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February 27, 2010

Meet Lucas…

Lucas is the class “pet” (a fox) of the Preschool Two classroom at Owen’s school. Every weekend, someone from the class gets to take Lucas home for the weekend. Last weekend was Owen’s turn.

Whomever has Lucas keeps a journal of what they did with Lucas that weekend and they can even put some photos in an album so their friends can look through Lucas’s adventures with previous families.

Owen and Lucas had fun. They played board games, watched movies, played ipod, trains… you name it. Lucas loved the playroom. He had fun playing in there with the boys and all the toys. He and Benny played drums, he got the playroom gossip from Woody & Buzz, he cooked a mean snack in the kitchen, and made some Potato Head friends with Benny.

What a great idea for preschool kids. Owen loved his weekend with Lucas and was excited to show his friends the two pictures he put in Lucas’s album. Owen will be in Preschool Two until he goes to kindergarten, so I’m sure we’ll get Lucas again over the next year and a half. Stay tuned for his next adventure with the Thomas Family.

We grow GIANTS

February 18, 2010

Yes – Mike and I indeed grow giants. The boys had their 2 and 4 year check ups yesterday and here were the stats:

37 lbs 5oz – 50th percentile
42 inches tall – 90th percentile

29 lbs 15oz – 75th percentile
36.5 inches tall – 95th percentile

Our boys are going to be tall like their Daddy.

Benny doesn’t like the Dr. anymore. Flu season and all the shots that came with it have him terrified he’s going to get stuck with a needle when he goes there. Luckily he doesn’t need any more vaccinations (only flu shots) until kindergarten. Even though we told him “no shots today”, he didn’t understand. He cried for almost 10 minutes after getting in the exam room and even wanted to put his coat on w/o his clothes as soon as he was done getting weighed and measured. We thought it was b/c he was cold. Nope. We found out it was b/c he wanted to go home. I put his coat on him, he walked to the door and said “Bye Bye” and waved. He then proceeded to run to the check out desk in nothing but his coat and diaper. It was actually funny.

Both boys are fit as a fiddle and right where they should be. I feel blessed to have 2 perfect and healthy little boys.

  1. I love having a point and shoot (P&S) camera again. I’ve learned to give up the quest to have every picture perfect I snap of my kids and just capture the moments I would other wise had missed when I can’t lug out the big camera. It’s not like I’m really that good anyway or a professional. So, if sometimes the pictures aren’t high quality on here… no biggy…it’s just our memories caught in the moment with my trusty dusty Canon SD780IS. (Like all the pics in this post and the snow pics from the other day). Don’t get me wrong, my 40D is still my baby, but it’s nice to just be a normal mom with a small camera every now and then.
  2. I think my favorite feature on my P&S is the video. I’ve recorded a bunch of cute snippets. I want to share them, but I ran out of space on my Drop Shots account and need to find a new site to upload and share my videos.
  3. We actually had a work closing last Wednesday due to snow and a delay on Thursday. This never happens. Then we had a 3 day weekend because of Presidents Day. I kinda liked being home. Not sure how we’re going to handle a full work week next week.
  4. On Saturday night, Owen and I were sitting on the chair in the living room watching Nick Jr. All the sudden he turns to me all serious, points his finger and says, “Now Mama, I have flowers to give you, but I can’t give them to you now. I have to wait until tomorrow.” We now know Owen can’t keep a secret.
  5. On Sunday morning, Valentine’s Day, Owen was excited for Dada to wake up and get the flowers from there secret place so he could give them to me. He comes up all excited and says, “Here Mama… here are flowers for you. Happy PRESIDENTS DAY!” Hysterical. This kid never ceases to amaze me. I think he thought Valentine’s Day was over b/c they had their party at school on Friday and he knew his school was closed Monday for Presidents Day. Again…he always finds a new way to make me laugh.

  6. On Monday we had a nice relaxing day at home. We played puzzles, colored, and even played pretend. Owen was Buzz at first, then he played house with his kitchen. He was the Dada and he made me be his little girl. He kept saying “Little girl, I’m going to make you a big sandwich and cookies for lunch. Does that sound good?” See… he knows how to make me smile.

  7. Over the weekend we also took the boys out in the snow. Owen, a big fan. He didn’t want to come inside. Benny… hated it. All he wanted to do was walk around the block.

