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Easter 2012

April 25, 2012

We had a very nice Easter in New Jersey. We visited with family, ate too much good food, planted jelly beans for the Easter Bunny to sprinkle magic water on [to grow lolly pops=)], dyed eggs, went to church, had an egg hunt, and dug into goodies in Easter Baskets. We all love nice relaxing weekend like that with family.

I took so many photos of this girl that I love from last month. These aren’t even all of them. I was able to capture so many of her expressions from this age that I love. I don’t want to forget them, so I’m happy I will have them recorded forever.

First off… two more from her 6 month session that I think are so dear

First time in shorts!! (I have a bunch more from this “mini session” that I haven’t got a chance to edit yet. I need more hours in a day!)

Some “bunny” was ready for Easter.

Finally a picture of me and my girl.

Jillian loves the bath. She wiggles to get in the tub and puts her hands in the stream of water right away. She gets a kick out of it.

Now that she is getting more stable at sitting up and reaches/grabs for toys, she really enjoys playing on the living room floor.

Words cannot describe how much I love these next several pictures. My 2 girls. Jillian is totally smitten with Maxie. She giggles when she comes near her, gives her big open mouth kisses (we don’t even get those) and she loves to rest her head on her soft fur. It’s like they have an unspoken language and tell all their secrets to each other. And these pictures aren’t staged either… it’s just the way they are. Maxie came up to her when I was taking her pictures and will go up next to Jilly and lay next to her on the floor. I’m so glad my kiddos get to grow up with this amazing dog.

This series I call – “The anatomy of the roll”. This is the day after she learned to roll back to belly. She was so proud of herself.

Loving her “new to her” high chair. We got a new cover for Owen’s old wooden highchair. She fits so much better in it than Benny’s old chair.

Jillian and Sal

One of her new toys of choice… Little People. She loves to shove them in her mouth.

She is also obsessed with Tags. She will find the tag on all toys. I find it very funny that on her Taggie blanket, it’s not the fun tags she likes, it’s the product tag!

Breakfast before school with her brothers.

These pictures I snapped one of our first times in the backyard enjoying the nice weather. They so show her personality. Our baby with 1000 funny faces.

I tried to get a pic of all three… this is the best I got. Benny is sure looking handsome!

Cooking with Daddy!

Playing Piano.

Her brothers helping to feed her. =)

Every baby enjoys a little Dr. Suess on his Birthday.

Jillian – 7 Months

April 5, 2012

I saw this quote online the other day and it so wraps up life with Jillian right now… “Ready or not here I GROW!” And here she is, our 7 month old pudgy, happy baby doll who is getting SO BIG!

Time is really starting to pick up. Each month just seems to go faster than the next. I have a love hate relationship with the first year of my children’s life. I love every stage, their itty bitty toes, how they fit perfectly on your lap, cuddling them, changing diapers, giving baths, folding tiny clothes, relishing that baby smell, having a warm heart from baby coos and smiles…. AHHHH…I just love it all. I hate that it goes so fast. Luckily, all the happiness this little girl brings us daily makes up for the sadness of her growing and growing.

This past month, Jillian:

* Explored the tastes of food other than cereal – apples, prunes, squash and carrots.
* Had her first overnight visit at Mimi’s.
* Finally rolled over from back to belly and started rolling from her side to her belly as she sleeps.
* Really started to play with toys and pick them up. She likes to shake things that make noise.
* Started to grow hair! She’s not as much of a baldy. She has light strands of get this, BLONDE hair. It’s strange to see knowing she was born with a head of dark brown hair.
* Was able to start going outside on the playground at school due to the nice weather.
* Did more painting arts and crafts at school. She made a cute shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day.
* Enjoyed eating on the deck in the high chair with the family.
* Stated to babble “ba ba ba ba ba ba ba” in addition to just the gibberish.
* Had her first bad diaper rash from a reaction to a probiotic.
* Wore shorts for the first time.
* Started to put the binkie in her mouth herself.