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She was mesmerized by this balloon.

Pulling herself up!

Standing on her two feet all by herself.

Fun in her pool!

9 1/2 month well baby check up.

I came down from getting ready to find this…pulling herself up in her pack and play for the first time.

She found the force.

Ready for a day at the beach.

Showing us she can indeed crawl on all 4’s if she wants to.

People watching on our beach condo deck eating a snack.

First pizza crust.

All dolled up for a fancy dinner.

Hanging out with my Aunt Sue.

Are these tickets all for me to get goodies with?

See those top teeth are coming through!

Mommy keeping her contained to the clothes basket while putting away clothes.

Not sure she thinks being in a mini baby jail is fun anymore.

I love the remote. Will anyone notice if I take it?

Getting ready for some backyard fun!

I love the water mommy!

CURLS!! Her hair is coming in curly! =)

Cooking in my kitchen with Sal.

Ooohhhh… what should I make today?

Fell asleep in her high chair on the deck with all the loud commotion in the yard. Yet, when I sneeze in he middle of the night, she hears me from across the hall and wakes up at 2am.

Cuddling with Mommy & Sal watching Yo Gabba Gabba.

Jillian – 10 Months

July 11, 2012

So, not only is Jillian an explorer like Dora, she’s now curious like George. This little girl needs to know what’s going on around her at all times and she needs to know what everyone is doing. She probably wishes her head turned 360 degrees so she didn’t miss a thing.

She is still army crawling like a champ and has no desire to crawl on all fours, even though we know she can because we’ve seen her do it. Hopefully soon she’ll realize that she can be just as fast with her belly off the ground.

And she is continuing the trend of being like Owen. We think she is allergic to milk too. We gave her ice cream and yogurt several times and each time her eczema would really flair up. Poor thing. Luckily we haven’t given her pizza yet. She’s a Thomas so I know it would be a favorite that she wouldn’t be able to give her.

This past month Jillian:
* Became an avid climber. She loves to climb all over us and on the mats at school.
* Went on her first walk outside at school with Mommy & Daddy during one of their work breaks.
* Pulled herself to standing in her crib, pack and play, and on furniture & people.
* Started to say Hi when she waves.
* Started to go from crawling to sitting like a champ.
* Had her first splash day at school.
* Got her first kiddie pool.
* Went to the beach for the first time.
* Got her third tooth, first on top.
* Got her fourth tooth, third on the bottom.
* Lowered her crib mattress at home and once again at school.
* Tried a sippy cup but doesn’t like it. She’s all about the bottle.
* Finally ate real people food: cantaloupe, angel hair pasta and peas.

Wildwood Vacation 2012

July 8, 2012

The big Thomas clan returned to the Wildwood beaches this summer. We went for a full week this time, which we all agreed is a little too long. A 4 day weekend is much better. The first few days were on the cool side and we ended the week with high high temps. The kids loved the beach, the boys couldn’t get enough of the rides, the water park was super fun as always, and we ate a ton of good food at some new places we found this year. And Jillian was great on the beach. I though we were going to be flushing the sand from her mouth, but she never really tried to eat it.

I took a lot of pics – I know, shocking, right? Here are some from my phone, the point and shoot and my good camera. I could have posted more, but I figured 50+ was sufficient.

Mike’s first Father’s Day with his baby girl. Her heart belongs to Daddy.

Sunglasses circa 1985…just like we had as kids.

The newest Wildwood Beach Patrol.

Mike and his mini me.

Little Bit’s first time in the sand.

She loves the water.

Don’t worry Owen. I’ll get you out of here.

Chubby baby legs and toes in the sand.

She fell asleep at the Irish Pub during father’s day dinner.

She so got a kick out of watching her brother’s on the ride. She kept waving Hi to them.

Owen and his roller coaster Buddy, Aunt Susan.

My 3 kiddos together in a picture. Don’t see that too often.

Family Bike Ride!

She fell asleep on the bike ride. Mike had to hold her head.

Every baby needs to look her best with a big bow on her tush when playing in the sand!

Benny riding his first semi roller coaster.

He gives it a Thumbs Up!

Benny’s favorite ride at the beach. He rode it over and over again.

Benny even got Daddy to ride his favorite ride with him. He just fit.

I love the way she looks at her Daddy. She loves him so much.

Happy 4th!

July 4, 2012

Just popping in to say Happy Birthday to America! Months ago I saw a dress online and had to have it for Jillian for the 4th of July. We didn’t do anything today… didn’t even leave the house (well not yet, we are going to fireworks at dusk) but I had to put it on her anyway. It’s only the second time I’ve ever had her in a dressy dress and I am in love. Having a girl is so much fun.

And I know it might look like all I care about anymore is Jillian, but my love is spread equal to all my little loves. It’s just that the boys are not fans of the camera. So, Owen & Benny… if you are reading this in 10, 15, 20+ years, it’s not that I favored your sister, it’s that you didn’t like to have your picture taken so it’s your fault…he he he! You are so much like your Dad. 🙂

9 Month Portraits

July 2, 2012

I seized the opportunity of being at the beach to take Jillian’s 9 Month Portraits. I still struggle with reading light, so I didn’t get many good pics by the water, but I don’t know if I’d have success anyway if I was a better judge of light b/c all she wanted to do was watch the waves. It was almost impossible to get her took look at the camera once we moved over the sand dunes and she saw the ocean. But I love the expressions I was able to capture by the dunes and the one of her with her feet in the water and me holding her hands makes me giggle. I love Jillian’s puffy cheek pout and I’m happy I was able to finally catch it on camera.