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April 28, 2011

Yesterday I told the boys – “Tomorrow is the big ultra sound when we find out what the baby is!”. Owen’s response – “If they see a ponytail we’ll know it’s a girl!!” Oh my gosh… how adorable and funny is this kid!

Well, today was the big ultra sound and guess what… they saw a “ponytail” so to speak!

During the ultrasound they first got all the measurements they needed to make sure the baby is OK, and she is. She’s healthy and perfect and growing right on target. Then it was time to look for the answer to the question many many people had… is it a boy or girl? When the tech moved the wand to the lower half of the body the baby’s bum popped right up and I saw it. I saw the 3 white lines. I go to the tech, “It’s a girl. It’s a girl isn’t it?” Then she types “It’s a GIRL” on the screen and I was over come with joy. My hands went up to my face and the tears started to flow. We got our girl. I always wanted and prayed to God for 2 boys and a girl and he answered my prayers. I asked the tech if she was sure and she said “Positive. We only tell you if we are 100% sure.” The Dr. even looked and confirmed the girl parts.

My side of the family is 9 boys, 0 girls. I thought for sure it was a 3rd boy and that we were going to make it an even 10, but we are finally giving the Park family it’s first little girl.

We had the tech take this picture with Mike’s cell phone and he texted it to most of his address book as soon as our appointment was over. We had a lot of fun telling all our friends and family.

As soon as I got home, I ordered something for our little girl (and her Daddy) that I had my eye on for a few weeks in case we had a girl. She’ll be styling and ready to go come football season.

I’m still in disbelief. This will be a whole new world for us, but we are excited for the new journey of being parents to a little girl. New toys, new colors, and much more choices in clothes! =) WOW… we are having a DAUGHTER!

PS – Owen is thrilled to be getting the little sister he has wanted for so long. Benny on the other hand isn’t so happy. He cried when we told him b/c he wanted a little brother. He’ll learn to live with it. I told him he’ll still always be my baby boy.

Easter 2011

April 25, 2011

We had a very nice Easter weekend. Just wish it was a little longer.

Saturday morning Grammy and PeePaw Thomas came in to town. We went to Chocolate World – or as Benny calls it “Hershey Kisses”, did some shopping at the outlets, and played some ball in the backyard. Sunday was Easter Mass, some Wii action, a yummy dinner, an Easter egg hunt, and more playing in the backyard. All in all it was a nice relaxing holiday weekend.

Oh and a funny so I don’t forget… At Chocolate World PeePaw got coffee. Benny did not like the smell of it. Later when we were home he asked for a drink. When PeePaw asked him what he wanted his answer… “Not coffee.” =)


April 14, 2011

Each day when we come home from work we see this cute furry little face waiting in the window for her family to come home. It puts the biggest smiles on our faces. The boys even say “Ahhhh… look at our Maxie girl”.

We love her and she loves us. We love coming home to her everyday.

This past weekend when Mike was away she would sit and look out the window waiting for him to come home. She missed her Daddy. I had to capture it in photos because it’s the same “face resting on the top of the couch looking out the window stare” that we get daily upon our arrival home. It can take you from the worst day ever feeling to feeling super happy about being home with what matters most… your family that loves you and your family’s best friend who loves you unconditionally…our wonderful bulldogge baby.

I hope so!

Owen & Mike had great weather for t-ball practice today and Benny and I had some nice weather for getting his new wheels out and eating an ice cream bar.

It’s so nice to be outside and get fresh air. I have my fingers crossed that the nice weather is here to stay!

Hula Hoop

April 10, 2011

I was home by myself with the boys for most of the weekend while Daddy enjoyed a much deserved golf get-away with his golf buddies. The weather was not the greatest, so there wasn’t much we could do outside. After nap time we had some cabin fever, so we hopped in the van, went to DQ for some ice cream, then to Target to look around. They had a bunch of toys on sale so I let them each pick out something. Benny picked a cool Batman Monster Truck and Owen picked…. a hula hoop. He likes to hula hoop on the Wii Fit and he REALLY wanted a real one. It was only $5 so I wasn’t going to fight him.

Well, little did I know it would be the best $5 I’ve spent in a while… Owen is great at the hula hoop (and it’s very entertaining to watch). He was so proud of himself. He told me “Mommy I’m the bestest hula hooper in the whole world.” “Take my picture. Go get your camera. Everyone needs to see this.” Oh my!! All I did all night was watch him hula hoop. He’d say “Mommy come see my hula hoop moves.”

It was so funny I had to get out my camcorder. Here is Owen’s debut of his hula hoop moves.

PS – When Mike got home, Owen wanted him to to hula hoop. Mike couldn’t. Owen said “I’m finally better than you at something Daddy!” LOL!! =)