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Ten on Thursday

January 13, 2011
  1. Benny has been saying the funniest things lately. The one that takes the prize for me is the following:

    Me: Benny, you’re being a pokey Pete. Hurry up.
    Benny: No, I’m not being a pokey Pete. See, I’m running like the wind.

  2. “How to Train Your Dragon” has been the “it” movie in our house since Christmas and I honestly can say I don’t mind at all. It’s such a cute movie. Besides CARS, it’s the only other movie I can watch over and over again and not get sick of.

    Another Benny funny dealing with “How to Train Your Dragon”

    Benny: Mama peoples don’t eat dragons. We eat fruit snacks.

  3. We got the township newsletter in the mail last week and it told us to be on the lookout for the Kindergarten registration packet to be in the mail in February. Oh my. It still hard for me to fathom that by baby, my first born will be going to Kindergarten in the fall.
  4. The newsletter also outlined the dates for Little League sign-ups and Flag Football sign-ups. Looks like Owen is going to be a busy boy this spring and summer.
  5. Oh and I just remembered another Benny funny. Uncle Phil stopped by the house after work on Monday and he was all dressed up in his suit and long dress winter wool coat. This is what Benny says to Uncle Phil about his coat:

    Benny: Uncle Phil, I like your dress.

  6. See, I told you Benny has been on a role lately. The kid is pure entertainment.
  7. I’m super excited for this coming Wednesday. My sister has her ultrasound to find out if her third baby is a boy or a girl. We are now up to 7 boys total on the Park side with NO GIRLS. Will she be the one to break the streak?
  8. We’ve gotten a few inches of snow the past 2 weeks and the boys think it’s the greatest. They don’t want to go to school because they want to go outside and “Crunch” in the snow as Benny says. We just had a dusting last week and Owen was making snow angels and trying to make snow balls. I love the excitement on their faces about playing in the snow. It makes me happy.
  9. I started a project called 365. It’s a photography project where you take a picture a day for 365 days to try can capture your daily life. The big moments and the small. Snap shots combined with good photography photos. I’m doing well so far, but I’m waiting to post the photos until I know I’m going to keep up with it. The last time I tried to do something like this it was an epic fail. If I complete the month of January, I’ll post them for everyone to see.
  10. I’m loving my Kindle. I mean loving it. I can read so much faster. I read 3 books in the past month and I’m on my 4th. I really liked “The Help” and “Crossing Oceans” so if you are looking for a good read, I totally recommend them. I’m becoming a book nerd and I’m proud of it!

Finally can share

January 8, 2011

Back in the fall I had help from my father-in-law to try and get a new family picture of the 4 of us since the last “nicer” one we had was from when Owen was 2 and Benny was 9 months. We got a keeper and a few good ones of the boys. I didn’t share them on the blog because I wanted to use them for holiday cards so I wanted them to be a surprise. Since I know everyone has received their cards, here are the pictures.

And here was our Christmas card. 5×7 doubled sided on pearl. They turned out purty!