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We’re still here

July 29, 2010

It’s been HOT HOT HOT this July, so we haven’t been doing too much out doors. We found some new indoor stuff to keep us entertained. I got a Kindle (which I’m totally in LOVE with), the boys got some new books and Pillow Pets, and we discovered the awesomeness of NetFlix with streaming video. Needless to say we’ve been spending a lot of time inside watching all kinds of stuff and introducing the boys to cartoons from our childhood, like “The Littles” and “The Super Mario Brothers Super Show”.

I do have a lot to share, so hopefully I can find the time to post soon. My camera is in the shop (YEAH!) so we’ve been putting the point & shoot to work. I have pictures of Owen’s first time miniature golfing with Daddy, some pictures of Splash Day in our back yard, and a trip to the PA State Museum.

But for now, here is one picture of the boys playing in the back yard this week. Whenever I water the flowers they want me to spray them with the hose. They love it. So here are my drenched cutie pies actually being nice to one another. I think a few minutes before this they were bickering about who is oldest and Benny was upset that he can only be 2nd oldest. Sorry buddy – no way to change that.

When we found out the boys’ school was having an outing to a baseball game for our local minor league team, we were excited. The boys had never been to a baseball game before and this was the perfect opportunity. The stadium was new, it was a great deal on tickets, and they could see their friends at the game too.

Mike, the boys and I, along with Uncle Phil, all headed out to game. The only bad part was the heat! It was HOT & HUMID. There was a section of empty seats a few rows up from ours that were in the shade, so we moved on up. Thank goodness. It made watching the game tolerable.

We only made it to the 6th inning then we had to get up and move around. We decided to explore the new stadium and it was awesome. A big play section for kids, an area where you can walk up and be ground level with the field to peek in on the action, and a direct look into the bull pen for the for the visiting team.

After we took our tour, we headed to the gift shop, got the boys a little something, took a walk on the bridge over the river, then headed home to cool off.

All in all it was a great family outing which I will definitely do again this summer, just not when it’s so stinkin’ hot!

PS – while at the game, Benny found his blankie in my bag. He just had to cuddle with it. Only my child would want his blankie is the 97 degree heat.