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Fall Farm Market Fun

October 23, 2010

Since we work for a state agency, we always have Columbus Day off work! YEAH! So, each year we make the most of the free day and do a fun fall family outing. For the past few years we went to the same pumpkin patch, but this year we decided to try something new at the recommendation of friends. We went to a local farm market that has all kinds of activities for kids (and yummy produce and baked goods, too).

The boys had a hay maze to crawl through, hay slides to slide down, animals to feed, a corn maze to get lost in, corn sand boxes to dig in… they had A LOT.

Owen & Benny had a great time and we enjoyed it too. It was just the right size for them and a wonderful change of pace. We hope to go back again before it closes for the season.

And, I had so many good pictures it was hard to pair them down, hence the BIG share.

Fire Trucks

October 14, 2010

At the beginning of the month, Owen spent the weekend with Mimi so it was just Mike, Benny and I. The local volunteer fire company was having an open house so all the kids could see the fire trucks, police cars, search and rescue dogs, etc., so we decided to take the littlest dude to check it out. Benny was in aw of the trucks. He loved to see what they had inside all the compartments (and to shut those compartment doors), he enjoyed seeing inside the cabins where the firefighters ride to their calls, and he liked to ring the bells on the front of the trucks.

Benny even got to sit in a police car. The front and the back. We told him we never want to see him get in or out of the back of a squad car again. Hopefully he now knows that is where people who make bad choices go!

Soccer Shots

October 10, 2010

As I said a week or two ago, this fall we signed Owen up for a 7 week program called “Soccer Shots”. One evening a week for about 45 minutes, the kids meet with a soccer instructor who teaches them the basics of the game like dribbling, passing, shooting, kick backs, etc. The program also reinforces aspects such as teamwork, listening to the Coach, and following directions.

So far Owen is loving it. He can’t wait to get out on that field and run around. He’s doing OK, but I have a feeling team sports aren’t going to be his thing. Maybe golf, track or swimming will be more up his alley. (We’re going to try the team sport thing again with Tball in the Spring). But for now, he’s having fun and enjoying himself and that is what matters.

Oh – and so I don’t forget… last week in the middle of practice he leaves the group out of the blue and Coach yells “Owen, where are you going.” His response, “To give my mom a hug.” =) And in his second week, there was a kid who was shy and afraid to go out on the field with the group and Owen walks up to him and goes “Come on. Let’s go play.” SHOCKED. This was SOOOOO uncharacteristic of Owen. He’s not good at entering play or asking others to join. We were proud of him.

Here he is in action on his first night. Sorry for the so so pictures. I only had my point and shoot with me and the sun was really bright. Notice his “Thumbs Up” in the one picture that he’s liking it, his first ever cleats from PeePaw Park, and his celebration cheer for himself after he scored a goal in the last picture. HYSTERICAL!

Back in September we finally took the boys to meet their #1 favorite toy and blue tank engine… THOMAS!! The weather was kind of blah… very cloudy, cold and misty, but at least it didn’t rain hard.

They got to take a ride on coaches pulled by Thomas, have their picture taken with him, listen to a kids band and sing along, and see Sir Topham Hat. We waited in line for what felt like forever to see Sir Topham Hat, but the boy in front of us was scared of him, so in turn, our boys were afraid of the head of the railway. He waved at me for a picture though.

It’s a really neat set up they have. I think we may take the boys back next year, only in the summer so they can take more advantage of all the activities they have for the kids.


Last Night in Wildwood

October 6, 2010

Before heading to the boardwalk and arcade on our last night in Wildwood, we went out to dinner at an Irish Pub near our condo. It was really yummy. When we were finishing up our dinner, the staff started to put tables together behind us and line the table with Guinness beers. We looked at each other like “What is going on?”

Next thing we know the waitress is opening the doors and in comes marching an Irish Bagpipe Band. They were awesome. Benny loved it, especially because they were performing in a circle right next to our table. He was super excited, so of course the arms were flying. Owen liked it, but he doesn’t like loud noises so he covered his ears and would remove them to clap between songs.

When the band was done, a drummer came over and handed his sticks to the boys and let them take a turn on the drum. They thought that was the neatest thing.

It turned out to be a fun and unexpected evening that we will always remember. A great way to end our vacation.

The crew before we left…

PS – please excuse the poor photography and wacky colors/shadows… it was VERY dark in the pub and I was trying to use my speed light to the best of my ability. Ummmm… yeah… I have no idea what I’m doing.


October 4, 2010

Yes… I’m still catching up from our Wildwood vacation. I’m almost done.

At night, the boys favorite place on the boardwalk was the arcade. The big hit of the trip was the “Wheel of Fortune” game in which Uncle Phil and Owen won over 3100 tickets worth 10 points a piece. In fact, the machine ran out of tickets.

We also discovered that we are going to need to keep Benny away from Hollywood Casino when he turns 18 because we couldn’t pull him away from the slot machines. They had slot machines in which you won tokens instead of money. He loves to push buttons so this was right up his alley. He did well. He won so many tokens we had to get him a bucket. Now if there were girls giving out free drinks of chocolate milk as he played, he would have been in his glory!