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Cousins @ Christmas

December 27, 2011

Mike’s brother and his family live practically half way across the country in Indiana so we don’t see them very often let alone around the holidays. Well, this year they made the trek back East and we all got together with our families at Grammy & PeePaw’s. This is a very rare occasion, so I tried to mark the first time the 5 kiddos were all together with a picture of them in their Christmas jammies in front of the tree.

The kids had a lot of fun together playing. Abby showed the boys all about having magic and dressing up like a princess and Owen and Ben showed Abby it was cool for a girl to be a super hero and she rocked the Thor helmet and hammer.

But the two new BFFs were Ben & Abby. These two were born 4 days apart and were almost inseparable the entire time we were there. I thought it would be cute to see how this duo has changed in the past 3 years…

Abby & Benny – June 2008

Abby & Benny – December 2011
… and he still keeps an eye on her from the corner of his eye!!

It was such a nice visit with the whole Thomas clan, but I’m really glad Owen, Ben, Abby, Carlie and Jillian got to spend some QT together.

Jilly Snapshots – November

December 13, 2011

Benny giving his baby sister some love.

Daddy’s Little Steelers Girl

First Day of Daycare

First time in her highchair so she can join the family for dinner.

“I think I like sitting up her with everyone.”

Our pretty little blue eyed beauty.

Hanging out with Aunt Jenny & Sal.

First time at Mimi’s house.

The star of Mommy’s Blog!!

Oh my…I better get ready for more picture taking!

Looking at her pretty little self in the mirror on the play mat.

This by far is her favorite toy. She just loves this thing.

All tired out… snoozing with her binkie and blankie.

Sitting by the fire pit in the backyard with Mommy, Aunt Jenny & Sal.

Mommy’s most FAVORITE outfit Jilly has that was a gift from Aunt Susan from a store in Boston.

Happy baby after her baptism.

Jillian’s Baptism

December 11, 2011

On November 13th, Jillian was baptized. It was a nice day with close family to celebrate this important occasion. It ended with Mike and I having the flu and Jilly going to NJ to get far away from the germs. Thankfully she didn’t get sick.

We have a new priest who changed the way our church does baptisims. For the boys, we had to undress them to a diaper and the were submersed in the holy water. This new priest baptized Jillian the more modern way… water over her head. I liked it this way much better.

Jillian also wore the baptism dress that her daddy wore when he was baptized. It’s been worn by her Unlce Bill, Aunt Susan and cousins Abby and Carlie too.

She did great during the whole thing. Never made a peep. What a darling thing she is!

Jillian – 3 Months

December 5, 2011

Can you believe this precious little thing is three months old already?

One word can describe Jillian… pleasant. She is such a pleasant baby. She’s so dear. She rarely fusses. She loves to cuddle. She smiles at me like I’m the greatest person in the whole wide world. I feel so lucky to be able to experience having a baby again. It’s hard to believe Jillian is 3 months, but I’m relishing in every moment as much as I can… her sweet baby noises as she eats, her smiles and coos, her looking at her hands with her eyes almost crossed, her sweet lavender smell after a bath, how her face lights up when I sing to her, how her brothers think she is he greatest thing in the world. Oh how I love being a mommy… I’m so blessed to have receive God’s gift three times.

This month Jilly:

* Found her hands
* Started really cooing and “baby talking” up a storm
* Had her first out of state trip to New Jersey to Grammy & PeePaw Thomas’
* Met most of her extended family on the Thomas side
* Was baptized
* Had her first Thanksgiving
* Started the transition to her crib
* Started daycare at our work
* Started to enjoy Baby Einstein as much as her older brother
* Had her first big belly laugh (only once, but it was priceless)

I just love this little girl, LOVE HER!!!