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October 28, 2012

It’s the end of October and over the next 48 hours what’s left of hurricane Sandy is going to be hitting the North East. See the yellow circle… that is where we live. South central PA is going to be in for an interesting few days ahead. School is already cancelled for Owen tomorrow and we got a call from PPL that we should expect to be w/o power for a week. Ugghh…

We have a ton of water, bread, PBJ, snacks, baby food, and Mike just made homemade pumpkin cookies. We’re as ready as we can be. The only thing we are lacking is D batteries. Last night and this morning we were at I can’t tell you how many stores and they were all sold out. Hopefully what we have will last so we can see at night.

And on a brighter note, here is an adorable pic I took of the kids the other day. ♥ Man do I love these three. This is like the only pic that turned out from our quick trip to the park. It’s so not sharp, soft on the edges, etc. but it will be an 8×10 in my living room b/c it’s my heart all in one picture.

And she is off!

October 25, 2012

The week of her birthday, Jillian took her first steps at school. She would take 2 or 3 at a time. Then she just stopped a week later. She wouldn’t walk unless she was holding your hand or holding onto something. Then last Monday at school she decided it was time to be a big girl. And when she was ready she took off full blast. She walks all around and even pics stuff up and carries it around with her. And before she took off walking, she wouldn’t get up off the middle of the floor and go from sitting to standing. Now she’ll do that too. I took a video of her at school. I’ll have to figure a way to post it here. Until then, here are some pics of her cruising around at home.

And just because it’s sooooo cute… Owen picked up Jillian and started spinning her around. She loved it. He loved it. I almost had a heart attack because he’s not suppose to pick her up. But I let him go and I’m glad I did. She survived and I got a great memory for them to look back on. =)

Greg & Emily’s Wedding

October 23, 2012

Last Sunday, Mike’s cousin got married in a perfect, small, family orientated wedding. It was one of the best days I have had in a long long time. It was wonderful to not only be at a wedding with the extended family, but to be there with the kids too. They loved it. They were so excited to be at a wedding and see how two people get married, and they had an absolute blast at the reception. Benny busted a move like it was his job on the dance floor. At one point there was a circle around him clapping. He ate it up. He came back over to our table and yelled “Owen! Owen! I was dancing and everyone was cheering for me!” Owen did his fair share of lighting up the dance floor with Aunt Sue too. I had no idea he knew all the moves to the popular line dances. He must have learned them at summer camp. And Jillian… she was beautiful and adorable and just a joy that day. She had fun taking in the event and doing her fair share of dancing too.

Oh and a funny about the day. Pee Paw gave Owen his small point and shoot camera to be in charge of for the day so he could take pictures. He felt so proud too b/c he even got to put the camera case on the belt to his “wedding clothes”. Greg & Emily also had disposable cameras on the table for guests. The boys were dumb-founded over a non digital camera. It’s amazing how much technology has changed in the past 10 years.

Anyway, it was a very special day not only for Greg and Emily, but also our family. I loved every minute of it from beginning to end and have wonderful memories to cherish for a long long time. I still smile a big grin when I think of the day. =)

Double Dose of Handsome

October 18, 2012

And not only did I get a cute pic of Jillian, I also got some keepers of the boys. I love this photo shoot and that the kids cooperated. I even got one of all 3 kids, but I think I might save it for Christmas cards. It’s a miracle. =)

Aren’t these boys beautiful. I’m one lucky mama.

Jillian loves…

October 17, 2012

I saw an idea on Pinterest to take a picture of your child and create “empty space” to one side of the child and put things they love at that age so you can remember all the things they enjoyed.

I finally got to take the second set of Jillian’s first year photos on Saturday and got the perfect shot to create the project. I love it and I think it turned out fabulous!

All I want for Christmas…

October 16, 2012


…is my two front teeth.

Yes, at the rate Owen is loosing his teeth he will be singing that song in two months. Front tooth #1 is down for the count. Should we take bets on when #2 will fall?

Down on the farm

October 10, 2012

We kept up our annual tradition of going to a local farm/pumpkin patch on our day off for Columbus Day. The kids always look forward to it and so do I. A lot changed in one year. Last year it was so warm the kids were in shorts and Jillian was itty bitty and all snuggled up in the Bjorn. This year it was cold. The boys were in layers, Jilly was in her warm coat and Steelers Winter hat, and she wasn’t itty bitty any more. She was actually able to play in the corn sandbox. But, we couldn’t keep her in for long because she was trying to eat the corn.

Columbus Day is the unofficial kick off of the holiday season for me. It gets the ball rolling for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m looking forward to lots of fun time with Mike and the kids.

Jilly on the bench taking in the scenes at the Children’s Garden

Owen on an Elephant

Can you find Owen?

Jilly sandwich between two of her favorite guys

Jumping in the hay

Surfing down the slide

Happy girl playing in the corn

Bowling game

Benny has his game face on

Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe

Benny’s sliding now

Thought this sign was funny. And yes, we came with 3 kids and left with 3

Our three little and cold loves

Horse tire swing

They were pretty cool

Only Owen in the photo prop. Benny wasn’t into it this year

And look who it is… Mom and Dad – picture courtsey of Owen

Benny goes to the dentist

October 4, 2012

Tuesday was Benny’s first time at the dentist. I was a little worried because Ben is sensitive when it comes to his teeth. If the littlest amount of tooth paste comes off the brush, he’ll freak out and if you help him brush to get them really clean, he’ll cry if you brush too hard at a normal pace. Gotta love having a child with Sensory Processing Disorder.

BUT – he did great. He didn’t care for the gritty cleaning tooth paste they use, but he was excited it was cotton candy flavor. He was also super excited for a new tooth brush and “string” aka – floss.

Owen also went for his 6 month cleaning. Both boys got stars on the board for no cavatives. Owen even wrote his own name on his star this time. =)

The dentist did tell me that both boys have very crowded mouths with narrow palates and will need to have a lot of work done… expanders, spacers, braces, teeth pulled, etc. I told him I wasn’t surprised. I was the exact same way. Looks like I need to start funding the Orthodontist fund before the college fund.

Jillian finally had her one year check up last week. She’s our big chunker monker and we love her that way.

Height: 30.5 inches -88th percentile
Weight: 23lbs 1oz – 87th percentile

She is perfectly proportionate and happily healthy!