  8. The boys got this cool Toy Story tent and tunnel from my dad for their birthday. They are having a lot of fun with it, but I think Maxie likes it best. I catch her in it more than the boys.

  9. Since getting married, Mike and I aren’t the only ones who’ve put on some pounds. Our baby girl has too, And most of it since we’ve had Owen and Ben. Here is why. Benny can’t say no to the brown puppy dog eyes. He has to feed her.

  10. The Olympics are back and Owen’s excited. If you remember, in summer 2008, O got the biggest kick out of Olympic Diving. I wonder what his sport of choice will be for the Winter Olympics? I’m thinking Ski Jump since he loves to do that on the Wii Fit. Off to check the check the TV listings to see when it comes on….

Happy Tuesday!

Blizzard – Feb. 2010

February 11, 2010

Like I said in my previous post, we got pounded with snow last weekend. Once the snow stopped falling, Owen, Alex and Roman went outside to play in the freshly fallen white fluffy stuff. Maxie was loving life playing with the boys in the snow. Even though she can be a priss at times, she loves her some snow to hop in.

Benny fell asleep as we were ready to go out, so we just let him snooze to get his rest for his big party. More snow got dumped on us Tuesday into Wednesday and I was hoping to take Benny out to play, but the winds were just too much. He would have been miserable. We have probably over 2 feet of snow outside and I don’t see it melting anytime soon, so hopefully I can get him out this weekend.

  1. Saturday was the boys combined birthday party to celebrate Owen’s 4th and Benny’s 2nd birthdays.
  2. We ended up getting a big snow storm Friday into Saturday that dumped close to 20 inches on us. Grammy & PeePaw Thomas as well as Aunt Jenny, Alex & Roman came in on Friday night. The boys had fun playing in the snow on Saturday and the roads were cleared in time for all but Grammy & PeePaw Park to make it to the party. I’ll post snow pictures later this week.
  3. I had less than 2 weeks to put the party together b/c the boys changed their mind and wanted a Toy Story party, not Thomas. It was nerve racking (the partyware didn’t come until Friday afternoon), but I had a lot of fun with the Toy Story theme and was able to design some cute decorations.

  4. Believe it or not, the local grocery store bakeries don’t make a Toy Story cake b/c they discontinued the cake kit to make way for the new movie that comes out this summer. So, I found a cake at Walmart that I could decorate like Toy Story. Mimi got the figurine toys and I made the signs. Turned out pretty nice I think!

  5. When we sang “Happy Birthday” to the boys, Benny wasn’t sure what was going on… but Maxie did. Look at that little nose peeking up to smell her some yummy cake!

  6. All 4 boys had fun playing with one another. It was a little crazy with them running around our little house amongst all the adults, but they enjoyed each other. Alex was trying to teach O how to wrestle and Benny and Roman just bee bopped around.

    Roman had a blast at the party. Can’t you tell… check out his mad light saber skills! =)

  7. Our boys are loved and spoiled. Look at all the presents… and that isn’t all of them. I’m still putting toys away! I think we now own almost 80% of everything that was ever made for Toy Story.

  8. And here are the birthday boys. They enjoyed their party and loved the decorations. It was cute because we got everything ready while they were napping so when they woke up it was all done. It was almost like Christmas morning all over again.

  9. By the party’s end, the boys were tired, so we put them in their new Buzz Lightyear jammies, let them unwind for a bit, then it was off to bed. A few of our close friends stayed behind and we did a little unwinding ourselves with a few adult beverages and made good use of the snow outside. =)

  10. So here I sit, now the mom of a 2 year old and 4 year old boys. WOW. Time needs to slow down a little bit so I can enjoy them a little longer while they still think I’m the greatest. In 10 years mom won’t be cool anymore, but I secretly hope they are still Mama’s Boys!

Fantastic Four

February 7, 2010

My Owen…

This year has been one of change for you. Changes in you as a child and changes in your world around you.

You’ve changed in ways that have blown my mind. You’re one smart cookie, Owen. Over the past year you’ve gone from asking us to tell you the letters in words, to spelling and READING them to us. You grasp things so easily and have a memory that will prove to be a great asset to you as you get older. Keep up the good work buddy. Mama and Dada are so proud of you!

