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Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl!

You think after going through this major milestone twice with your brothers it would get easier. Nope. This is a hard one for your mama. It seems like yesterday I was planning your nursery and daddy and I were deciding on your name. It seems like I blinked and you went from a tiny newborn to a big girl that is taking STEPS! It was such a joyous year. You have the sweetest personality and a smile that can brighten up the room. Your reserved giggles make your daddy and I’s face light up. You are so pleasant. We can take you anywhere and not have to worry. You are so laid back and pretty much just go with the flow.

You’re also a little lover. You love your brothers, you are over the moon about Maxie, and you love your binkie (and recently keep a stash in your crib!). You love music and bop and sway back and forth to the beat. You love books that make sounds and you make a mad dash across the room whenever you see the *real* TV remote or a cell phone. You love to make raspberry sounds with your fingers/hand across your lips. You think it’s hysterical when we chase you and you love to climb. I can’t tell you how many calories we have burned keeping you from the stairs.

You’ve taught our family a lot of new things too. Because of you we now say “she” and “her” and have a house with pink toys, frilly clothes and hair bows! =) We are now experts in cloth diapering and making baby food and we have a new appreciation for modern technology and the video baby monitor. And it’s because of you we are now learning to be more gentle and sensitive and you have brought out a protective side of your father I have never seen before. Seeing him love you makes me understand the bond between a daddy and his little girl.

Today is a day that is both happy and sad for me. Sad because the year went SO fast. Sad that the baby days are behind us. But I’m also happy when I think of all the *new* things we have to look forward to. With you I’ll have my first tea party. With you I’ll do my first set of pig tails and french braids. With you I’ll get to play dolls and barbies. You’ll get to be my shopping buddy and my pedicure companion. I’ll get to see you cook with your Daddy and watch your brothers teach you how to play ball. Yes my dear, we are going to have a lot of fun and happy times ahead.

So, here’s to our beautiful Little Bit. May all your years to come be as amazing as your first and surround you with as much love and joy as you have brought to our family.

We love you so so much, Jillian!

Happy Birthday!
~Mommy, Daddy, Owen, Benny & Maxie

Off to school we go!

August 27, 2012

Time for another school year! Hard to believe Owen is off to First Grade and that a year ago on the first day of school I went into labor with Jillian. The first day of school will always and forever be tied to that special moment.

Benny is also off to a new school and starting PreK. We’re very excited for him too! He’s going to the same place Owen goes for before and after school care. The teachers told me that as soon as Owen got off the bus, he asked them how Benny’s day was. =) They love each other.

All O’s stuff ready to go… folder, planner, backpack, lunch and note from mom & dad!

The big guy is off to first grade!

I’m still shocked Benny let me take his picture. This is a BIG deal for him.

My boys… still with tired eyes, even after going to bed at 7:30!

New year of school = new pair of shoes. He’s in a size 2 now!!

After a somewhat rough year of Kindergarten, Owen is going to “Just do it!” and have an awesome year in first grade. Fingers crossed!

Yup – first grade. Holy Moly.

I know I’m biased b/c I’m his mom, but this child is gorgeous.

Jillian Snap Shots – July

August 20, 2012

I don’t think Jillian realizes that’s not a real cupcake.

Swimming in Mimi’s hot tub.

Floating in the tube.

Close up from her birthday invite mini photo shoot.

Out take from her birthday invite photoshoot. Love the look on her face!

Chillin with her toys in Baby Jail while kickin back with a bottle.

While yes, she is pusing her stroller all by her self!

Bouncing on the front pourch while her bros ride bikes.

Mommy’s little yard sale helper!

Getting more daring… she’ll dive head first into the toy box to reach what she wants.

Playing in the backyard with Benny. Enjoying her water sink.

She was thirsty so she go herself a drink. I had no clue she knew what to do with a cup.

Being so good about sharing her toys.

Bath time smiles!

Everytime she gets out of the bath, we look in the mirror and sing this little song together. She now tires to sing back. I love it. Excuse the poor self photography. It’s hard with an SLR.

She’s all about chasing the cat. She doesn’t know he’s evil and only is nice to me.

Climbing those stairs. She bolts for them whenever she gets a chance.

Pretty little thing walks when she can by holding to to furniture.

Wishing she could run in the backayard and play ball like her bros. She’ll be able to before she knows it.

Trying her best to use a sippy cup.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get enough of my sweet Little Bit.

Trying to play cards with Owen.

Oh no… she can climb onto things!!


August 17, 2012

A few weeks ago I put Jillian on the swing at the park for the first time. She loved it and cried when it was time to take her out.

