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  1. This weather is awesome! I hope this means winter is behind us! NO MORE SNOW!!
  2. For two weeks, Owen has been asking to go outside and play baseball. Well over the past few days he got his chance. He’s loving life. He loves playing outside so much that when I asked him yesterday what he wanted for dinner on the way home from work he said, “Nothing. I just want to go outside and play baseball.”

  3. Benny also loves being inside and goes BALLISTIC when he has to come in. He cried for close to 10 minutes when we finally made him come in last night. My boys aren’t couch potatoes, that’s for sure. See, Owen’s even giving his little bro baseball tips.

  4. Speaking of Benny crying… tonight I was getting his bath around and he was so ready for Mr. Bubble that he got in the tub by himself with his clothes on. Shoes and all. He cried like a baby b/c I made him take his clothes off. Crazy kid.
  5. I hate missing firsts when it comes to the boys, but this past Saturday I gave up some of my obsessive motherly control to Uncle Phil and let him take Owen to his first Hershey Bears game. He loved it. He came home with a big foam bear claw and when I asked him what his favorite part was I thought for sure it would be the cotton candy based on his blue fingers and lips. Nope… the power plays! =)

  6. I can tell the winter blues are getting to me. I realized I haven’t taken many pictures since Christmas. Hopefully that will be fixed when we change the clocks this weekend and I get more daylight after work.
  7. Speaking of my camera, it’s in dire need of a tune up and I’ve been a HUGE procrastinator in sending it in to get serviced. I’m just so afraid to be w/o it. But, now that I have my trusty dusty P&S (took all the pics in this post) I need to send it in soon. My goal is to finally do it by the end of the month.
  8. My favorite thing Benny says right now is “Picka a moo-knee.” That means “Pick a movie.” I smile each time he says it.
  9. We took a walk yesterday and Owen insisted on pulling Benny in the wagon. He did really well until we got to a small hill that was downhill. He just let Benny fly and Mike had to run to get him. Oh, the joys of brothers. At least they were playing nice for once.

  10. I’ve had quite the luck lately with scratch off lottery tickets. Turned 2 free tickets in for a $2 one. I won $5. Reinvested that $5 for a $5 ticket and won $40. Bought another $1 ticket and won $4. I decided to quit while I was ahead to keep what luck I have left for Vegas. I want to win big to purchase some items off my camera wish list.

Last weekend, we needed to run a bunch of errands and Owen needed a bath before we left. We were running short on time, so we asked him if he wanted to jump in the shower since it’s quicker and he surprisingly said yes. He loved it. He felt like such a big boy. Now he wants to take showers instead of baths. So, I let him. I put him in our shower with the door open and help him out.

It’s funny because he has a routine he follows. He gets on the scale to read his weight and yells out the numbers (tonight a whopping 37.8 pounds!). Then he waits for the water to get warm and gets all wet. Next, you have to use Daddy’s soap so he smells like a man! Then he bends over to wash his back and rise the soap out of his hair. It totally cracks me up.

He’s getting so big. My Owie is no longer at all a toddler. He’s a full fledge big boy and it’s the little things like this that remind me he is growing up to fast.

PS – he had his hands over his bug, but it felt too revealing to not cover him up more, hence the banner. But see, look how happy he is to be taking a shower!