This past year was also the year you said good-bye to being home and entered the world of preschool. It was a big adjustment for you and you’re still working out the kinks, but you’re doing OK and this is something you’re enjoying… well most of the time. I know Mama and Dada love the fact your school is in our building and we can see you on breaks. We love how excited you get when we walk in your class to see you. We can’t help but grin from ear to ear. It’s a pleasure to be known as “Owen’s Mom/Dad” to all your new friends.

We’ve also seen your personality change. With each passing day and week I see more and more of your heritage come shining through. You are so much like me Owen. It’s almost scary. You’re bright, friendly, persistent, smart and curious. You also have your Mimi’s sensitivity and your Aunt Jenny’s loyality. You have your PeePaw’s love for reading, your Grammy’s love for sweets and breads, your Daddy’s love of video games, your PeePaw Park’s love for golf, and your Uncle Dan and Aunt Susan’s fashion sense – you have to match! =) This is the part of you growing older that I love. I love seeing all the people I love blended into the person you’re becoming.

I still can’t believe you’re FOUR and that next year you will go to kindergarten. I close my eyes and remember like it was yesterday that I was holding you for the first time. In awe of the miracle your daddy and I just created. Our first born. I look back on pictures of you as a baby and toddler and miss it, but I love the little boy you are and the adventure you bring to our daily lives. We love the good, the bad and especially the laughs, giggles and quirks that are YOU…even if that comes with the crying & the whining. You’re definitely good at sending us on the roller coaster of parenthood, but it’s been a great ride so far.

So happy birthday to our sensitive, strong willed, Thomas the train & Toy Story fan, Wii addict, baseball loving, book reading, energy filled Four Year Old. We Love You VERY MUCH!!!

Hugs and Kisses,

Mommy (& Daddy too!)

  1. It’s birthday week in our family. Benny was yesterday, our niece Abby is Friday, my step-mom is Saturday and Owen is Sunday! Whoo…
  2. Benny had a GREAT birthday. My dad and I took him to Chocolate World, the Disney Store at the Hershey Outlets and to lunch at Wendy’s. He had such a good time. He loved the ride at Chocolate World so much that we went twice. He was in awe and of course, the more excited he got, the more the mouth flew open and the arms were a flappin’.
  3. Last week I was informed that they boys did not want a Thomas the Train party. They wanted Toy Story instead. Lovely. I returned all the Thomas stuff only to find out they don’t sell partyware in the stores for Toy Story. I ordered some online (hope it gets here on time) and made a bunch of my own decorations. Cross your fingers I get it all done in time before Saturday at 3:30!
  4. My boys are spoiled. We got them so much for their birthdays, but I know its stuff they will love and we got deals hitting after Christmas sales. If they are ever board after this party something is wrong b/c they have more than enough toys to keep them occupied.
  5. Speaking of all the stuff we got them, I’m super excited to see their faces when they open it all up! I think they are going to go crazy!
  6. Owen’s responsibility chart is doing OK. He’s really good at some things, but really bad at grasping others which are the important ones. The “Be Nice”, “Share” and “No Whining” are still issues, but we are working on it. If anyone can recommend a book to help with behavior issues in children his age, please let me know. I’ll try anything.
  7. It’s been 3 months now since Mike has been back in the working world and I must admit, I love it. Our marriage is probably the best it’s ever been (and that is a mutual feeling). We love going to work together, seeing each other on breaks, and eating lunch with one another.
  8. Unfortunately, I think the boys miss being home with Daddy. Benny still has drop off issues from time to time and Owen will try to play the “I don’t feel well. I’m sick.” card to get to stay home from preschool. I know this is good for them though. I just have to keep telling myself that.
  9. I have a confession. I loved Play-Doh as a kid, but as a parent it makes me cringe. It’s messy, gets in the carpet and the OCD in me does not want the colors to get mixed together. Well, I broke down my guard and we bought some for O for Xmas and finally got it out the other night. Owen did a decent job of keeping it contained to the table and Benny only tried to eat it once. Maybe I’ll give it a chance more often.

  10. Happy Groundhog’s Day! Boo Hoo to 6 more weeks of winter! =(

Happy 2nd Birthday to our Benjamin!!

To help remember him at this age, I got this “interview” idea from a friend (thanks, Amanda!). It’s all about Benny so we can relish this time in his life. Oh, and here is a cute pic of the little dude himself today. Adorable. (there are more at the end!)