Off to Emporium

August 16, 2012

Last weekend, we made the long and overdue trek to Emporium to visit my grandmother. She had yet to meet Jillian, her only great granddaughter, and it was time for Jilly to meet the GGM before she was walking or talking.

My gram has Alzheimer’s so her short term memory isn’t that great. She knew we were coming, but forgot, so it was like a big surprise when the whole clan arrived to spend the day with her. The boys played in the front yard, rode bikes at the Medical center and raided the candy jar in Gram’s house while Mike and my Dad did some yard work for her. After the “to do” list was done, we decided to head up to the near by state park for a little picnic. We had planned on going swimming, but it was CHILLY up there. So, the boys played at the playground while Dad and Mike grilled up some dogs.

The big funny of the day was that we sent the guys into the store to get the food. Well, they got everything but the hot dog buns and ketchup. To improvise, they used sticks from the trees for the dogs. Dad told my gram we were using natures finest organic silverware. The look on her face was priceless. Like she was saying – “Are you serious, Marty? You are making me eat off a stick.” We all laughed and laughed and it turned out to be a fun memory.

Gram loved Jillian. She couldn’t get over what a good baby she was. She just wanted to hold her and love her up. It warmed my heart.

I wish it wasn’t such a far drive and that my kids were better for long periods of time in the car. I can’t tell you how many time I heard “Are we almost there?” and “My butt hurts for sitting so long”. They are going to have to suck it up at least one more time. I know my gram won’t be in that house for much longer and I want to visit one more time before we have to say goodbye to the Park house full of memories on Laurelwood Ct.

A bunch of the boys from O’s t-ball team all joined the Tiger Cub Scouts together. One of the outings this summer was a Senators game. We really enjoy the games so all 5 of us headed out to the ball park. It was Jillian’s first time and she loved it. She was bopping to the music, looking all around and munching on some yummy soft pretzel.

After the game was over, Owen, Mike, some other kids from their den and about 500+ other scouts and their dads camped out on the baseball field. Mike and Owen said it was OK, but the night was warm and humid. At least it was a fun experience I’m sure he’ll remember for years. It was O’s first ever time sleeping in a tent outside AND the tent was from when Mike was in scouts. It’s still in good shape. His mom kept all his scout camping gear and it’s now ready to rock and roll for Owen & Ben.

Oh – and Ben was at the game, but at usual, he did not want to have his pic taken, so here is our oldest and youngest.

Jillian got a free squishy baseball.

Mommy & her girl.

The boys taking in the game.

Jillian loving up her Daddy.

Owen watching a t-shirt fly by from the launcher.

Tent City for the camp out on the field.

Jillian 11 Months

August 5, 2012

It’s really here. The last month of her first year. We are now in the home stretch of Jillian turning ONE! The first six months went by at a fine pace. These last 5 months have gone by at the speed of light. I’m 100% in denial that my baby girl… my last baby, is almost one.

I’ve been keeping busy planning her party. Now that we have a summer baby we can have her party at home! It’s going to be a Splish Splashing good time… a Rubber Ducky Theme with water fun in the back yard for the kids. I got her the most adorable petti skirt and a pink polka dot #1 for her shirt. I have all kinds of pink, yellow and orange decorations and of course, like the boys, I did a bunch of custom stuff too.

We have a very special little girl we have to celebrate in a few weeks. A little girl who has the cutest open mouth smile, a little girl who adores her family, a little girl who has the sweetest personality, a little girl who has stolen our hearts.

Over the past month Jillian:

– finally said Dada and he has become a HUGE daddy’s girl. She will say it louder and louder until he comes and gets her from her crib.
– started to sign “all done” when she is finished eating.
– went to her first baseball game.
– started walking behind her doll stroller.
– grew even more hair… the curls in the back are in full force.
– started saying “num” for “yum” and “ya” for yes.
– ate at the big kids table for lunch at school instead of a high chair.
– got a bunch of new teeth. She has 8 total now.
– enjoyed a ton of new foods like cereal, muffins, watermelon, cantaloupe, pancakes, chicken, ground beef, pasta, and turkey to name a few.
– went swimming in Mimi’s hot tub.
– learned to climb the stairs.
– patted my back when I hugged her.
– was a great yard sale helper.
– became shy all the sudden around strangers. And she’s afraid of all dogs but Maxie.
– FINALLY started crawling on all 4s all the time.
– got into a bad habit of not sleeping through the night since she cut all her new teeth. She gets up in the middle of the night at least 5 times a week. =( Boo Hoo for her not being a good sleeper like her brothers.