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All Stars

June 25, 2012

Owen did really well in t-ball this year, so he was chosen for the 7 & Under Coach Pitch All Star Team. He was very excited and of course, Mike volunteered to coach. Unfortunately, the other teams in the league picked the best kids from their Pony teams, not their t-ball teams so O’s team was pretty much doomed from the start. But they tried and did their best.

He got a participant trophy and was thrilled… his first every trophy. Very proud of my little guy for doing so well and my big guy for coaching and really taking a strong interest in the kids on the team.

Hanging out at O’s ball game.

Like my new binkie?

Yeah! I like puffs now.

I like to try and get into anything I can get my hands on from my changing table.

I can also feed myself yogurt bites. My pincher skills are great.

Jillian’s first time in a pool.

She loved it!

Morning nap… played too hard in my bouncer.

I’m all rested and ready to play more.

Finally warm enough for dresses.

Don’t I look cute!

Jillian’s first time celebrating Mother’s Day.

Getting ready to watch my favorite movie – Rio. I even have my buddy Jewel.

Jillian loves the bright colors and music.

Mommy & Jilly at Sal’s birthday party.

Look – I found Sal’s walker.

Toys toys toys!

Oh no… now that Jillian is army crawling, she finds her way into everything.

Crawling to Daddy!

She is pulling herself up in her crib now.

Trying out this hands and knees thing.

This isn’t too bad, but I’ll stick to scooting.

Summer Surprise

June 21, 2012

The boys were out growing their tiny kiddie pools and Grammy & PeePaw wanted to get them something as an end of school year summer surprise. My mother-in-law saw the perfect thing in the Toys R Us Flyer so we went to get it. We did not tell the boys. After O’s t-ball game last week, we put it up while they were at the store with their grandparents so when they got home they saw their BIG present in the back yard. To say they loved it is putting it lightly. They couldn’t wait to slide on down. They didn’t want to go down in their clothes so they stripped down to their tighty whiteies and went to town.

And we couldn’t let Jillian not have a new fun water toy for the backyard so I ordered her this cute mushroom pool. It it perfect for our little munchkin.

It’s hard to believe that Owen is done with Kindergarten. On the first day of school, we were just a family of 4 and there was a baby girl in my belly anxiously waiting to come out and meet the world. Now Jillian is here and 9 months old. At the beginning of the school year we were still trying to figure out what Owen’s official diagnosis was. Now we have our answer and a great support system and he’s made huge strides of improvements. Those 180 days of school were full of change for our family and Owen, but all good changes. I hope 1st grade keeps him moving in the right direction.

Jillian – 9 Months

June 11, 2012

Move over Dora, there is a new explorer in town and her name is Jillian Thomas! Now that Jillian is army crawling (and don’t let that belly slide full you – she is fast) she wants to check out everything. She scoots all over the living room, dining room, and kitchen. She’ll check out under her brother’s beds and if the dog is near by, she’ll make a bee line right for Maxie. She’s still as pleasant as ever and it’s neat watching her learn the world around her now that she is mobile. I know it will be worse once she is crawling on all fours, but she really has no desire.

She doesn’t really have a favorite toy or stuffed animal, but she loves the movie Rio. I think she loves the bright colors and music. I’m curious to see what else she’ll get into as she gets older.

She’s growing so fast too. We had her 9 month well baby check up tonight and she is:

Weight: 21 lbs 9oz (87%)
Height: 29 inches (88%)
Head: 17 1/2 inches (46%)

This past month Jillian was BUSY. Little Bit –

* Started to Army Crawl
* Began to self feed and actually eat some puffs & yogurt bites (although most of the time she still just spits them back out)
* Fell in love with Sweet Frog frozen yogurt just like the rest of her family
* Went swimming for the first time.
* Visited Susquehanna Univ – Mommy & Daddy’s alma mater.
* Had fun celebrating her cousin’s birthdays in Muncy
* Said “Mama”, “Baba” (for both bottle and binkie) and “Hi”.
* Started to wave hi & bye.
* Started clapping.
* Had another ear infection and pink eye
* Had to go to 2 cloth diaper inserts instead of one. She’s a peeing machine.
* Celebrated her first mother’s day with me and Mimi at her school’s Mother’s Day Tea.
* Rode in a shopping cart for the first time.
* Sleep through the night without needing a binkie run from mom or dad.
* Attended Owen’s performance and open house at WCH.
* Helped Daddy take Maxie to the vet.
* Ate some new foods like spinach, potatoes, and some baby foods with meat in them like Apple Turkey Cranberry.
* Started to peek over the rail of her crib at home and at school. They already lowered her crib mattress at daycare.