An interview with the Birthday Boy… our newest 2 year old…Benny!!

Mommy and Daddy’s special names for me: Ben, Ben Ben, Benny, Benny Boo, Bean, Beano, Benji, Munchie.

My biggest accomplishments in the last 6 months: Talking, talking talking! I repeat almost everything I hear. I also know most of my body parts and have learned some sign language. My favorite signs are “Tree”, “Puzzle” and “Table”.

My favorite foods are: This is a hard one because I’m a very picky eater. I like pizza, pasta, chips, yogurt, mac & cheese, fruit snacks and chocolate milk.

I don’t like to eat: veggies and fruit. I ate them as baby food when I was younger, but I won’t eat them now in their natural state. I’m not a fan of the texture. Mommy will try to slip some in other parts of my meal, but I almost always find them, spit them out, and feed them to Maxie. I do like bananas though.

My favorite toys are: Trains. I also like cars… anything with wheels. Puzzles are fun and Mr. Potato Head is pretty cool too.

My favorite books are: I love books. Just love them. I have many favorites. Anything with Elmo or Thomas and of course “No more monkeys jumping on the bed.” Bonus points for books that make noises!

My favorite things to do outside are: Run around the yard and go to the park and climb on the jungle gym things.

My favorite things to do inside are: play trains & cars, run in circles in the living room/dining room/kitchen, play in the playroom, watch movies, and pester my brother.

My vocabulary includes: I talk a lot (I get that from my mama) so we’ve lost track of how many words I can say. If you say it, I’ll do my best to repeat it.

I like to “help” Mommy around the house by: Helping to clean up the toys in the playroom and put things back in the bins. I’m a good helper! I’m also good at putting things in the garbage.

When we travel I like to go to: Grammy & PeePaw Thomas’ and the BEACH!

My favorite movies are: CARS, Toy Story 2, & Baby Einstein Wordsworth

My favorite TV shows are: Wonder Pets & Wubbzy… I like a lot of the stuff on Nick Jr.

I couldn’t live without: My blankie and binkie. I’ve become attached to them recently. Mommy said she’s not going to worry about it until I turn 2 ½… that is when Owen had to say good bye to his binkie.

Right now I’m learning how to: Use a fork and spoon and I’m working on learning more animals, their sounds, and more colors. I’m behind in that area, but I can tell you the names of every Thomas the Train!

I get very happy and excited when: I see my trains go round the track or one of my favorite shows comes on TV. You’ll know when I’m excited because my mouth opens real wide and I flap my arms like a bird!

I get mad when: I want a snack and mommy gives it to me in a bowl. I want the whole box so I can look at the pictures. I also get upset when I have to get dressed/undressed or my diaper changed. I’m not of fan of being ½ naked.

I get scared when: Scared? What’s scared? I have no fear.

The best part about being 2 years old is: I’m getting bigger and bigger and soon I’ll be able to keep up with Owen and do more things with my brother.

During the next year I hope to: Learn my ABC’s, to count to 15 and to become an expert on shapes, colors, & animals.

Comments from Mommy:
This cutie pie is still one of the happiest boys I’ve ever seen and is just a joy. He has his moments, but major tantrums are very few and far between. In fact, I can’t even remember him having a total melt down – ever. The only time he’s Mr. Cranky is if he’s very hungry, tired or isn’t feeling well.

You can tell Ben just loves life and loves his family. He enjoys exploring new things and is starting to become that human sponge that soaks everything in.

He still warms my heart everyday with his smile and those big blue eyes. He’s a charmer.

My Benjamin…my precious little one is TWO. Time has just gone by so fast, but at least it’s been a fantasticly fun journey to toddler hood. From the moment I laid eyes on him, held him, embraced him, he’s been filling my heart with a love like no other. He’s brought sunshine into my life and millions of smiles across my face. Two years ago Benny turning two, the same age Owen was when he was born, seemed to be light years away. It’s hard to believe my munchie moo is running, jumping, talking and becoming his own mini independent person. He’s not that little peanut any more, but no matter how big he gets, he’ll always be my baby boy.

Happy Birthday Benny! Mama, Dada, Owen, Maxie and all your family LOVES YOU!! xxxooo