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Sneak Peek

September 27, 2011

When Jillian was a week old I spent several days taking her newborn pictures. Some of my photo friends make it look so easy to take pics of newborns, but it’s actually tricky. I got a bunch of good shots though. I’m working on editing them now so I can add Little Miss to the mass of pictures on display in our house.

Here is one for now… I will share the rest after I send out her announcements. I want the pics used on the announcement to be a surprise in mailboxes!

Isn’t she just precious!

Meeting her Bodyguards

September 23, 2011

Lucky for Jillian, she has two big brothers that will protect her. Owen and Ben will always make sure she is safe and that no one does her wrong. I can tell already because they love her so. They have really taken an interest in her, help out when I need it, tickle her, give her kisses before bed… it’s heart warming.

Owen’s always wanted a little sister so I thought he was going to go gaga when he met her for the first time. I was wrong. It was Benny. Obsessed is the right word to use. He was totally in awe of his little sister. He wanted to touch her nose, her hands, give her kisses, look at her feet, etc. He was also very interested in her security clip on her belly button. Owen on the other hand was happy to meet her, but waited until we were home and settled before he really took to Jillian. He told us he was 1) afraid of her belly button (the cord stump freaked him out) and 2) was afraid she wouldn’t like him b/c she didn’t know him since they just met (what a profound 5 year old I have). I told him that Jillian already knew him and could recognize his voice because she heard it in my belly. That seemed to calm his fears.

I love they way these boys love Jillian and I hope that never changes. I love seeing them together… my three beautiful amazing children.

Jillian’s Birthday

September 16, 2011

Back in January when I found out I was pregnant, 9 months seemed like forever long. I was going to have ample time to soak in this last pregnancy before meeting our new addition. Well… it was more like I blinked and the delivery day was upon me. This pregnancy went so fast, but was my most enjoyable. It was easy on my body physically, I so enjoyed having the boys share in the experience and understand what was going on, and I was able to relish the fact that I was able to go through the miracle of being pregnant and creating life for one last time in my life. Right before I had Jillian I said one last goodbye to my baby bump and was anxiously awaiting the moment when I could hold our daughter in my arms for the first time.

My delivery was very much like the last two…. quick and easy. Epidural first, then break my water, then wait to push. Just under 6 hours total and I only had to push through 4 contractions for maybe 10 minutes. Jillian was a little more uncomfortable and somewhat painful compared to the boys, but nothing major. Mike was a great coach. My mom stood by in the side room while she was being born. She was amazed at how fast it all happened. She texted my sister 3 times and our little angel was here.

My mom and Mike were on camera duty during the labor and post delivery process. I got my camera settings all ready and we were able to capture Jillian’s entrance into our world and family. It’s still hard to believe she is here and a part of our lives already. We are so happy to have her to love and adore.

We’ve had MAJOR rain and flooding the past few days so natural light hasn’t been at my disposal. I had some sunshine peek through the clouds today so I did a quick 5 minute photo shoot run through (the sun should be back out tomorrow or Saturday). My fingers are crossed she participates.

Here is one that caught my eye… her headband should have been moved over, but I love her little smirk.

Once I do more, I’ll share more. =) I also will share more from her birthday and first days in our world. Stay tuned…but for now, here is one of our sweet little Jillian.

1st Day of Kindergarten

September 7, 2011

August 30th was a big day in the Thomas household. Not only did we welcome our beautiful daughter, we sent our first son off to his first day of Kindergarten. Owen officially started school. I had been having cramping for a few weeks and it was getting worse, but I just kept telling the baby to hold tight until I got her brother ready for school. She listened. I was able to get him dressed, take pictures, put a card from mom and dad in his lunch box, and give him a big hug from mom when we dropped him off at before school care. Benny even wanted to wish him well by giving him a big hug and he wanted his picture taken with Owen. I waited to go to the hospital until he got home. I wanted to see how his day was and give the boys my love before being gone for a few days.

He had a good day and was most excited to tell us about lunch. He asked if he could try buying sometime so he can use his lunch pin code. Of course… he is a Thomas so he wanted to tell us about lunch. =)

So far, he’s doing OK. He’s not one to really elaborate verbally on his day, but we’re getting enough info and his teacher is very good with communication.

I still can’t believe he is in school. He has his Mario back pack, his new sneakers (which are his school colors… Go Panthers), and his new lunch box. He was so ready for this day and so excited. I only got teary eyed once. He made it easy on his mama. I’m excited for this new adventure for him and to see what the school year has in store for Owen. I’ll keep you posted! =)