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What we did in June

July 27, 2011

Sans the beach (I’ll get to that in another post soon… hopefully) here is what we were up to this past June.

Water battles in the back yard. Notice Owen hiding behind Ben in the one picture!!


We started the nursery. We kept Benny’s green paint. I liked it to much to paint over it so we decided to work with it. And baby girl already has Daddy tied around her finger b/c he insisted we get white furniture so her room would look like a little’s girl’s room. He wants it perfect for our last child and only girl. I put in a sneak peak of the bedding. We are almost done with her room. Just some art work to hang, etc. I’ll post pictures of the complete nursery once she is here as there are hints to what her name is in the room and I want that to be a surprise on delivery day.

We welcomed a family of baby bunnies in our back yard. The boys (and Maxie) loved them. I evn caught Owen putting a baseball in the nest and when I asked him what he was doing he said, “I’m giving the bunnies something to play with.” =)

Owen had his last day of school at the center where we work. It also happened to be the Father’s Day ice cream celebration at the center too. Don’t know if you can tell, but Benny’s shirt says “I get my handsome from my Dad.” So true… he is a mini Mike and Owen is a mini Stacey.


So – next up, the beach and JULY! I will get our summer adventures up on the blog and maybe a baby girl update too!

This summer has been speeding by and I need more hours in the day or more vacation time to get everything done. Unfortunately, neither are going to happen. =)
I’m going to try and play catch up over the next several days to get our summer happenings up, as this blog not only is to keep friends and family up to date on our little family, it’s also the boys “scrap book” so to speak.

So – back to MAY… yes many many weeks ago in May…

In May our family welcomed another beautiful little boy to the family… Salvatore Jonathan Maiorana. This is my sister and her husband’s third little boy and he’s so dear.

I had a little photo shoot with the boys at my mom’s to try and get some updated photos of them at 3 & 5. The weather was hazy and buggy so the boys weren’t too into it. I got a few OK shots. Better than nothing. Although they aren’t “money shots”, they still show how handsome Owen and Benny are.

We also had some park fun. The boys love to play hide and seek with Daddy at the park. They run around like maniacs laughing and having the best time. Daddy is such a great play mate.

T-ball was in full swing during the month of May. We learned that Owen does not like defense, rather offense. He’s all about hitting the ball, not playing in the field. I’d say this is normal of most 5 year olds. He did OK for his first year in baseball. I’ll be curious to see how he does next year.

The neighbor boy had a cowboy themed birthday party and his parents rented ponies. Benny was afraid of the ponies, but Owen was so excited to ride one. Pretty cool that we just had to walk out our front door for this fun treat.

Oh – and back when we went to my Gram’s for a visit, the boys got to play across the street from her house in the Medical Center parking lot. This was so surreal for me. Growing up, we spent many of hours over our childhood riding our bikes around the building. It was neat to see our boys doing the same thing many years later. Emporium was a huge part of our adolescence. I’m glad the boys were able to experience a little bit of our childhood that afternoon.


Next up… JUNE! =)