmas Caroling at one of the local nursing homes. Owen was pretty excited for it all. He’s there right now. I hope he has a great time and that the old folks adore his sweet personality as much as we all do!

Bedtime Story Hour

December 10, 2012

For the holidays, the teachers and staff of Owen’s school put on “Bedtime Story Hour”.  They will sing songs and put on holiday skits and all the kids are suppose to wear their pajamas.  The boys love this, especially Benny.  He talks about “going to Owen’s school in his pajamas” all year round.

One of the sessions is cookies and milk in the cafeteria.  Well, when walking back to the table, Benny dropped his sprinkle cookie and spilled some of his milk.  He was so so so upset b/c there were no more sprinkle cookies left. He didn’t even want Jillian’s cookie.  We told him we’d stop to get him some cookies at the store when the stories were over. On the way to the store he was all quiet and then said “Guys, I need to go back to sippy cups because I spill too much.”  Mike and I looked at each other and it was all we could do to not bust out laughing.  The kid just says the darnedest things at the darnedest times.  That is what makes him our Benny. =)

I was also really proud of Owen this night too.  He was sitting with some kids from class who were being kind of rowdy and not behaving properly.   He got up, looked at Mike and I and said “I need to get away from that.” And he did. He came over and sat closer to us.  I was so proud of him for making a good choice and not being a follower.   All his therapy is really paying off.