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We had wonderful time with family for Jillian’s first birthday party. My side of the family is all boys so it was the princess, her 2 brothers and 7 boy cousins. They all had a blast. It was a big splash zone in the back yard for the kiddos and lots of good food and company for the adults.

And a big shout out to our parents for help with food and set up. We couldn’t have pulled it off without the grandparent crew.

This party was all heart and custom made for Jillian by Mommy. I wanted it to be unique and special, just like her. I was designing machine and almost sent my husband running for the hills, but it was worth it. She is worth it.

Here are some pics from my mom’s camera and mine. Little Bit loved the cake – she touched it a few times then went in face first. So cute.

He finally lost a tooth!

September 11, 2012

At 6 1/2, I was wondering when Owen was going to lose his first tooth. I felt like every other kid I knew his age had lost at least one at this point. On the morning of Jillian’s birthday, I helped him finish brushing his teeth and I noticed something strange… I had him rinse and sure enough, his 2 bottom permanent teeth were in, but the baby ones never fell out. He had 2 rows of front teeth. At first I thought he was a freak of nature, but after some research I found out it’s fairly common.

Then on Saturday, his one tooth was really loose. After lots of wiggling, it finally came out! HORRAY! And the second one is loose now too. Thank goodness. I thought he was going to have to have them pulled by the dentist.

So, that night, the Tooth Fairy finally came to visit Owen and left him $5. He had a sleep over that night in the living room with his cousins, so when he woke up in the morning, he ran to his room to see what the tooth fairy put under his pillow.

When he came to show me, he said

O: “Here mom, you can have it.”
Me: “No bud, it’s for you for your tooth.”
O: “No, I want you to have it to save for our new house.”

Bless his heart. He knows we are starting the process to look for a new house and wanted to give me his tooth fairy money to help pay for it. **LOVE HIM***

For Jillian’s first birthday, we wanted to do something fun as a family of 5 to celebrate. So off to Hershey we went.

The birthday girl at her first trip to Hershey Park.

O is now a Hershey Bar.

Benny is a Resse’s!

An attempt to get a pic of me and my kiddos.

My handsome boys.

Loving the Helicopter.

Little Bit LOVED this ride. The smiles on her face as it went round and round were priceless.

Hysterical. Owen is plugging his nose like he’s going under water and Ben is covering his eyes.

Yeah – Benny hated it. He’s not one for “thrill” rides.

This is more Benny’s speed. He gives it a thumbs up.

Daddy’s girl!

Happy little thing.

With the Hershey Kiss. Jilly was confused and Benny stays far away from characters. They scare him, hence his absence from the picture.

Checking out the view from the Kissing Tower.

She thinks this is neat!