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Wildwood 2011

June 28, 2011

Our family went back to Wildwood last week for vacation. It was amazing, fun and filled my heart full of family love. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing the happiness and smiles on the faces of my boys having fun and thoroughly enjoying life. It was also nice spending some time with Grammy & PeePaw Thomas and Aunt Susan. The boys sure did give us a lot of laughs.

I took a lot of pics, but here are just a few. I’ve been very bad at updating the blog lately (I have ALOT to catch you all up on) so I thought something was better than nothing for now.

Preschool Graduation

June 5, 2011

The last week of May our little Owie Pies graduated from Preschool. It was cute ceremony. The kids have been learning about space, so that was the theme to this years graduation. The kids made their own planets (ie: Owen’s Jupiter/Saturn), drew pictures for display of what they wanted to be when they grew up and what their favotire thing to so in school was, and they sang a list of songs for all of the family and friends in attendance. The kiddos got “Friendship Award” medals for how they show good friendship qualities to their classroom friends and they got diplomas with a graduation teddy bear that included a Toys R Us gift card.

Part of the ceremony was to sing a song and give their mom’s a flower. Well, O was so excited to see his Grammy that he walked the flower right back to her! It was so cute. She’s a special Grammy and its heart warming to see the little dude’s love for his family.

At the end of graduation, the kids sang their last song and then they were to toss their hats in the air. Owen was super excited to toss his hat and did so a little early, then he says “Now lets go eat dinner!” Too funny.

It was a sweet little fairwell to his Preschool days that I won’t forget anytime soon. Next up summer camp then KINDERGARTEN!

To start off the pics… here is his official graduation picture from school: