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Out of the mouths of babes

February 27, 2011

Being pregnant with 5 and 3 year old sons is beyond great. It’s such a different experience this time. Owen was 15 months old when I got pregnant with Benny so he really had no clue what was going one. This time, the boys really understand and grasp the concept that a baby is growing in my belly. Some of the things they say or do have been priceless.

First up is Benny…He’s been on fire with his comments lately. He’s really surprised me with some of the things he says. Oh the innocence….

“Mom Mom is really sick. We have to be good boys so the baby doesn’t push the food out.”

#2 (Showing Benny the ultra sound pictures)
Me: “Benny, here is the baby’s legs, it’s body, it’s arms and it’s head.”
Benny: “The baby’s head has eyes that are going to scare me”.
Me: “No… the baby won’t scare you.”
Benny: “Is the baby crying in there?”
Me: “No… the baby won’t cry until it’s born.”

Me: “Benny, you’re going to be a great big brother when the baby comes.”
Benny: “Yeah, but I’m still the little brother for now.”
Me: “Benny, you will always be Owen’s little brother, but you will be this baby’s big brother too. You get to be both.”

Me: “Come here Baby Love”.
Benny: “Mommy, I’m not a baby anymore. I’m not in your belly. The baby is in your belly. I’m a little boy now.”

I have to suck on hard candy so I don’t get sick. Mike brought home a bag of Whether’s Original for me. Every time I leave a room, five minutes later Benny will come walking in saying “Here mommy. Here are your candies to make you feel better.” He makes sure I always have them. =)

Now for Owen…
Owen has been my little nurse and is always concerned for me because he knows I’m sick. He’s constantly giving me hugs and telling me he loves me. At school, sometimes kids from his class will go to the rooms with the younger kids and “pat” their backs to make them feel better so they can fall asleep at nap time. With me being sick, I go to bed early to rest and watch some TV. Before bath time, Owen sometimes will come in and say, “Mommy, after I get my jammies on I’ll come pat your back to make you feel better.” What a kid.

He’s also been a great help since I can’t do much. He’ll let Maxie in and out to go potty, he’ll refill my glass with ice and water from the fridge, and he’s been a big helper in cleaning up. It’s like he turned five and decided he was a big boy who was going to listen and help out mom and dad. He’s been awesome. I can see he is going to be a HUGE help when the baby comes and I know he’s going to want to be really involved. That will be nice because he was the exact opposite when Benny was born.

I’m really trying to soak this all in. I know for sure this will be our last baby (I know I said that before and look at me now, but I really mean it this time.) Having the boys be part of this journey is just awesome. I can’t wait to take them to a Doctor’s appointment so they can hear the heartbeat. This really is a family event this time around. This baby is so loved already.

PS – it’s funny to listen to the boys refer to the baby. Owen refers to it as a “She”. Benny refers to it as a “He”. Only time will tell to see who is right. My bet is on Benny. I’m guessing 3 of a kind!

The cat is out of the bag…

February 21, 2011

Baby #3 is on the way!

Several months ago Mike and I realized our family was missing something…the boys bring us so much joy and we were missing the babyness that has faded away as they have gotten older. We tossed around the idea of a third and decided it was the time expand our family. I was begining to feel like it was never going to happen, but God works his magic when he is ready and in January we finally got the “positive” we were waiting for.

We told the boys for their birthday. I bought them personalized big brother t-shirts and wrapped them up. Because Owen can read, we attached a note to the front of his present to read out loud. It said:

“Owen – Surprise! Mommy is having a baby! You and Benny are going to be Big Brothers in September. Love, Mommy and Daddy.”

His response was “No Way!” in a cute, happy, excited voice. He was all smiles. Benny was more into the goodie bags, but told us he wanted a baby brother. Owen wants a baby sister.

And the big question, yes, I am sick again. Not quite as bad as with Benny, but it’s not fun. I knew I was going to have to go through this again and it was a big factor in our decison for a 3rd, but it’s short term pain, long term gain. That beautiful baby at the end is worth it.

Today I had a Dr’s appointment and Mike and I got to see the baby via ultra sound. Our little bean was dancing all around. We got to see the strong heart beat, it’s arms, legs, and even it’s little feet! I’ll try to take pictures of the print outs to share.

So, now you know our big news and why the blog has been so neglected. I promise as soon as I start to feel better, I’ll do a better job at keeping you all informed about our little family and the keep pictures coming.

Look who’s 5! OWEN!!

February 7, 2011

To My Owen:

Five. Today you turn five. Those years went by so fast and you have grown into a boy that is so special. I don’t think there has ever been a child who has had a bigger heart and kinder soul than you. You are a boy that loves his family, a boy who deep down really wants to be a good person, and a boy who has a true love for life.

I’m still in awe of the pure pleasure and excitement that comes across your face when you experience new things or get to do the things you love. It makes me smile everytime. I’m in awe of your crazy good memory and how you recall things I never thought you’d remember. And most of all, I’m in awe of how smart you are. I always knew you were ahead of the curve, but this year you have shown us that you are light years ahead. To see you pick up a book and read it almost perfectly, to hear you read signs, do simple math… WOW. I’m so proud of you. God has blessed you with a gift that most children don’t have at your age. I’m so happy to see you embrace it.

The past year has been a fun one…you gave soccer a try, had a blast at the beach (which you’ve told me is your favorite place), started to learn how to play golf with your daddy, and went to your first hockey game and your first baseball game.

Next year should be even more exciting… I’m looking forward to all the new things that come with you being 5… sports, riding the bus, making new friends and KINDERGARTEN!

But, please promise me one thing Owen, even though you will be entering the world of bigger kids and school, please stay you. I hope you continue to do all the sweet things you do now. I hope you still want hugs and tell me I love you “just because”, I hope you still want to cuddle on the chair and watch TV, I hope you still adore and find comfort in our Maxie girl, I hope you keep your pure emotions, I hope you still continue to be close to your family, and I hope you still keep your wonderful compassionate soul.

So here’s to you… my 5 year old! My special one of a kind son who warms my heart everyday. I’m so thankful to have you in my life. You are my constant reminder of true unconditional love and how to strive to be a good person, even when you are down. Five years ago today you changed my life forever in the best way possible. Thank you for making me a mommy and thank you for being such a blessing of a son.

Happy 5th Birthday Owen!

All my love,
Mommy (Daddy, Benny & Maxie too)

Benny is 3!

February 1, 2011

My Benjamin,

My Baby Love. Our funny little man. I hope you know how loved and adored you are. It’s hard to put into words what a wonderful child you are. You are so full of spunk and life. Your smile, your reaction to new things, and the way you explain your perceptions and feelings are amazing. You communicate so well, not only in words, but though your expressions. Your eyes are truly the gateway to your soul because you can tell so much by staring into those amazing baby blues.

I’m in awe of the pure innocence of your personality. You are who you are and love it. You love the color orange. You love (and I mean LOVE) your big brother. To you, M&M’s are the greatest treat on earth. You love your trains and Mater and Mr. McQueen too. If we let you eat fruit snacks and drink chocolate milk all day you would. Even at three you still love your blankies and the comfort they immediately instill when you snuggle with them up to your face. You still love to sit in my lap and read books, although you’re getting so tall I have to peek around your head to see the words. You love to be independent and do things “All by yourself” and your brain is always trying to solve the little puzzles of life. It is this “can do” attitude that is making you a very confident toddler.

I love when I ask you where my hugs and kisses are, you say “I don’t know” or “Here they are”. I love how you pronounce your “L’s” as “W’s”. I love how when I go to wake you up in the morning it’s never to cries, but to a little man who still sleeps with his feet crossed under his tush and is so happy to just get up and give his mama a hug. I love that you still like to snuggle and how you still need your hugs and kisses to go too slept at night. I love when I come to see you at school and your face lights up and you say with pride to your friends, “That’s my mom!”. And above all I love when you come up to me and say “Mom Mom, I love you so much.”

Almost every moment with you has been a dream. I kept waiting for the terrible twos to appear and take my sweet baby away, but they never really did. Over the past year you have continued to remain the pleasant child we love. It’s not often that Mr. Cranky Benny comes out, but when he does, he never stays for long. You are definitely more sweet than sour. Just sweetness and sugar.

You bring so much joy to those around you. To me, your daddy, your grandparents, your aunts and uncles, and even your teachers whom you make smile and laugh almost every day. The best part about you Benny is that you are not doing it for attention, it’s just who you are. You are just a loveable, huggable, silly little dude. We are all so blessed to have you in our lives.

Happy 3rd Birthday Benjamin! I love you with all my heart!

Mom Mom
(Daddy, Owen and Maxie too)